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  1. So the main issue on my face is whiteheads. I don't typically have those deep painful acne bumps that develop without a head. My skin issue starts out as whiteheads and then sometimes becomes inflamed, which is really easy to see on my pale skin. From my understanding, whiteheads are caused by a buildup of dead skin and oil, correct? So then what causes those deep painful red bumps with no Whitehead? Considering my main issue is whiteheads, shouldn't gentle exfoliation take care of my skin problem since I'm removing the dead skin cells? I'm just trying to understand the differences. For example, a lot of people go on antibiotics to clear their acne but I don't see how that would work for whiteheads. Yes, I do have whiteheads that sometimes end up painful and inflamed, but my skin problem is always a whitehead first.
  2. Seems like every time I exfoliate my face feels amazing for the first day but then I start breaking out a couple days later. I guess my face is too sensitive and it's really easy to overdo it. How do I find a balance? I've even used gentle microfiber towels but still had breakouts later. I'm thinking of just going the gentlest route there is an using a simple cotton pad to lightly exfoliate. Anyone do this?