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  1. MissSac17 added a post in a topic Vitamin C cream purging?   

    Yes completely normal. Check the ingredients on the back of the product and see if there's any "retinol" or "retinyl acetate" in there. In my experience with vitamin C products they tend to involve other exfoliant type chemicals which are known to cause slight purging of the skin. 
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  2. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Quick Update Pics
    Just some pic updates for week 7/8
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  3. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Week 7 Of Differin
    So I don't know what to think of my skin tbh. Been using differin for 7 weeks now but i wouldn't say there's a huge improvement .

    Here are some pics.
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  4. MissSac17 added a comment on a blog entry Middle Of Week 6   

    Hey, Yeah the reason I'm not using it every night currently is to minimize the chance of a huge initial breakout AND my skin is super dry when I use it nightly. I'm still documenting as week 6, then 7 etc though. I may bump upto nightly at week 8 or something
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  5. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Middle Of Week 6
    Hey guys.

    Just wanted to write again. I'm having a weird time with my skin. It's like, some days I like it and see improvement and others are just so so so shit. Like truly.

    It does not help that I still pick and squeeze except to a lesser extent at least.

    I'm currently still using Differin every second evening, I prefer doing this just now. Skin is still dry in some areas but much less than a few weeks ago which is great.
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  6. MissSac17 added a comment on a blog entry Start Of Week 6   

    Hope2013 - this made me happy to hear. When would you say you noticed a large improvement and much less to no breakouts on your journey?
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  7. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Start Of Week 6
    Genuinely hating life.

    Like hating life.

    My period is due tomorrow so maybe that's why I'm having a freak out but honestly my skin is horrendous right now..I don't get it, it was . doing so well and I seen improvement but now it's like BAMM acne and bumps everywhere.

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  8. MissSac17 added a post in a topic Please Help Me- Really Bad Forhead Acne   

    I'm sorry to hear your going through this.

    Personally I'd go to the doctors and get tested for celiac disease and candida if you feel that's the case.

    Also a dermatologist would be a good option too.
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  9. MissSac17 added a comment on a blog entry Week 5 Of Differin   

    I hopeso Sasch. Those pics do not do it justice...my forhead is the worst and is still super bumpy my period is due soon so could be that. I hope your well!
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  10. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Forehead - Week 5.
    So the last pics I uploaded didn't really show the texture of my skin well.

    My forehead still bothers me so much. It always breaks out in more bumps . before my period.

    Sorry I don't know why they are upside down!!!
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  11. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Week 5 Of Differin

    Just a quick update with my skin.

    I'm still trying to stop picking so much and I actually managed one full day without it just because I was so busy with work. Also, I did not wash my face for a couple days at all which sort of had a positive effect on my skin

    Anyway I'm still using differin ever second night. The dryness of my skin has actually subsided a little bit - I don't get as much flakes.

    I've also been using a vitamin C serum in the morning be free moisturising.. I'm hoping this helps with red marks too.

    I'll show you a couple pics I took today.

    I've also been taking Vitamin E capsules..300mg.
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  12. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Week 4 Differin (2)
    I'm seriously not happy.

    It's acrually me I'm so unhappy with. I seem to be in this constant cycle of look in a magnifying mirror and squeeze the HELL outta my pores until SOMETHING comes out. Then what this does is creates more anxiety and deep frustration and worst of all pink blotches all over my face AND raised bumps!!!

    I never fucking learn.

    So I last used Differin last Friday and then once again last night (Tuesday evening) I took this short 3 day break because my skin was soooo dry and scaly like an alagator or a snake of you know what I mean. I'm going to use it again tomorrow evening which will be the start of week 5 for me.

    I wanted to ask though - am I cutting myself short by only applying Differin every second evening...I mean, is my "week 5" really just "week 3" if you know what I mean?

    Also does anyone have reviews in Aveeno products? I bought a moisturiser to use..It has she butter in it.
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  13. MissSac17 added a post in a topic No Picking Challenge For Real This Time!   

    Day one for me starts tomorrow.

    I always squeeze at my clogged pores and blackhead to try and get junk out but all it does is leave me with an unsightly, bumpy red mark for days!

    It also doesn't help that I'm using Differin currently so that will be thinning my skin but I just can't stop :'(
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  14. MissSac17 added a comment on a blog entry Week 4 Differin - Some Issues   

    Your too kind Gill!!!! xxx
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  15. MissSac17 added a blog entry in misssac17's Blog   

    Week 4 Differin - Some Issues
    Hey guys,

    I think I need some sort of advice on my skin.

    I'm still using differin but I feel I'm making my skin worse. I'm a picker I really am, it seems I get some sort of sick satisfaction everything I squeeze at a clogged pore and get stuff out :/

    However I've noticed that I'm doing this often and it leaves red marks - but I just can't stop. And obviously differin will be thinning my skin so I'm concerned that I'm making it worse by touching it all the time. I've noticed that on the right side of my face I have sort of more rough/raised skin due to the fact I squeeze my pores everyday.

    Also my skin is so dry and I mean scaly dry I feel like my skin looks like a snake's skin would (hard to explain lol)

    My skin is still bumpy. And also I've noticed that when I use my salicylic acid censer on opposite opposite days of differin it literally burns my face! It's so sore! Do retinoids make your skin absorb products more??
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