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  1. For some reason I'll always develop irritation and then pimples a day or two after eating chipotle. Weird thing is that I can eat other fast food, which is considered terrible (taco bell, McDonalds, etc) and not break out.  Chipotle is supposed to be pretty good for you and I can't figure out why I break out from it.    The stuff get at chipotle consists of a bowl or salad with a lot of meat (chicken, steak, of pork), guac, lettuce, veggies, salsa. I don't even get high glycemic stuff like rice. Any ideas?
  2. Looking back, I've realized that I started taking new supplements when my skin was already nearly 100% clear, just in an attempt to get it to 100%.  Every time I start taking something new, even after I take it for a while (in case it's purging at first), my skin is consistently worse.  Fish oil (the highest quality kind that is like $60 on amazon, raw fish oil), cheaper fish oil, vitamin d3, zinc, etc...whatever it is, my skin is consistently worse when taking it.  I always try one supplement at a time too. I just decided to stop it all.  I'm done with supplements.  I'll try my best to get vitamins and minerals from food, but I'm tired of taking supplements no matter how natural they claim they are.  Not sure if it's just a big coincidence, but like I said my skin is consistently worse while on a supplement. Anyone else?
  3. Besides the obvious stop stressing (it's not that easy). I'm 30 and my face is MUCH better than it was in the past (which I'm very thankful for), but I can get some nasty breakouts on my chin and mouth during times when I'm stressing, such as when a big event is coming up.  It's weird...I'll start thinking/worrying that I'm going to get a breakout and then I do.  I'm pretty sure just the fact that I'm thinking I WILL get a breakout is the exact thing that causes me to breakout, since the mind is a powerful thing.  When I'm not even thinking or worrying about my skin, it's perfectly clear. To be clear, I have the same exact diet and same exact routine during times of perfectly clear skin and breakouts, so I'm pretty sure it's the stress/worrying that causes it.  My routine is...nothing, essentially caveman regimen, which is the best thing I've ever done for my skin. Do you guys take any supplements that help with stress?  What other things do you do?  I just started taking up meditation. 
  4. Does any doctor do this or do you have to go through a specialist or something? I suspect my adult acne is due to food allergies so I want to get tested.
  5. I was constantly having new breakouts and as a 27 year old male, I started getting fed up with it. It destroyed my social life since I was 13. I never went on accutane because I didn't think my case was serious enough, even though it was bad enough to destroy my self confidence. I never drank milk anyways because I don't like it, but I did always eat a ton of cheese, sour cream, etc. With my latest breakout, the worst one I've had in months, I started thinking back and realized I was eating way more cheese than usual. I never wanted to believe that dairy could be causing my acne, but I'm just tired of it so I decided to stop eating dairy. No more cheese, no more sour cream, no more yogurt. After about a week my last breakout has gone away and healed up and such a fast rate that I'm surprised. I'm also noticing my face isn't as flakey/dry and my arms are getting smooth (have keratosis pilarsis). Could dairy cause this much damage? Anyone else have a similar experience.
  6. Started taking taurine just for the blood flow benefits and also noticed from a Google search that there seems to be nothing but positive reviews for it clearing up skin. I developed one of the worst breakouts ive had in years over the past few weeks and the only thing new I've done us started taking taurine. Anyone else?