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  1. Tretinoin saves skin. Proof.

    So what I do is I wash my face sith Cetaphil gentle Skin Cleanser, this stuff works AMAZINGLY because it is easy on the skin, (it's even okay for babies) and so my dermatologist said this would clean my skin while also not causing irritation due to the fact I was taking topical creams. Morning regimen: washing face with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser in the shower (every 2-3 days) apply Acanya gel very sparingly to face. Night regimen: 1. take of makeup with Neutrogena makeup remover wipes 2. Wash face with the same Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. 3. Dry face and wait 20-30 minutes. 4. Apply pea size of tretinoin .1% cream to my skin. Hope this helps! and thank you :) Thanks so much! I want to tell you that I couldn't recommend tretinoin cream more than anything. (Acanya helped, but it was mainly the tretinoin). The thing is too, it's not just that it's just good for certain people, it's good for light to moderately severe acne and heals 79% of people! So if you don't like your medication after about 6 months (or if you want to ask your dematologist) I can like GUARANTEE it will like save your skin! Like what people don't realize too is that tretinoin for the face is the topical version of Accutane, without the harsh effects. I also dealt with scarring, but mine went away. (are yours cystic scars?) If you want to message me I'd be more than welcome to give you more advice. But I hope the epiduo works for you!! I don't know much about it. Also my mom is a physician (not a derm but still knows about acne) and also testifies that tretinoin is the best and she prescribes it all the time! Girl.. you sound JUST like me, that's exactly what I did trying the microdermabrasions and what not. So to answer your question, YES. the Tretinoin healed my scars. I'm not sure scientifically how it did that, but I'm pretty sure it's because tretinoin is basically a chemical exfoliant for your skin. (therefore there is cell turnover, so your scars will disappear and fade). I did have mild scarring. But honestly about 7 months after using it they were totally gone. Id say as long as they're not pitted scars you should be fine. (some of mine were semi pitted and red and pink). If you wanna message me a pic I will totally give you my advice! I only used tretinoin for my scars and boy did it do me wonders. Good luck with your tretionin, like I said also, I used the cream .1% thanks so much!! Feels great finding solutions that have results :)
  2. Hey guys. I wanted to share with you the skin that I had before I was a tretinoin user, and this is my skin now. I was perscibed a medication to take during the day but Tretinoin is what saved me, I want you guys to see for yourselves. Be patient and wait 6 months and you won't be dissatisfied. The last two pictures are my skin now, and this is what I consider a breakout to me (I have two blemishes and I consider it a breakout, that's how good tretinoin is for acne) good luck :)