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  1. endingnote added a post in a topic Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I'm Clear Using The Gut Diet:)   

    Thanks a lot for your response, hope it works out.
    Sorry, but i gotta ask because i'm confused about the potatoes and the need for low-starch for digestion: are potatoes ok or not?
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  2. endingnote added a post in a topic Gut Flora And Leaky Gut. After 5 Years I Finally Found The Root Cause And I'm Clear Using The Gut Diet:)   

    Hi, thanks for posting all this information and congratulations on defeating your problem!
    I have recently started reading into nutrition and researching information that can help me get rid of my health issues: low weight+constipation and gut issues+acne.
    Also by reading some of the information in this post i see that all these are connected.
    What i am doing at the moment is (been following no dairy for a year now and the restant procedures since last week): no grains + no legumes(beans and peas) + no dairy (except eggs) + try to learn how to make fermented foods that i can add (sauerkraut) + starting live cultures (kefir and kombucha).
    What i would like to ask the opener is: if the procedure that i'm following is correct, any suggestions, opinions on other foods like potatoes starchs fruits(citrus and bananas) and nightshade vegetables - should i avoid these or just stick to no grains and no legumes, and if he can give an example of an average day of his treatment (diet+supplementation).
    Thanks in advance for any answer!
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  3. endingnote added a post in a topic The Real Reason You Have Acne!   

    Hello to all, i've just registered today so i could post on this thread.

    My story: acne first appeared at age 13 along with some minor problems with an unbalanced gut although at the time i didn't noticed it much; my acne got worst has i tried different topical treaments until i reached age 15 and that's when i got to the level of severe cystic acne; i've struggled with it until age 18 applying more topicals and taking medication without much results, i've also noticed my gut was getting worse as i had more frequently bloating, gas and bad stools. Graduating from high school and still with severe cystic acne (face, back, shoulders and chest) the dermatologist decided it was time for accutane. Accutane cleared my acne, for a while, and left me scared (especially some deep pit scars at the chest - i hate those). But the worst part, it eliminated whatever was left of balance in my stomach. After that i suffered from abdominal pain, much more bloating and gas, diarrhea and constipation. Once again i resorted to the doctors for help to a "new" problem, but 3 years have passed, since i am 21 today and still with those problems. Also my acne has come back after accutane, although not as bad, and i was able to keep it to a mild-moderate level since i've cutted out dairy from my diet a year ago, that also helped a bit with my constipation and abdominal pain issues.

    Recently: i lost all confidence and trust in the medical system, and was starting to feel hopeless until i found this very topic. It was an awake call. It all clicked for me. Everything you explained here i can truly relate to the story i mentioned above, my story.
    I would like to ask the moderators not to close this topic since i've noticed that the author, moonbase, has been gone from the forum for a long time. Please, i truly believe this is one of the more important topics in your foruns, i think it also deserved to be pinned.
    This, along with moonbase other topic "Gaps: All Disease Begins In The Gut..." have opened my eyes. I truly recommend everybody to take a look at the video in that topic.
    Also, it made me research more into diet, i've picked different books on the subject (mainly reading Paleo and Primal books until now), and as i can tell my suposedly "healthy" diet has been wrong all these years!! I will continue to study and learn more about nutrition, i hope, but it is time for me to go from theory to practice! I intend to start, next week, the exact same diet as described here by moonbase. If it improves even a little my poor health i will be very happy. I don't have high expectations, maybe see a little results by christmas, but i really am excited to try this. I also intend to modify it as i learn and hopefully recover, i especially intend to add fermented foods to it. I've tried a few probiotic supplements in recent years without much result, so i'm also hoping that fermentation would work much better in restoring my gut flora.

    If this proccess will work or not i cannot tell, but what i can tell is that i've never been this happy or excited for trying something! At least it devolved me my hope that was almost gone!
    I'm only sad that moonbase is no longer around, since i really wanted to thank him for open a door for me into the world of nutrition!
    Wherever you are moonbase, really, really THANK YOU!
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