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  1. Maria Chetraru added a comment on a gallery image Day Thirty   

    Please don't forget to READ MY FAQ's before asking me anything --->


    It's -almost- official... my acne is disappearing fast.

    ... AAAAAANNNND leaving lovely dark red spots all over my face to fade away whenever they feel like.

    Yeah, so what you see are actually seeing are red spotted "scars", but they are suppose to fade away in time I guess...

    Still, my skin is much more smooth. It's almost as smooth as the time when I got off Dan's Regime.


    I guess this will be it for a while! Yep! No more picture updates unless I notice a significant change in my red spots... or if my regular acne decides to come back for some obscure reason. I certainly hope not!

    So I wish you all the best of luck kiddies and I'll update my picture in about a month or so if and when these spots decide to fade away. From past experience they take a great deal of time to do so, but patience is a virtue and less make-up is always a bonus to me. Until next time!



    Notable Logs:
    07/11/12: Began drinking homemade juice.
    07/15/12: Started taking 500 mg of Vitamin B5 (in the morning WITH juice).
    07/24/12: Started taking 500 mg of L-Cartinine (in the morning WITH juice).
    08/08/12: Oil Production on face vanished. Acne still persistent though.
    09/05/12: No acne for about a week. Left over red spots still remain but face very smooth.

    Vegetable Juice recipe:
    -3 to 5 Carrot Sticks (peeled)
    -2 to 3 Celery Stick (everything attached)
    -1/2 Beet (skin on, leaves cut off for salad)
    -1/2 Cucumber (peeled)
    -1 Tomato (everything except stem butt)
    -1 cm sliced Lemon (everything)

    Hygiene Regime:
    None. Only showering once a day and washing hair every other day.

    - No Dairy.
    - No Sugar (Excluding honey (tea) and natural peanut butter (fruit topping)).

    - Sorry guys and gals, acne doesn't make me depressed nor am I stressed about much of anything else.
    - I stretch/exercise around an hour a day and/or run 4-5 times a week. Still building a suitable exercising regime though.
    - I get about 20 minutes to an hour worth of direct sunlight (no make-up on) everyday.
    - I only wear small amounts of make-up for my job, obviously to cover the largest and reddest of my acne legions.
    - I maintain a normal sleep schedule (usually 8 hours a day).
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  2. Maria Chetraru added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen Beginer   

    thank you, was really hard in the beginning but i decidet to stick to it anyway, my face got better, i will place some pictures!!!
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  3. Maria Chetraru added a comment on a blog entry The Newbie   

    9 days have passed since i started, the beginning is not easy, i wish you the best of luck, let us know how it goes!!!
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  4. Maria Chetraru added a comment on a blog entry The Regimen Beginer   

    i may be allergic?should i go to a doctor?
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  5. Maria Chetraru added a blog entry in Maria Chetraru's Blog   

    The Regimen Beginer
    It's been 9 days since i started The Regimen from, on the first 2 days my skin produced more oil than the usual, on 3 day become red, was like i stayed under the sun and i did not use sun protector, well, is day 9 my skin is red and very dry, i started The Regimen because i have a big problem with the nodular acne, i simply hate it. Is very painful and until now i didint know that i had it. I never went to a dermatologist, i started having problems around 19, at that time was really bad, i came to Japan an since then i live here, at that time my acne was bad but the time past and got a little better, i want to go to a dermatologist but i'm having problems with the language, do not speak Japanese well. I found The Regimen and i decided to give it a try. I'm woried with the redness otherwise i'm sticking with the treatment!! i just want to know if this redness is normal!!!!
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