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  1. I'm certainly not religious, but I can't help but think that there's no reason why a "god" has to be benevolent. In fact, IMO, the options are that there's no god or that there is a god and it's evil. I'm not sure that acne should count as evidence either way, though.  
  2. Coming from someone with scarring as severe as I've ever seen, I'd support this for the sake of others -- but I wouldn't personally want anything to do with it. I've never used anti-anxiety medication and, quite frankly, I don't care what other people think of me. I think it's important to acknowledge that, while we're certainly at a disadvantage in many regards, we ultimately decide how acne/scarring impacts our lives. And I've found that there's no better remedy for acne's social implications than obtaining wealth and corporate power. In order to accomplish this, though, I believe you need to put away the "victim card" for good. Anger/determination > feeling sorry for ourselves, IMO.
  3. I'm not really sure how to phrase this question most appropriately; I've had a number of well-intentioned discussions with people IRL about it and they usually get offended/defensive pretty quick (I've actually been asked to leave a church-based counseling session). So, to be clear, I don't mean to offend anyone; I'm just genuinely curious: Why is parenthood considered such an inalienable right?  In other words, why is it considered so unreasonable to question the fitness of potential parents based on, IMO, very reasonable criteria? For example: 1. Wealth. If you're not stable financially, why would you consider parenthood? I'm not saying that all parents need to be millionaires, but I think it's reasonable -- especially now -- to want to be able to put your child(ren) through college (in addition to all their other needs, of course). I'd never want to be responsible for teaching a child what it means to be poor. 2. Genetics. If you have an undesirable trait (such as severe acne or obesity) why would you want to risk passing it on (even if it's as indirect as encouraging a certain lifestyle)? To be honest, knowing the turmoil I've personally gone through, it almost seems evil to risk putting someone else through it -- even if it's like a 3% chance. 3. Religion. Shouldn't anyone who believes in the notion of hell only become a parent through adoption? I mean, how could you risk damning someone to an "eternity" of torture? Even if it's a minuscule chance, it just seems so careless. Most people don't take my questions seriously because, upon seeing my skin, they assume that I'm either depressed or jealous of "normal" people. I don't think I'm either, though. I think I just care about the well-being of people more than I care about my personal desires. Thoughts?