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  1. lostinthefog87 added a post in a topic Considering Seeing The Derm Again   

    In the last 6 months, I have limited dairy by 90%. I used to drink 24 oz of milk a day and plenty of cheese, and now I only have 3 tablespoons of milk a day in my tea. I decreased my intake of refined carbs by quite a lot too. Mind you, the derm I talked to recently who told me to get a culture told me this was to identify the bacteria so it can be treated with an antibiotic that it is sensitive to...so maybe he's not so better than average? At least he didn't tell me to get on Accutane. If it is negative gram folliculitis I am screwed, because there is really nothing you can do for it except Accutane, or, rounds of heavy penicillin type antibiotics for the rest of your life. That scares me and makes me want to get off my clindamycin gel very, very soon.

    The majority of my cysts occurs on my chin, neck, and inner cheeks. I also get acne around my mouth frequently (cysts and nodules too, fun!). This mouth acne has only happened in the year, which I find odd. Never before did I get lip acne that bad until about one year back, and I cannot find a reason why. During this time I also developed nose acne, which I never had before. I have tried to go without topicals and use water only/cleanser only, but the nodules and cysts get so painful I actually cannot sleep and have trouble eating. It also affects my job in real estate, as I am constantly dealing with clients and having cystic acne in very uncomfortable and visible places is an embarrassment and I feel I look unprofessional and dirty (although I know that's not true in actuality).

    Although I am a believer in natural medicine, this last year I have really tried to incorporate healthier eating habits, lifestyle changes, etc. and my acne seems to have worsened. I think getting a culture would probably at least give me an answer to whether or not I have the negative gram bacteria, because, if I do I need to stop taking clindamycin immediately as it is useless.

    Diet is probably not the best, but not the worst. Beef, chicken, tuna, turkey, pork as proteins, normally baked but sometimes fried or in a stew/sauce. Assorted veggies such as carrots, green beans, broccoli, coliflower, corn, peas, lettuce, and v8 juice (low sodium). I don't eat a lot of fruit. Carbs come from brown rice, whole wheat pasta, legumes such as kidney beans and pinto beans, lentils, quinoa, and sometimes white potatoes (although I have tried to limit that, but it's difficult for me). Typical dishes I make are baked chicken thighs marinated in bbq sauce or italian dressing with a side of brown rice and steamed assorted veggies, or beef and bean chili with tomatoes, onions, celery, and garlic. Often I will just have a steak too for lunch with veggies. I make enchiladas without cheese quite often. Basically, commonly eaten foods but with no dairy and substituting brown rice/whole wheat pasta for regular etc. and trying to limit preserved/frozen foods. I do not eat soda or candy, and fast food is a rarity. I have tried more recently to eat even less grains, while upping my intake of legumes and veggies.

    To answer your other questions, I have decreased dairy (no cheese, and only milk is in my tea 3x a day) and refined carbs, no other huge changes.. I would say I am pretty consistent but not perfect. A few times a week I may splurge and eat a hamburger,or potato chips, french fries, cookies, etc. I have not identified intolerances yet, as my acne never seems to calm down. I do suffer from migraines here and there. I have back pain sometimes, and muscles spasms a few times a year (once it was very severe which required some heavy duty muscle relaxers). I get itchy often, sometimes uncontrollable whenever I get stressed or exercise, thats new. It is an all over body itch the lasts for minutes.

    I am prone to depression. I have a history of panic attacks and agoraphobia (although I have conquered those for the most part), but I am easily made anxious and many times, the majority of my day is spent trying to calm myself and relax. It used to be much worse. I actually had to take time off of college because I was having daily panic attacks and I became completely homebound for a year. Also, much of my teen/early adult years were spent in rehabs and psychiatrist offices. I am a former alcoholic/drug addict (hard drugs), but I have been recovered for 5 years.

    That being said, I fixate on my face a lot and get so stressed out about my acne. I picked up smoking cigarettes again after quitting for a while because of the stress. In short, my emotional health is far from perfect but it is lightyears ahead of what it used to be. I now do a great job in my opinion in managing my emotional issues through deep breathing, acceptance, and coping skills which I learned from an excellent holistic minded Psychologist I saw for many years. I now have a great career, a recently purchased house, and a very supportive and understanding fiancee. To come from where I was at in my earlier years to where I am at now, I am immensely proud, and a changed man for good. That is why I get so mad, at the most healthiest time of my life with so much I have accomplished, why am I still dealing with cystic acne?

    Sorry for the long post guys, just thought i'd get it all out there.
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  2. lostinthefog87 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Considering Seeing The Derm Again
    I need some advice from you guys in this holistic forum. Possibly the last rational people i've seen in regards to discussing acne.
    I spoke to a dermatologist a few months back (not in person) who told me that it may be a good idea to get a culture taken of my acne to rule out gram negative folliculitis and staph.

    I was also considering going to my derm to try and ask "Why am I getting cystic acne? Why me? What can I do about it without a prescription?". I also think I should get my hormones checked and an allergy test.

    I hate going to mainstream physicians but its all I can afford under my insurance. I just dread getting into an argument with these people as I know they will push accutane on me and look at me weirdly when I bring up food allergies, hormone imbalances, and possibly other bacteria causing my acne.

    But i've been dealing with this thing for 10 years and I had to get on antibiotic cream again which I need to get off of eventually, so I think having these tests done are a good idea. What do you guys think? And did you ever have hormone checks or cultures taken and how did it effect your treatment from then on?
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  3. lostinthefog87 added a post in a topic Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become   

    I think ForeverBold just likes to come to the holistic board and be contrary to every topic they come across. At least that's just what i've noticed. I see they are banned now....why am I not surprised?
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  4. lostinthefog87 added a post in a topic Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become   

    I am so glad your dog and your brothers cat got better from safer and more rational treatments. The problem I see is the fact that we live in a society so trusting of doctors and so untrusting of common sense, natural alternatives. I have arguments with my mother who is constantly telling me to go to the Dermatologist, as if they have some magic information I have never heard before. I have cured more ailments researching information myself then taking what a Dr. prescribes. I've been to dermatologists more than 20 times and its the same thing, round of these antibiotics, prescription for that, etc. It never lasts, and in the long run I become dependent on things that actually worsen my acne.

    For example, at this point, the only thing that remotely clears my cystic acne is topical antibiotics, which is the only prescription drug I am willing to take at this point for acne. This wasn't the case 7 years ago before I began taking them. BP used to clear me up well. So now I am stuck with having to go on and off of the damn topical clindamycin because I have to go to work presentable, not to mention sleep at night. I try and go months without the clindamycin, but my cysts eventually become so painful I throw my hands up and say "F-it!", give me the damn antibiotic lotion...I just need the pain to stop! Before I began seeing derms and taking prescribed meds, my acne was manageable, now its out of control and almost untreatable. But where am I supposed to go when i'm in pain and I need to meet a client for my job? There is nowhere else for me to go, natural Derms don't exist.....so I give in to the "treat the symptom" Doctors even though I know its bad for me. I feel like all medicine is now somewhat like this, but Dermatology, much like Psychiatry....seems to be the worse. They are very set in their methods of treatment of prescribing drugs exclusively with little practical advice. They are unwilling to see things from another view. Whatever happened to "first do no harm?"

    I feel like a lot of people in the holistic forum, yourself included, would make great MD's or DO's. I have thought about it myself. My brother is an Orthopedic Surgeon and many of the women in my family are Nurses. I just doubt my ability to get through a med school program trying to defend positions that my peers and superiors would consider looney. As if Med School wasn't hard enough! It just seems like an uphill battle of constantly defending positions and being looked down upon.
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  5. lostinthefog87 added a post in a topic Managing Adult Cystic Acne Without A Dermatologist Or Prescriptions   

    This sounds like a great plan but what happens when the pain of cystic acne is too much? I get cysts that are intertwined under my skin around my mouth and upper chin area and they end up blowing my lips up with inflammation and I cannot eat. Ibuprofen does not do much and it is very painful. I would like to go without prescription topicals and BP but I always end up going back to them because the pain is too much. I literally wake up with pulsating pain and I feel like there is a serious infection. Any suggestions?
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  6. lostinthefog87 added a post in a topic Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become   

    The main reason I seldom see doctors anymore is because I find I am always paying for a debate.

    I come in for a problem and they say "I am going to prescribe this to you, ok?.
    I say "i'm not really sure if I want to take that, i've heard of it causing A, B, and C"
    Them "Don't read stories you hear on the internet, it's very safe"
    Me: "These aren't stories, I read them in medical journals"
    Them: "Well, I don't know what you read but those side effects are extremely rare. If you want to get rid of this, you must take this drug"
    Me: "Isnt there anything I can do which does not involve this pill, anything natural or alternative, you know, non-systemic?"
    Them: *rolling eyes* "This is the gold standard of treatment, and I know of nothing out there that will help besides this drug, except maybe this other drug"
    Me: "I'll think about it and let you know"
    Them "You're not going to take it?"
    Me: "I will let you know after I do some more research"

    They then look at me with a state of complete shock on their face as if I have diabetes and I am refusing to take insulin

    I walk out of the room and I know they are just shaking their head, writing me off as some conspiracy holistic nutjob. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we all have to take medication for things but most MD's today are nothing but a bunch of paid lackeys and yes men for big pharma and if you, the lowly uneducated patient questions them, they really start squirming with frustration.
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  7. lostinthefog87 added a post in a topic Water Only Log :)   


    I stumbled across your log and had to chime in. I have dealt with cystic acne for 8 years trying everything but accutane and topical retinoids.
    I recently decided to get off everything I was using topically (bp, clindamycin, moisturizer) and just use cleanser. So far it's been the best decision I ever made. 2 weeks in and my skin looks so much better. Do I still get acne? Yes. Is it as frequent and as inflammatory? No. Time will tell, but if I can devote 8 years of my life to topicals that only seemed to worsen my acne I can devote a year or two to cleanser only. I actually would just like to use water, but going from sulfur, bp, antibiotics, etc to just a mild cleanser (Cerave) is a big jump. Maybe in time I will take the plunge and just use water.

    One benefit to this method: much less time consuming and no flakes, no irritation! It makes no sense that we put on cleanser to strip away oils, then slather on a topical cream that irritates our skin to no end, only to apply a moisturizer just to try and attempt to get back to the natural pH balance our skin should naturally have. It never works, and the thing I like most about Cerave is the fact it was designed to protect and restore the skins natural protective barrier. It's probably the last cleanser on this earth I will use again.

    I really would like to hear the long term results of this. We need to be as persistent with this as we were with harsh topicals!

    One other note: I find when I am eating nothing but junk, such as McDonalds, frozen food, dairy, potatoes, preservative laden food, I get the worst flare ups. Diet and acne are very much linked. Although i believe some cases that are severe or persistent cannot always be cured just by diet, they can dramatically reduce.

    Please keep us updated. I will be keeping a close eye on this log because it is very similar to what i'm doing. My diet though is pretty different than yours: i still smoke and drink beer, eat red meat quite a bit, etc. However I avoid dairy, white rice, limit pasta, and try to eat fresh foods without chemicals. At least i'm making somewhat of an effort, right?
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