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  1. Round 2 of Roaccutane/Accutane?

    Hey Maisie, Thanks for your reply. I'm actually really happy to find someone in the same boat as me - can I ask what type of acne you had before starting Accutane? Also how did you find your side effects the second time Around? I was quite lucky side effect wise tbh, all I really had was dry peeling lips and a little bit of hair loss and dry eyes. I was on 30mg the first month the 50mg the next 4 months but just feel it maybe wasn't enough you know? I've read that you need a cumulative dose for your weight and I believe I was off mines by like 1000mg or something.
  2. Update with pics

    Just a quick update with pics I just took. there's quite a few and I know what your thinking, "it's not bad AT ALL". To be fair the pics don't do it justice cos my forehead is insane with all these superficial bumps (which btw Accutane helped so much) and I have a few pus -filled whiteheads on it. The sides of my face and chin and clear yes and I'm grateful for that but it seems the centre of my face is just not how I want it. I'm still using differin nightly or sometimes every second evening and I used that throughout my first course of Accutane too. I'm just not happy with it therefore I'm willing to go on another round, what I may do too is use Retin A perhaps after stopping next time or even towards the end.. I don't know. I'll keep you updated though.
  3. Update

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give you all an update. I haven't been on in a while and that's due to a mixture of things. I stopped Accutane in Jan, was on it for like 5 months altogether. I was clear totally for like 3 months and unfortunately came back, not as bad but it's not good man. My forehead is the worst actually and I have loads of bumps and a few whiteheads on it, I don't understand. I keep thinking maybe 5 month was too short a course and I didn't get all the dose I needed, that possible? I'll post pics up soon to show what it's like. I see my derm again next Friday (7th) and I believe I will be starting round 2.
  4. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on here. I finished my first round of Accutane at the end of Jan and my skin was beautiful.. beautiful. For 3 whole months it was great then slowly it's been coming back. It's not as bad but it's not great, before I started Accutane it was maybe a solid 8.5/10 for badness and currently I'd say it's a 3.5/10. Anyway, I saw my derm like a couple months ago and she said that some people do need a second round to be in complete remission. I see her again in a week so in going to just ask her straight up to start it again. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of needing a second round or are also thinking of a second round too??
  5. are the acne face maps accurate?

    Haha. Your post made me giggle Um.. I'd like to think there's some truth to it. I mainly just have acne on my forehead like everywhere on my forehead and the majority of those maps say I should be drinking a TON of water because my digestive system isn't great.. which I guess could be true.