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  1. This past weekend I had more potatoes than I've ever had before. Mashed, french fries, chopped. A couple days later o developed so many of the worst breakouts I've had in years. I then learned that potatoes are one of the highest glycemic foods.  Anyone else have a problem with potatoes?
  2. After a ton of research, it appears this test us the way to go as far as finding food sensitivities/intolerances (not necessary allergies). It is also much more reliable than an ALCAT or ELISA test. Luckily I found a doctor in my area that does this test for $300 (cheaper than I expected). Have any of you has this done?
  3. Just go to my normal doctor or somewhere else?  I see tests like ELISA, alcat, etc...I'm so confused and I don't know where to start. 
  4. 24/M - I cant do it anymore

    Not sure if this will help you at all, but I sure hope it does in some way. I really really do.    I'm a 29 year old male and have been through all the things you've described (cancelling plans, staying inside, etc) since I was 13 years old. It's hard man, it's really hard.    In the past year or so, for the first time in my life, I've started living a little bit. Have a new girlfriend, hang out with friends, make plans and don't cancel that often. For the first time since I've gotten acne, I have hope.    Here is what I've done to get the best skin ive had since 13. Granted, it's still not perfect, but it's 99% percent better than it used to be. Some days it look nearly perfect which I am extremely thankful for. So what did I do?  Stopped everything. I stopped using any and all products on my face, I stopped taking supplements (multivitamins and vitamin d3 broke me out)...I stopped everything. I don't care how natural or beneficial supplements claim to my opinion they aren't good for the body, and it really shows on people prone to acne.  Also, as a male, we have to shave. It sucks. I stopped using any shaving cream on my face. Anything seemed to break me out. I made an investment and bought a conair i-stubble trimmer (get the hair as short as possible) and a Braun 790cc electric shaver. This combo gives me the smoothest shave I've ever had without irritation. It was about $200 for everything, but so worth it.      So that's my suggestion. Just stop putting products on your face or taking supplements which aren't natural for your body. Just let go of everything. You are going to FREAK out and be extremely anxious at first, but it's worth a shot. One other thing I did is avoid dairy as much as possible. I'll still eat it, but not as often. I found that stressing about what I eat just made things worse.      I wish someone would have told me 10-12 years ago to stop using acne products and supplements. Who knows where I would have been now. With the confidence I have nowadays compared to the past, I feel like I can do anything.    Good luck to you. 
  5. For some reason I'll always develop irritation and then pimples a day or two after eating chipotle. Weird thing is that I can eat other fast food, which is considered terrible (taco bell, McDonalds, etc) and not break out.  Chipotle is supposed to be pretty good for you and I can't figure out why I break out from it.    The stuff get at chipotle consists of a bowl or salad with a lot of meat (chicken, steak, of pork), guac, lettuce, veggies, salsa. I don't even get high glycemic stuff like rice. Any ideas?
  6. Looking back, I've realized that I started taking new supplements when my skin was already nearly 100% clear, just in an attempt to get it to 100%.  Every time I start taking something new, even after I take it for a while (in case it's purging at first), my skin is consistently worse.  Fish oil (the highest quality kind that is like $60 on amazon, raw fish oil), cheaper fish oil, vitamin d3, zinc, etc...whatever it is, my skin is consistently worse when taking it.  I always try one supplement at a time too. I just decided to stop it all.  I'm done with supplements.  I'll try my best to get vitamins and minerals from food, but I'm tired of taking supplements no matter how natural they claim they are.  Not sure if it's just a big coincidence, but like I said my skin is consistently worse while on a supplement. Anyone else?