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  1. Please help me identify this. .

    I forgot to mention I have noticed these tiny little pimples appearing over my body. I have no idea what this is.. The first one is in my arm fold, the second just appeared today under my breast and I have a few on my neck. :'( is this a staph infection? Folliculitis?
  2. Options

    I feel like I'm beyond low right now. I feel shattered, alone, lost and indifferent. I hate my life right now. I actually despise it. I'm just writing. I'm not crying for sympathy or help as such.. or maybe I am. I just don't know. I hate my face. I hate feeling my face, it feels rough and bumpy etc. It feels horrid. I just want to feel pretty and for me that's having clearer skin. My doctor has prescribed me an antibiotic - erythromycin tablets - and a new cream. I am dubious about the antibiotics tbh. I don't know whether to take them or not with fear of messing up my gut. The cream is Skinoren (20% azelaic acid ) again I don't know if I should use this. I see my derm in July and I'm thinking about asking him to try the stronger differin gel? Or retin a 0.025 %? I don't know guys.
  3. WEEK 6

    Not good love. I'm not good at all. I'm so frigging fed up of all these pesky bumps on my face. I look horrible man and I hate life at the minute. How are you doing?
  4. WEEK 6

    Yes keep up the updates. I know what you mean about people saying "your skin looks good" and as acne sufferers we shrug that off. I had the exact same thing last weekend at work, a woman I hadn't seen for a couple weeks because I was off sick said to me 'stacey your skin looks pretty good btw' I was like thinking 'hahaha huh??!'
  5. Hang in there the initial breakout on accutane can be an absolute bitch, but just known you'll get through this. This is going to work for you, 3 months down the line from now your gonna have baby smooth skin! You are. And I doubt your son will just be saying that to be kind. Children always tell the truth xx
  6. 6 week update

    You can still venture oustide just make sure your wearing sunscreen or suncream.
  7. Scared to go on antibiotics

    I'm on the exact same boat. Been prescribed erythromycin and I'm shitting it. I haven't took them yet due to knowing that they wipe out good and bad bacteria etc. I read that it may good idea to take a probiotics at the same time, so in the morning take your antibiotic then 4 hours later the probiotics and also up your diet in fermented foods too. I'm not sure which one is safer out those two but I'm guessing they each fight different strains of bacteria.
  8. Sugar cravings

    Try drinking sliced lemon in water
  9. help

    Did you fix this?
  10. Em Isotrex is a topical form of accutane, it contains a tiny amount of the drug (0.05%) so no you don't need to get blood work done. You've only been using Epiduo for over a week now? I really wouldn't jump to another retinoid because you will irritate your skin. Has your doctor prescribed you isotrex too? Have you spoke to him about Accutane? Accutane isn't a quick fix, you must realise that.
  11. Hi I've just come across your journey and I look forward to seeing it all. My skin itself looks exactly like this. I've been using Isotrex (active ingredient of accutane) retinoid gel which brought all these comedones up around my neck which I've never experienced. Before isotrex I still had bumpy skin just not quite as severe. My doc has told me tissue that roaccutane may be a good option for me but in nervous tbh because of the possible joint pain. Anyway good luck and if you need someone to talk to you know where I am.
  12. Was your skin this red when using the retin a? When you were using it, we're you religious about using sunscreen too? I feel somehow that 15 is very young to be given retin a! If you are suspecting rosacea I would really consider you visit a doctor and talk about it.
  13. No I'd stick with the Epiduo, definitely. It contains Adapalene, a retinoid, which generally can take upto 8 to 12 weeks to show full improvement. Assess tour skin after another couple weeks and see how it looks. My skin actually looks very similar to yours.
  14. On regimen but have major clogged pores

    How long have you been using the AHA? Normally glycolic acid is good for things like that. I wasn't on the acne.org regimen but I was using a very similar routine and after a while I experienced the exact same thing. What might help also is perhaps a salicylic acid cleanser to use in the morning before your BP and moisturiser, or perhaps even a salycilic acid serum of some sort in the morning after your usual cleanser. BHAs like salycilic is meant to help "unclog" the pores.
  15. Skin looks OLDER!! HELP! !!

    Are you using moisturiser? It might help to add in Jojoba oil to your moisturiser. It's only been 3 weeks so no I would not discontinue usage. Maybe your skin is just drying out
  16. Struggling I'm struggling

    I appreciate that Sasch I do
  17. Lost hope

    I understand completely what your saying, people really don't notice things as much as we do. I went back to work today after being off for 3 weeks due to a sprained ankle and a woman said to me 'Stacey your skin is looking good'. I was like 'hhuh? Your kidding me' lol. I don't believe her though. I never do Ugurl, I never believe anyone when they give me compliments or say I'm beautiful or anything. I agree life is too short but im just in a place where I feel I need to have clear skin to be "accepted" which is actually ridiculous. I have this motto that in used to say to myself all the time. "Life loves me". Its A mantra which I haven't voiced in a long time so I'm trying that again.
  18. Lost hope

    I'm sorry you went through a similar eating disorder. I think they really set you up for a life long hateful outlook on your body and personal appearance, it seems my body dysmorphia has manifested to my face rather than my body. Which anxiety meds do you take? I've been reading up a ton on them, and I used to be on Prozac (considering going on it again tbh), the things I read and in my own experience with Prozac.. things got better and even my skin got clearer. It seems that when you dampen down the stress/anxiety/worry you theoretically help control your acne - if stress is a contributor of course. I've never heard of buckthorn oil!
  19. Yeah I'd keep your workouts reduced at the moment. Weight lifting is great, I miss it dearly. But personally when I would lift weights my body acne would be worse plus I'd find a new spot or cyst somewhere within the next couple days. Maybe even add in some extra cardio and see how that affects it. The whole diet thing is very controversial and also individual. If it doesn't affect you then that's great. I'd say stick with the yasmin for another 2 months and also keep a record of anything you change/do differently during this time.
  20. A 30 year old with cystic acne

    Honestly your skin looks fine. With a good regime it will help. I know you feel helpless, I do too, but it's not worth your kid missing school not at all. Have you got any friends to talk to about how your feeing? With your regime I don't see any acne fighting products, have you tried benzoyl peroxide? Also are you on any hormonal birth control or anything?
  21. For hyperpigmentation specifically I would recommend a glycolic acid product, essentially an AHA. I feel an actual peel is far too strong however so you may benefit from an AHA serum. I would look into Paulas Choice AHA 8% glycolic acid serum or alternatively Dan's AHA from this site. Could you post a pic of your skin?
  22. Constant forehead acne

    Do you get you eyebrows threaded or waxed or anything? Do you tend to put eyebrow pencil on? What have you been using specifically in the past 2 months to treat them? Your acne is still quite mild so don't worry, it looks fine. We just need to try and stop them from recurring.
  23. I would agree to stick with it at least a couple more months. Have you changed anything at all during this past month? Stress? Diet? Workouts? Skin care?
  24. Sounds okay yes, cetaphil is a gentle cleanser and BP can fight the acne. What else are you using on your skin?