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  1. Smoking Tobacco and Acne-Prone Skin

    Whilst I appreciate you had a somewhat positive experience of smoking helping your skin, tobacco smoking seriously is harmful to the body. Even if smoking could help my acne I would never resort to that and would never encourage anyone to resort to that.
  2. I've just read your log here. How are you getting on? I've actually ordered the 8 % AHA from Paula to see if my skin tolerates it better, thinking it might work in tandem with a retinoid. I don't know. I've used salycilic acid for 3 or so years, mostly just cleanser based and for the first year it really helped. I still have a BHA cleanser but it seems to have lost its effect so to speak. I have Stridex pads too which contain 2 % salycilic acid but they only really break me out.
  3. Anyone know what this is?

    It's very hard to know what's "right" or "wrong" as everyone is different I suppose. I've heard many times that this a normal reaction and also that it isn't. Unfortunately it's just left me lost not knowing what to do. I'm considering going back to my doctor to talk to her about what's going on. I've recently bought Bioderma micellar water to cleanse, I use acne.org moisturiser in the morning with a bit of sweet almond oil sometimes. At night I have a BHA cleanser and usually put either a retinoid or bp on and I don't always moisturise after it which is bad. The isotrex I was using actually contained 95 % ethanol which I find extremely concerning. I've been under a lot and I mean A TON of stress the past few weeks to a month or so which may not be helping. Do you think this might be stress related too? I just feel super horrible right now and struggle making eye contact with people. Which is ridiculous because I'm a grown woman of 25 years old almost.
  4. Anyone know what this is?

    You were on Isotrex? Tbh I've noticed my skin get well out if hand whilst using it and in honestly don't think I can handle it. Like I've never experienced this before, million of tiny bumps everywhere. Was your breakout pretty bad? How long did you use it for?
  5. Anyone know what this is?

    Thanks for your advice. Do you think I should switch back to differin? I just don't know how I'm going to clear up this mess now tbh.
  6. Confused about what to do

    Have you just started using the BHA recently? Sometimes active ingredients like those can break you out a little, what else are you using on your skin? How has Lymecycline been for you? The elta md sunscreen looks pretty good so don't be afraid to use that.
  7. Been using a retinoid (isotrex) for 6 weeks and my skin over time has erupted into this mess. I never break out in my neck area EVER. I shrugged it off as a purge but now I'm not too sure so I've decided to stop the gel - it contained Isotretinoin and ethanol, hoping it's not a reaction to Isotretinoin because that means I probably couldn't take Accutane. I just need some advice. I'm so embarassed by this.
  8. Help

    The picture I have attached is NOT me btw. I'm literally too embarassed to show my bloody face. Long story short, got prescribed isotrex (retinoid - isotretinoin and ethanol) about 6 weeks ago and my skin has went to shit. I never break out in my neck area and I have not even applied the gel there but my neck ALL over it and my cheeks are covered everywhere in these tiny bumps that look like the picture below. I came off of Differin after 8 month of use with okay - ish skin, 70% clear at least.. I wanted something stronger and got this gel and now my skin has just went nuts. I'm worried I'm allergic or something? Because I do not think this is purging I seriously just do not know what to do right now.
  9. Don't know what to do!

    Guys honestly. I am at a loss. I really think I am reacting badly to this retinoid, is it possible? Like I swear I have a million bumps all over my cheek and neck, even UNDER it and I never get spots there EVER. They are tiny bumps no head whatsoever and occasionally itchy. I don't know what to do :'( I am in tears over this, in fact I am truly depressed over this. It is affecting my full life right now and I can tell people are wondering "what the fuck has happened? " I think I need to stop it, it's coming on 6 weeks but it's the worst it's been in my life.
  10. I would seriously go back to your doctor. How is your neck right now? I am very curious because I started a new retinoid about 6 weeks ago now and my neck broke out looking like exactly your first pic up there, I never break out in my neck ever
  11. Whilst you acne is extremely mild, if it is affecting your self esteem and stuff I'd say go for it. Some people need a second or even third round of Accutane. The trial and error thing can be tedious but I guess it is totally upto you, have you tried diet changes?
  12. Week 4.

    Thank you father Jim.
  13. Circles.

    Circles, I'm going round in circles. I said to my mum today that I hate life, I hate my life life (right now anyway). This year has really been the worst. It started off well with meeting my boyfriend but a snowball effect of bad shit has accumulated. It started with me getting ill in January, I still have a cough from that. Then I hurt my foot in February which put me out the fitness game, still haven't exercised since. My skin started getting shit again. My house got broken into and my bag, passport, money etc got stolen. I saw a dermatologist with high hopes and Isotrex has fucked my skin right up.. anxiety ensued and I've lost 10lbs and hate leaving the house. My exams are next week and actually uni has been the most stressful thing ever this year. My bf really doesn't want to be with me, I can tell, I think he's actually trying to push me away now when before perhaps I subconsciously was pushing him away when ALL I wanted was support, I just wanted a hug and to be told that I'm beautiful and he loves me know matter what, that I'm perfect in his eyes.. but I didn't get that. So I don't believe that. On top of all that shit I've hurt my neck and upper back. Literally cannot get a break right now. Why does life hate me right now? What have I done? I'm exhausted. My little head is exhausted and I hate that I feel guilty for anything I eat. I just want to be happy but I don't know how. 4 month ago I was so much happier until all this carp happened. I'm sorry if you are getting fed up of me going on and on but I haven't anyone who understands the "emotional" side of acne. No one in MY life has this as bad as me. This blog is my only outlet.
  14. Acne that just lingers?

    When I get ones like that I try to provoke it to come to a head by steaming my face or simply putting a got cotton pad on to it followed by tea tea tree oil
  15. Week 4.

    So start of week 4 with isotrex. Dr those of you that don't know it's a retinoid (accutane active ingredient with 95% ethanol btw) Literally my face is a mess and I'm thinking about just stopping the gel. I wish I hadn't started it. My skin was 70% clear with Differin so I feel maybe I should have stayed with Differin! I honestly don't know what to do guys. This is awful and it's truly hurting my self esteem. I'm trying to hold on but I just , I'm losing it. The pics added are not of great quality. I just want to try and show the texture BUT my full face is blotchy and red looking like my chin there. Like everywhere.
  16. What do I do

    Have you thought about maybe considering trying the acne.org regimen? What kind of acne would you say you have? Has your doctor prescribed you any treatments?
  17. At a loss. End of week 3

    So heading into week 4 with isotrex and my skin is a state, maybe it could be worse but it's really bad. Its s challenging and I feel I can't look at people . because I look so different to what I looked like 3 weeks ago. My face is oily, bumpy, scabby because I picked (stupid) everywhere is bumpy. It looks rash. Is this what purging does? Will it or can it really get better? My mental state is gone, like I'm so distraught. I do not want to see my boyfriend like this because he hasn't seen me with bad skin, the odd few blemishes but.not this. So I keep thinking about just ending it because he deserves so much better.
  18. Using a retinoid for 3 weeks, not put it anywhere on my neck and I have been getting increasing amounts of these bumps on my neck? Is this a normal reaction? Like is just purging eveything?
  19. A note.

    This is just a post, a note, about my feelings. I have to get them out. Im sick of writing in a diary that I know no-one will read. However, even with this I don't know who will want to read it. Im literally spilling everything out here so I apologise in advance. I am falling a part. That's how I feel right now, its not just skin related there are other things going on too. My bit toes are sore (possible arthritis) and now my lower back is sore. I work in a food factory which is tiresome and the early hours kill my happiness, but also standing for 8 hours after 7 years is affecting my body. I had a passion for fitness but I haven't actually exercisied for literally 3 months. That's partly due to soreness but also because I have been busy with uni, but more recently I don't want to face people. I don't want to face people because of skin right now. It is not great. It is far from good, or even okay. Its shit. I could have huge huge cysts though but I don't I have a million bumps all over my face. This is affecting me in many fucking ways, my self esteem is the lowest its been in a long time and I cant eat. I cant stomach it. Im not eating like I used to anyway because I feel so guilty all the time. I do not know where to go from here, I dont have a clear skin regimen because I am sick of wasting money on product after products. And this Isotrex retinoid is just not sitting well with me, I don't know if the reaction Im having is normal or not. More recently I am also losing my boyfriend, I feel anyway. I am draining him, I know it. I think he is struggling with how to deal with me, I only met him 4 months ago and I do love him, and he loves me. But Im losing him because of my depression. That hurts and makes me feel selfish. Im selfish because Im trying to "fix" me. I think I look very ugly right now, and I cant even look my boyfriend properlyin the eyes, because I feel ashamed. Ashamed of my face. Yeah, so that;s me. A 24 year old woman who dislikes herself so much, and crys at almost anything. Ive lost who I was 4 months ago..Ive lost hope.
  20. Feeling so bad

    DeLovely it's actually Isotrex I'm on so it's not tretinoin but Iso - tretinoin so the active ingredient found in accutane. However by all means it's still a retinoid. I'm seriously just at a loss tbh. I'm not breaking out in cysts or anything it's literally all these tiny tiny bumps/pimples EVREYWHERE. I'm feeling so fucking shit and do not know what to do, I'm truly scared of my mind and am pushing everyone away including my boyfriend.
  21. Honestly I don't think I can. Like it's emotionally draining me and making me feel like shit right now. How bad was your breakout?
  22. Never heard of Isotin. I'm using isotrex and is 0.05 isotretenoin too. I'm purging like crazy. :'(
  23. What's going on?

    Okay so I know im purging and shit. Which is ridiculous. But I've recently noticed these tiny rash like pimples all around my neck area, literally all around it and at the backs of my ears (as if where a scarf would lie). They aren't itchy just rough textured. what the heck are these? I use a bha cleanser in the morning and pretty much just a micellar water in the evenings and I do tend to wash that area with those but I don't normally have issues like this.
  24. Literally I can't stop crying. I'm feeling sorry for myself and whatever and I just can't stop it. I look super ugly right now. My skin had NOT looked this bad in so fucking long. I'm catching people's eyes look at my full face and I can only guess what they are thinking. I don't know if I'm having a bad reaction to isotrex or that it's just literally making every pore on my fucking fave sprout into a bump, red mark, spot or full blown whitehead. It's disgusting. I haven't got many people to talk to at home, I feel like I'm a pain and I'm just going round in circles. I literally see no glimmer of light/hope in my situation right now with this.