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  1. Yasmin for hormonal acne

    I got on the birth control pill. My acne cleared up after two months. I have a few tiny unnoticeable spots here and there. But it worked for me and I knew I had hormonal acne since I would get massive flare ups during that time of the month. It is seriously worth trying out the pill. Remember that it works differently for everyone and it might not clear up your acne as fast as mine was cleared. I hope it works for you. Not having to deal with all of the creams to put on my face everyday is making me enjoy life so much more. I can actually walk out of the house without thinking people are staring at all of my acne. So I really hope it works for you, everyone deserves a clear face.
  2. I was just wondering if anyone else had the problem of getting really bad dry skin after they didn't use as much acne products? I am slowly cutting back on my acne creams since my birth control has taken away all of my acne. I'm just hoping that it keeps it up because putting the creams on every day is a pain and they make my skin burn. But shouldn't my skin be getting less dry instead of more dry? I just bought a new lotion to try and help the dry skin out. Is there anything else I should be doing? Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. I don't know if this is allowed here but I forgot to mention my over the counter acne products when I got put on birth control. Is the pill any less effective with benzoyl peroxide gel, salicylic acid, and witch hazel? These are all applied topically. I'm hoping someone on here knows the answer. I don't want to relay on something that isn't going to be effective because I use these medications. 
  4. Getting On Yasmin

    Hi I am getting birth control more to regulate my periods more than anything and my doctor gave me Yasmin. My acne is very mild and I don't want it to get worse. If I continue my same acne treatment system should my acne stay the same even while on Yasmin? Has anyone had this experience while on birth control. I know my acne is hormone related, I always get zits near my period and hardly ever at any other time during the month. So this should help not make it worse right?
  5. This was a dry spot on my face and then I washed it gently and this is what happened. How can I get it to heal fast? I can't even cover it up with makeup and I have a date on Saturday and don't want to look like this. I just want to cry. How bad does it look?
  6. This pimple is driving me insane. I just want it gone. What is the best way to heal this fast? I'm going on a date Friday or Saturday and would prefer to have this be a little less noticeable. Thank you in advance for the help.