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  1. TO1993 added a post in a topic Acne Cyst Turned Red Lump Under The Skin?   

    Awesome. Thanks again. I'd look into that in my next derm appointment. Hopefully, this thing is gone by now but if not, I'll ask for one.
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  2. TO1993 added a post in a topic Acne Cyst Turned Red Lump Under The Skin?   

    Awesome I'll take your advice. I was very close in getting one yesterday until the derm took a look at the spot one last time and said it doesn't need to have one? Maybe it is just too small and maybe I am just too paranoid. You seem knowledgeable though. Will a cortisone shot dissolve whatever junk is inside? How does that actually work?
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  3. TO1993 added a post in a topic Acne Cyst Turned Red Lump Under The Skin?   

    Thanks for your reply buddy. You know what, if it was an ordinary pimple, I wouldn't be too worried but this one, I played/picked it way way too much and what drives me nuts is the fact I probably induced my own misery. If I let it heal on its own, I'm sure it would have been gone by now with no scar. I think the spot ruptured under the skin because when I gently squeeze the area, I could see some white stuff scattered inside the skin. The lump has gone down quite a bit. I just don't know what it is. Should I just spend the money and get the area expressed and trade a linear scar...
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    Acne Cyst Turned Red Lump Under The Skin?
    Long story short, I had a cystic pimple on my right cheek in January. I picked on it miserably to no avail. It went through the same healing stage as a regular cyst. (Pimple, lump, dark mark) but what puzzles me is it is still there right now. It looks like your normal post acne red mark from far but occasionally, I would feel sort of like a tiny lump under the skin where it used to be. It never came to a head and looks like the plug is too deep under the skin. It would scab over a few times and there would be dead skin over it which would come off by itself or sometimes as I wash my face. I am currently applying clindamycin and differin on it every night and seems to be improving by a bit. I went to a derm yesterday to ask for a cortisone shot but he said that it is too small. Will this eventually go away or will the content of the cyst need to lanced/extracted out for the skin to heal properly? Anyone with experience, please help. This is driving me nuts. Almost 8 months now!!!!!!
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