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  1. Accutane and alcohol

    I drink at least once per week on 50mg.. you'll be fine.
  2. September / seasonal acne

    Are you still using the gel regularly? It's possible that seasons affect acne.. mines most definitely get's better in winter because I don't sweat as much!
  3. What kind of acne do I have

    This isn't a good pic at all so we can't really comment tbh.
  4. Yes I have been taking accutane without going on BC, I am nearing the end of my second month and have had no problens with this, my doctor let me do this. I am now on BC though because I have become sexually active. My doctor allowed me to swear Abstinence basically.
  5. Roaccutane - Day 48 (50mg)

    Hey guys! Figured you all deserved an update. So I go back to the hospital on the 31st of this month to get my blood levels checked again (they do it every 8 weeks here) I'm hoping to ask to get bumped upto 60mg. side effects: okay so obviously this month I got bumped upto 50mg, and I will say that I have noticed a difference in terms of dryness. My lips are seriously dry and peel a ton, I wake up often having bit my lips during the night and they are bloody. My face is MUCH more dry this month, more so that I need to moisturise through the day sometimes. I have noticed I am getting cuts from the slightest things like for example if I scratch my face or bang into something. My body is much more itchy this month, everywhere, and I find I have scratch marks from where I have scratched. Definitely been an increase in joint pain this month, my back feels rather stiff amf generally just sore.. it isnt debilitating though and I am still working out twice a week with regular 5 to 8 mile walks per day. Ive noticed a huge change in how thirsty I am... I am so bloody thirsty it is unreal! I am actually feeling pretty lethargic tbh, moreso than last month anyway.. I find myself not feeling bothered to do anything, mentally I am still rather impulsive and apathetic. skin update: things are good, really good. I still have some comedones and larger papules around my jaw area and perhaps 6 LITTLE comedones on my right cheek along with 1 papule and maybe 10 to 15 little comedones on my left! I started accutane with about easily 40 to 50 on each side of my face. I have 2 spots on my forehead and slight texture issues which I know will resolve.. its clear for the most part though. I have NO spots or comedones on my chin at all or on my chest and back
  6. Its going so well honestly. I have had very little side effects and mainly just extremely dry lips, so far so good and I hope it stays that way. My skin seriously is beautiful in some areas, like perfectly smooth. I'd say my closed comedones (which was my MAIN issue to begin with last year) have decreased by 50%. I'd recommend Accutane in a heartbeat. Oh and I started with 30mg first month and now 50mg until I finish. Check out my blog, I document everything at least once per week.