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    Day 139
    Hey guys,

    So last Friday was the beginning of my 5th month and my derm moved me up to 60mg a day. She said this is the highest I will go and will probably stay on accutane for another 2 months. Overall, the past month has been up and down. I have seen improvement in the texture in my skin but I haven't been completely clear. However, I can't blame it completely on the medicine because I have broken down and picked at some places. I really need to control this because my skin will be doing really well and then I'll start messing with stuff and I'll create scabs and will get flaky.

    I have noticed that my pimples do come and go much quicker except for a couple of cysts that just sit under my skin which I can't do anything about. My diet and exercise has been pretty poor lately so I do want to start trying to improve both of those and see if it helps at all.

    For the most part I am happy with the progress I have been making and have faith that by the end of my course I will get the results I want. Fingers crossed!
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  2. kayycourtt added a blog entry in kayycourtt's Blog   

    Day 104. Need Some Encouragement
    So today is the beginning of my 4th month. I went to see my derm today and she kept me at 40mg because my cholesterol levels were elevated. So basically I'm pretty sure that I won't be allowed to go above 40mg and it kind of bums me out. I at least wanted to make it to 60 just because I've read that the higher the dosage the better the success rate. I've seen an improvement however in the clarity of my skin in the areas that I didn't really have bad acne before like my forehead and nose area, but my trouble spots have always been around my mouth and my cheeks. I'm not really seeing too much of an improvement there yet but my derm said that most people don't see big changes until month 4-5.

    So I guess I'm just looking for somebody out there that was only on 40mg or lower and saw the results they wanted in the end. It's making me a bit discouraged because I want this drug to work already. My acne is such a HUUUUGGGGEEE confidence issue and I'm tired of hiding out in my house. So any words of encouragement could really help.

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  3. kayycourtt added a comment on a blog entry Chemical Peeling - Yay Or Nay?   

    I am not on the same regimen as you but I have done chemical peels. The one I did was called a vitalize peel & it's a mild peel. It definitely helped with the evenness and some scars but in order to see great results you have to have at least 4-6. They can get pretty expensive to but you can only get them once every 5-6 weeks, so this gives you time to save up some money again. Each one of mine cost $125 and they were not covered by insurance because they are considered cosmetic procedures. Overall though I would recommend them, but you have to be patient when it comes to expecting results!

    Good luck to you
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  4. kayycourtt added a comment on a blog entry Day 67   

    I was scared at first about putting it on my face so I tested a small patch around my jawline and once i noticed that I was having bad reactions I tried a larger section, again with no bad reactions so I put it on my entire face and I must saw the results have been great. Now I don't know if it is solely the lemon because I am on accutane and it's job is to help my acne. But yes I just cut about 1/3 of a lemon and store the rest in a ziploc bag in the fridge and then rub it all over my face, avoiding eye areas and then leave it on for an hour, rinse with cold water and then follow up with moisturizer mixed with Vitamin E oil from the inside of the vitamin E capsules.
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  5. kayycourtt added a blog entry in kayycourtt's Blog   

    Day 67
    So at my last derm appointment she increased my dosage up to 40mg and I've already seen an improvement. I can actually say that I've gained some confidence back for accutane. I have a couple active pimples on my face at the moment but nothing too major. My main concern are the red marks and scars that are left behind. No matter what I do whether they're left alone or I give in and pick, which is something I have improved with tremendously, some sort of red or brown spot is left behind. So I've spent some time researching remedies online and I've become a big fan of using home or natural remedies. I read somewhere that lemon juice work very well with evening out your skin tone and reducing red marks. So for the past 2 weeks I've put pure lemon juice on my face for about an hour and then rinsing with cold water before bed and I have seen a HUGE improvement. My tone has really evened out and my pores are smaller.I also follow up the lemon juice by mixing the oil from the inside of my Vitamin E capsules with some aveeno moisturizer before bed and that has also helped put back the moisture in my skin that the lemon dried up. So if you're like me and have problems with uneven skin tone or post acne marks I would highly recommend trying lemon juice and Vitamin E oil. It will sting a little when you first put the lemon juice on but it should neutralize in a few minutes. However if you have sensitive skin I would suggest diluting it with water before applying. Best of luck to all!
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  6. kayycourtt added a blog entry in kayycourtt's Blog   

    Day 45
    So today is my 45th (or somewhere around there) that I've been on accutane. Currently I am on the 20 mg dose once a day. I posted about a week ago with good news about my progress. Unfortunately that is not the case today. My skin is terrible! I have at least 14 red marks on my face from either active pimples, mostly cystic, or from them starting to heal. Now I can't really sit here and blame it on the medicine because the other night I was feeling overwhelmed and began to pick at my face. BAD IDEA. I know that picking is one of the worst things you can do but for some reason I decided to do it anyway. Now I am totally regretting it. I have been hiding out in my room for about 3 days now. I can't stand to go into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I have stopped picking at the ones that have now become scabs with the hope that it will help them heal faster. I have also been applying neosporin to them and drinking plenty of water. I also read somewhere online a while ago that diaper rash cream helps the ones that have been picked at or popped, so I have been using that as well. I was just wondering if anyone else has any other advice they can give me about how to help all this heal faster or even methods that they have used to help them stop picking at their face.

    To anyone who is reading this that has just began accutane or something similiar the best advice I can give you is to NOT PICK! It may be tempting to pop the white head but in return you'll just end up with a red mark that's gonna take longer to heal than if you had just left it alone. Instead of popping use a warm damp washcloth to help drain out the pimple and use any topical medication that your skin can tolerate without getting more irritated.
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  7. kayycourtt added a blog entry in kayycourtt's Blog   

    Day 38
    So I am a little over a week into my second month of Clarivis. At my last doctor appointment my derm increased my dosage from 10mg to 20mg. So far I am still breaking out on the side of my cheeks underneath my cheekbones. However, I have noticed a huge difference in the clarity of my forehead and the skin in my t-zone. My skin has never looked so smooth. It makes me excited because even though I am still breaking out I am seeing a difference, and I can only hope that when I get increased again that things will only continue to get much better. I hope that by my next appointment I will be bumped up to 40mg. Overall I am very happy with the progress. I'm looking forward to the day when my skin is no longer the determining factor for living my life!
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  8. kayycourtt added a blog entry in kayycourtt's Blog   

    Day 25
    So today is day 25 for being on accutane. Now I don't really plan on doing a day by day blog just because I'm on such a low dose I don't really think I'll be seeing enough improvement each day to really talk about. However today I'm looking more other peoples experiences. I happen to be a very bad face picker. I know that it's the worst thing I can do for my face, but I find that I do it when I get stressed or overwhelmed. I've been trying to keep the picking down to a minimum on accutane just to prevent more scarring. However I do have a lot of scars from before. I don't have the ice pick scars or anything like that, I guess I have more discoloration than anything. Mine is really on the side of my face below my cheekbones to my jawline. It's horrible, they make me so self-conscious! Even when I have no active pimples my skin still looks bad because of my uneven texture and skin tone. I was just wondering if accutane has helped any of your scars or if you've seen a difference while being on accutane and if you have how long did it take? If anyone has any suggestions that I can do to help even out my skin tone without irritating it or anything I would greatly appreciate it!
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  9. kayycourtt added a comment on a blog entry Day 24   

    Thanks so much for the feedback! It feels so good to be able to talk to people who are going through the same exact thing and to hear all the positive comments and success stories. I'm just nervous about being on such a low dose that it won't work as quickly and like I said earlier I want to go on a higher dose, I'm just so scared that I'm gonna get another bad breakout. My skin is just starting to clear up and I can already tell that my confidence is increasing, so I don't want to fall back into a funk if I were to breakout again.

    I'm trying to improve my diet and water intake with hopes that this will help detox my body of all it's toxins. I just want this all to be over. I know I need to be patient but suffering from acne for so long, it's so hard to not get discouraged when you don't really see a difference.

    But thanks again for your comment!
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  10. kayycourtt added a blog entry in kayycourtt's Blog   

    Day 24
    So I've decided to start a blog about my journey on accutane. This is my first entry and it's already day 24. I am currently taking 10 mg, but I hope to be given a higher dose at my next dermatologist appointment. Before accutane my skin wasn't horrible but I definitely did have acne, and it is a HUGE blow to my confidence. I literally hide out in my house and refuse to go anywhere or do anything. I have damaged a lot of relationships with friends and family because I am so self conscious when it comes to my skin. Deciding to take accutane was a tough decision because I had read all the side effects and I was extremely nervous. However, after trying everything, and I mean everything I decided to give it a go and if I began to experience anything I would come off. Like I said earlier I am only on a 10mg dose, so I don't really think it's helping too much. I did have an initial breakout, or at least I think I did, and it seems to be clearing up a tad. However, I feel like when something clears up another patch forms and I begin the whole depressed cycle again. I've tried to keep my skin clear of any makeup or harsh chemicals in hopes that it would help. I am nervous to go up a dose because I don't want another initial breakout or for things to get a lot worse. I am praying that this drug will work because if it doesn't then I literally have nothing else to do.
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