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  1. Neve added a blog entry in Finding myself   

    So here we are. Almost two years I've been apart of the communtiy and I still haven't found my turning point. There have definitely been some ups, and obviously some downs. I really thought I was starting to understand my skin though. I thought I knew what worked on it, and what didn't. I thought I was following the rules. But now I just don't know anymore. My skin has gone from being oily and getting random, unpredicable breakouts all over my face. To becoming more dry and senitive, but keeping my acne mostly contained to my cheeks and the occasional breakout on my chin. But the hyperpigmintation is crazy. At this point I really only have about five to ten active spots on my face at a time. But every single breakout I have leaves deep reddish-purple marks that stand out worse then my remaining pimples, along with some deeper scarring.

    So aside from trying to understand absolutely every aspect of acne and figuring out what irritates my skin, what products work, and so on. I'm now trying to combat this scarring issue. I don't pick at my skin, I've tried several skin brigthening porducts, and I make sure to wear my sunscreen. But it seems the only solution is to be patient and hope that everything heals itself. The trouble with this is that I spend my time and money on makeup. I used to swear against wearing makeup. I figured it was safer to leave my skin to breath, and I truly belived in embracing your natural beauty. Truthfully, I still feel this way and some days I'm really comfortable with my skin, and actualy feel cuter without the layers of foundation and concealer to hide beneath. But I feel like I owe it to the world and the people around me to cover everything up.

    So the ideal out come would be to heal my skin. To prevent future break outs and help bring my skin back to what used to be. But topical treatments just aren't doing anything for me. I follow routine, I keep irritants away from my skin, but I'm still struggling. I know that there are far worse cases of acne than I have. But that doesn't mean I don't feel like I deserve clear skin. Along with continueing my washing routine, I've started taking birth control. So far I haven't seen any drastic results, but I know I have to give it time. I'm seriously going to look into diet research and see if there's a chance that changing my eating habits even more will benefit my skin. I do my best to eat clean already, but I'm really not very educated on potential acne trigger foods and other health aspects that may be benefitial for me.

    Right now, I'm just trying to set myself up for success. I want what's best for me in my entire life, and I know that clearing up my acne would be a huge improvement on how I see myself. So I guess I just keep trying until I get to where I want to be.

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  2. Neve added a blog entry in The journey.   

    How I Love My Acne
    As the active pimples become less and less often, I have uncovered a beautiful array of scars marking my skin. Even the tiniest zit leaves a deep red/purple/brown splotch that refuses to go away. This has brought back the ever so pleasant 20-min. Make-up layering ordeal. But although I don't have the confidence to face the world with my patchwork colored face, I have defiantly found reasons to LOVE my acne.

    My acne has allowed me to understand people a lot better. I have never faced any real trauma in my life but, I can relate to the personal battles many people have to face because of my skin. Although acne is on the lower end of the scale when it comes to traumas, it causes an uproar of self-doubt, self-consciousness, depression, anger, embarrassment. But these are also more reasons I love my acne.

    Acne has become a filter for me, many shallow people won't show interest in someone with a face full of pimples. So I don't have to worry about surrounding myself with fake "friends" who don't care about who I am as a person.

    Acne has also taught me to be the best and most beautiful person I can be everyday. If I have acne that has to be my one and only flaw, this does however root back to my highly competitive nature. But with acne even when it comes to fashion, you learn how to dress and flatter your body to distract from your face (or skin in general for that matter).

    Lastly it has made me healthy, I have learnt to be aware of what i put inside myself and the effects will have on my entire body, not just my skin

    Knowing that acne has affected me so much, I don't wish to never have had it, or to still be facing it. Without acne I could not be the person I am and love to be. So never let acne keep you from shining.


    P.S. Chest acne has taught me modesty, because I never dare to wear anything low enough to reveal my zit filled skin. Haha
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  3. Neve added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Sports, Sweat, And Acne?
    With getting back into the gym, I have began to break out more than usual on my forehead. I believe it is a result of sweating while I workout and not being able to remove the sweat for 45 min. - 1 hr. after training. Are there any suggestions on what the best way to approach this problem is!?!?

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  4. Neve added a comment on a blog entry Help! Dry Lips!   

    I have had some pretty awful experiences with dry chapped lips. I find using a LOT of vaseline all over my lips has worked the most effectively. Even pile it on before you go to sleep. Hope this helps
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  5. Neve added a blog entry in The journey.   

    I am digging deep to understand my acne. I want to know what happens, why it happens and how I can prevent it. But everywhere I go I learn something else. Basicly I think I understand that my pores become filled with, dirt, oil, bacteria, etc. But it's when they become blocked by excess skin cells that results in pimples forming. Now if that's true the cure should be to remove the clogging skin cells while be gentle enough not to disturb currently active acne. I really support Dan and but, I also believe that everyone has different skin. Mine doesn't even stay one way or another. But I have noticed over the two weeks now, I've been using the Regimen, for my second time around!! That the products are too harsh on areas of my face not affected by acne at the moment. My skin has become extremely tight, and flaky, and red, and overall not comfortable. I also haven't seen many signs at helping my active acne. I'm not saying that my skin won't get better eventually. But I think I've found another option.

    Exposed Skincare has gotten amazing reviews and I am really eager to try it. I have full respect for and I beilve it will work Amazing for many people but, if anyone has sensative skin like me, or is just intersted in exploring different skincare options I recommend checking out and looking into for more information on how to fight acne effectively. I have no experience with either of these sites. I am not promising they'll do you any good, I just looked into them today. But I guess for some of us there's no fear in trying. I am extremely cautious when it comes to skincare products. But I think maybe this will finally be the one for me!!

    Good luck on whatever journey your taking!!

    Yours, Neve.
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  6. Neve added a blog entry in The journey.   

    Cheating. Why?
    I went into my clear skin journey on a mission, clear skin. So why would I make it harder for myself. I am so desperate to feel good about myself that I thought I could cheat my way to clear skin! NO NO NO, I need to cut my toner and I need to start waiting the appropriate time between steps, and I need to cut the facemasks. As I read the success stories the people with the best results were the ones who followed the Regimen exactly. I have to be honest with myself, I haven't. I also said I wouldn't write on any day but, sunday and here I am, but that doesn't matter.


    Wet face with warm water
    Apply Clean&Clear foaming facial for 10 SECONDS ONLY!!!
    Gentley towel dry face - wait 5 min.
    Apply Benzoyl peroxide gentley to face
    Apply moisturizer
    DONE no more no less!!

    This is easy I can do it!!! Some day I will get to share my success story!
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  7. Neve added a blog entry in The journey.   

    Week One - In Review
    Well I guess my first week is over, if you can call it that. I made a promise to myself that I am never going to feel like this again. I'm tired of being afraid of my reflection. This week hasn't been outstandingly different than any others. Some days I see progress in my skin, others I wan't to cry over what it's become. Either way I'm working toward being permanently clear!

    I learnt that weekdays are easier than evenings and weekends. Even though I face more people in my day-to-day week life, I find it's easier to be busy and distracted from my skin during that time, than it is to be alone at home just shiffling around constantly thinking about my acne. Truthfully no one ever says anything about my skin. In some ways that is worse because you know they think it, or you believe they do. It also makes more oppritunity for me to tell myself how ugly my skin is. The trouble is I don't find acne unattractive, I'm not saying I find it attractive, but I am not put off my it. I can see beautiful people who have acne, they aren't hiding behind their skin or trapped by it. To me they just look like people. But I know that when I think about myself, or when most people think about themselves they see the worst. I could stand next to someone with skin worse off than mine and I'd be self concious about how I looked. But I won't let this burden weigh me down.

    Some people give in to acne and they settle on learning to live with it, others take the long uphill climb towards clear skin. Then their are the people who take acne as the worst thing in the world. But the truth is even if it your skin hurts sometimes and you are shy about your appearance their are a million people who would trade places with you. Acne won't harm you or the people you love, it won't kill you, or prevent you from getting an education. Their are people in many harder situations than you. This week has really been about looking up for me. I just want to be thankful for everything I have and not dwell on having blemishes.

    My experience is about more than clear skin it's about changing. Making decisions that create a healthy lifestyle. I want to have healthy skin, and be healthy on the inside. I want a healthy attitude and this week I beileve I have started my journey in the right direction.

    Best wishes on your journey.

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  8. Neve added a comment on a blog entry Why I Have Acne.   

    If only being positive would bring clear skin But with each day I come a little bit closer, thanks for the support.
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  9. Neve added a comment on a blog entry Update, Vitamin B5   

    You can do this, just try and look forward.
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  10. Neve added a blog entry in The journey.   

    Why I Have Acne.
    I don't really like to hear about acne history. It's a past that speaking about won't change, but I understand that for some people it helps them understand what they need to do now to avoid blemishes. I don't think it works that way for me.

    I don't know why I have acne. I come from a very tiny school of only about 300 students, of those my class has about 20 kids, of those I have a circle of about seven close friends, of those people only one person has acne, myself. I screwed myself about a month ago when it comes to facewash. My mom suggested a natural product made in Canada, by this time she had already paid and recieved it. Over Christmas break I tried the products and my skin hated me for it. I now am at my lowest point in my skin history, which sucks. But as it goes I can now either move up or stay here and feel sorry for myself.

    Sometimes when I am talking to my friends I watch their eyes focus on a currently very large active pimple or just scan my bumpy forehead. Sometimes I feel ashamed to look people in the eyes because I feel like they're embarassed of my skin, in some way. Somedays it seems so much easier to feel sorry for myself. I do feel sorry for myself though, I feel sorry for the ten year old me who wanted to wash her face and feel grown up. I feel sorry for the me who thought one pimple a month was the end of the world. I feel sorry for the me who works out for fifteen hours a week and is rewarded with an in shape body so covered with acne and scars that she's too afraid to show off. But feeling sorry for myself doesn't clear my marked skin.

    I like to believe that I am stronger than acne and that's why I have it. I can afford to by the products, I have the determination to wash diligently twice a day, everyday. I can ignore any remarks said, thoughts thought, or stares given. I can not wear makeup for the sake of protecting my skin. I won't let acne control me.

    And in many ways my mess of skin has shaped who I am. I am so determined to be perfect in every other aspect of my life to make up for my acne, that I have become successful. So as much as I want to crawl under my blankets and cry somenights, I know that acne won't break me and that is the reason I have it.

    But I am so set on feeling beautiful and confident in myself that, that is why I am going to beat it!!
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  11. Neve added a comment on a blog entry My Parents Blame Me For My Acne   

    I understand where you're coming from. No one in my family has acne like me, but they try to be supportive. It is really difficult though when they look at me and say "oh your poor face." as if I am doing this to myself. Just undrstand that no matter what they say you don't have to let it affect you. If you're strong and consistant you'll be able to let your skin speak for itself. Until then keep your head up, keep washing, and remember is always here for support!
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  12. Neve added a blog entry in The journey.   


    Use Recommended products only
    Keep hair off of skin
    Keep hands off of skin
    Wash hands before touching skin
    Change pillowcases daily
    Eat a clean, natural diet
    Use makeup wipes after sweating and between washes
    Avoid makeup
    Wash cheast and back everyday!!
    Keep things clean and organized
    Wear loose/light clothing
    Avoid anything rubbing/irritating skin
    Where sunscreen
    Exfoliate weekly
    Be gentle on skin
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  13. Neve added a comment on a blog entry The Required First, Awkward Blog Entry   

    Thank-you for your comment, it means a lot knowing someone has taken time to read what I've written. I wish you the best on getting to where you want to be.
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  14. Neve added a comment on a blog entry Finally, Clear Skin! Day 124 *warning-Pics Of My Face   

    Good for you, be proud of making it so far! If you don't have sensative skin I find lemon juice works very well for lightening scars but it can be very drying. If you want to try it mix the lemon juice with water to start and just apply it to your skin. Then eventually work up to straight lemon juice and you should see improvement in several weeks. Make sure you have a good moisturizer though!
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  15. Neve added a blog entry in The journey.   

    What To Change? How To Get There?
    I think has been an eye opener. I tried and I failed because of nothing but, myself and I am not the kind of person to crumble so easily. But my life is like running, I am really good at sprinting because I can push myself and work hard for those fifteen seconds. But when it comes to long distance I don't know how to pace myself and plan for the next 5km ahead. To me that means I can handle the here and now, I can handle today and get done what matters for the moment. But I can't think about the next three months, or even three weeks and understand how what I am doing now will make a difference. And I want that to change.
    Whenever someone pity's themselves and whines about wanting to change their life I feel like smacking them in the back of the head and yelling "DO IT" because in the end the only thing stopping you is you. I know that things aren't easy but, trust me there are a hundred people way worse off than you. So I am going to challenge myself to follow my own advice. Not only am I going to get clear skin I am going to get the healthy life I deserve.

    1. Time Management
    Often I become obsessed with things and commit all my time to doing one thing, while pushing off other tasks (including sleep). I really want to find balance that comes with happiness. I don't like the idea of scheduling my day by the minute but, I want to have some structure in my day. The simplest place to start is here. Although blogging my thoughts and feelings is useful I don't want it to be consuming. So to avoid not actually living a life to blog about I am going to make a goal to Write Every Sunday no more, no less.

    2. Fitness
    I am in decent shape. I have a healthy amount of body fat and am capable of doing my fair share of push-ups. But when it comes to endurance or cardiovascular strength I am lacking. So I would like to give myself 2 fitness goals. The first one is to help continue challenging myself through conditoning by Working out for 30 min. a day . From where I am now I think this seems completely achieveable. On the more difficult side, my second goal is to Run a mile in under 7 min. 30 sec. that means cutting an entire minute off my time!

    I don't believe in diets or starving yourself of food. I think every person has an appetite that they must feed and that, that is healthy. But I do believe that to get your body doing what you want, you have got to feed it what it needs. That means cutting down on processed junk, and fast food. Eating natural healthy food is good for you. Your body needs carbs, and fats, and sugars, but these can easily be found in fruits and wholewheat breads and pastas. If you're someone who works out or burns a lot of calories you are going to want to eat which is OK. So I am not setting my permanent goal yet, but my goal for the week is to record everything I eat this way I can actually see what I need to fix and what I am doing correct.

    I really want clear skin. I don't want to have to avoid my reflection any more, I don't want people distracted by the acne on my face, I want to be confident about who I am. But I don't think that washing my face alone will get me there. I tried to follow a routine and see results before and I couldn't. But if I create a lifestyle, for myself that supports the goal I am working toward it makes that goal achieveable.

    Best wishes on your own journey.
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