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  1. Here is my old thread, many have read it so please read if you haven't: To sum it up it basically said I thought I stopped breaking out from not eating correctly, which is: a crap load of different fruit daily, or a few times a week. I tried to update it but its closed? For some reason, I dunno why. Here I am trying to update, yall. and if I help only one person, I feel I did my job. So since I made the original post, I seriously, no joke stopped completely (getting big ones, still get blackheads on the nose tho), so for people out there with no hope, I am here to tell you it is possible. You have to work at it as no one else will help, you have to do it for yourself and do it ASAP or you will continually scare your beautiful face! Here is the update: So for the last two years I kinda of slaked off, thinking I was invisible, had clear skin and thought it was gonna be like that till I die, well it didn't. Last month I started to breaking out, the usual, big red ones just on chin, and seemed like I was getting new ones every day. I went back to my routines, tea tree (dermatologist said oil is not good, but I think with the correct dilution, good for spot treatment and good for keeping the redness down), thought it was zinc or b12 vitamin c, etc. Well guess what, I still kept breaking out, even nasty nodules that last a week and never even turned to a white head. At the time I went to a derm nurse for keloid injections (yes they have those and they do work!!) and she briefly mention benzoyl peroxide, Well it was kind of at the back of my mind, and I thought wait, "DanielKern's Treatment" (was not paid to say this, I repeat, was not paid to endorse) has that in it as the active ingredient! I also did a little more research and rea that Benzoyl Peroxide is for white heads and Salicylic Acid is for black heads, I don't remember reading anything like that before and guess what, all the little bumps I was finding and trying to squeeze, well they are gone, seemed to be very effective, notice a difference after only 2 days. I did use at the very beginning of my journey, but stopped after applying twice a day was stinging my face, now I just apply before I go to bed (FYI major flaking occurs). And thank you Dan and Ance.org for your contribution to this world.  RE-EDIT!! Well month after that I did brake out a little, and stopped with my fruit blended drinks completely, well I kinda realized it might be the fruit, mainly, and stopped the Benzoly P. So along with eating lots of fruit, more colorful the better, I have a new regiment: -wash morning and night w/ gentile face soap, also if my face feels oily I be sure to wash quickly or right after sweating. -every once in awhile I use exfoliate. -I then use an astringent, witch hazel, after washing, as a "toner" its suppose to tighten skin by nature and close pores, many medical uses on skin, etc etc -then face moisturizer. -I also use a (red, sensitive skin) clay mask (google it, three kinds, white, green, and red) twice a week, good for closing the pores/black heads on my nose, and it actually does just that, and my face stays smooth for 2-3 days after and helps with eczema patches. I love it and so does my mom!  Since summer ended I haven't broken out since.