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  1. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    1 Year And 4 Months Post Accutane
    Hello! It's been awhile since i was here ...
    What can i say? My skin is not perfect yet,, far from being perfect actually but i started to accept my face hahaha i have periods when i feel so uncomfortable, especially when i meet someone for the first time but since i started college i can say my self-confidence has grown,, for example i had the "courage" to go at classes without any makeup,, ok i was forced by circumstances because i had an eczema under my eyes, and it was horrible,, but i was something like "i'm not the only one who has acne in the world and if someone looks strange to me is his/her problem haha"

    I'm using foundation so it's not so bad. I still get sports once in a while,, especially when it "that time of the month" Thanks to God i didn't get new nodules but the scars fade away so so hard

    this november

    in the summer

    professional makeup march 2014

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  2. sonrisafingida added a comment on a blog entry Roaccutane/accutane Treatment: Week Seven   

    you're taking 60mg daily?!?!
    can't believe how much improved your face since the third week
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  3. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 81 After Last Pill
    hey! How are you?
    It's the 81th day without accutane and i don't have clear face yet:(

    i went to see another dermatologist and i said to her that i was on accutane and i asked her what i'm supposed to do now hahaha. She gave me a topical cream, "Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream"

    On november i'll go to see her again and she said that i should do a dermabrasion because maybe it can help to reduce my scars and redness. she said that it should be the first thing i should try, before chemical peeling or laser. i agree with her hahaha.
    a few minutes ago i saw again my old photos, from when i was on accutane and i'm in shock!
    i have not realised only now -what an improvement-. i mean i see my face every day on the mirror and i say that it looks so bad and things like this but when i saw those pictures i thought -if i feel in this way now, how i felt then? -

    it is said that if you take accutane you can become depressed and now i can say that i was depressed too. not so depressed that i would cut my veins but i did not feel comfortable with myself, i haven't gone out and everytime i found a reason for this. i did not realise then i knew how your face can look if you take accutane, because i read so many blogs but when it happens to you it's not enough.

    take care if you're on accutane too!

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  4. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 410 ( Day 46 After Last Pill)

    Hello guys!

    so i finished the journey 1 month and 15 days ago, i was 1 year without a day on accutane (something happened to one pill and the other one i gave to my cousin), 20mg/day everyday so i took 7280 mg.

    my min dose should have been 5520mg (120mg/kg) and my max 6900mg (150mg/kg) so i took it a few days more )
    i still have scars how you can see and the redness
    i went at sea at the end of august but for my face i used 50SPF and i did not get tan hahaha
    people said that there is an improvement but again i'm not sure i can see it hahah.
    this week i will go to see my derm. again because the last time i've gone there was at the end of june.
    i'll see what he will say and if i have to take BC or not :/


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  5. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 337 ( Day 7 Month 12)
    Day 337 ( Day 7 Month 12)

    Helloo! How are you?

    It's almost 1 year since i've started this journey and i don't know how i feel. I am not clear yet, but i'm thinking about giving up. I mean i have 44-45 kg and i reached my max. dose ( min is 120mg/kg and max 150/kg, isn't it?). I'm pretty sure that it's not ok to take more than my organism can lead.
    The next tuesday i'll go at my derm and we'll talk about this. A few weeks ago he said to me about BC pills. I've never taken these pills. He said that maybe these will help my face. don't know what to do.. to take or not to take?

    now i have mostly scars and ~3 places where i feel some nodules that do not want to get out.
    the redness kills me :'(

    Right Cheek

    Left Cheek

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  6. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 291 ( Day 21 Month 10)
    Hello! How are you?
    Finnaly i had time to take some photos of my skin and to upload them here.

    To anyone who is starting the accutane journey now, take photos of your face/body at least one time/week. you will be amazed by the changes of your skin.

    you see your face everyday in the mirror and you don't see the improvement, i know because i don't see it hahaha even if others say it's better and better.
    and i was looking at my photos from the first or second month of accutane and i was O M G.( you can see them on the past entries. and you will be OMG too hahaha)
    can't believe that my face looked so bad i know that at that time it's how it had to look but anyways...

    my face is not perfect yet but i hope.

    summer it's almost here and it's soooo so hot outside. i started to use sun protector with 50SPF and to drink a lot of water again. it reminds me of the first days with accutane i don't know why hahaha

    Have a good day!

    Right Cheek

    Left Cheek

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  7. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 266 (Day 26 Month 9)
    Heeeey! how are you? 2 months since the last tine i wrote something.

    yesterday i had an appointment at my derm. and he said that's better than the last time( and this is true, the past month my face was horror hahaha) but i still have to take Sotret because is not ok. ( 20mg/day)
    this weekend i hope i will be able to take some photos of my face, to post them and to say more things.

    Have a nice day!
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  8. sonrisafingida added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    and you wash it then or you let it to be absorbed? thank you for the answer. i'll try it
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  9. sonrisafingida added a post in a topic Rachel's Accutane Log   

    hey rachel! i'm happy that your marks are going. i wanna ask you how do you put the lemon juice on your face? how do you apply it?
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  10. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 200 (Day 20 Month 7)
    DAY 200 (Day 20 Month 7)

    so here i am:) 200 days down. and not clear yet.
    this week i'm going to see the derm. again. i'lltell you what he told me.
    about my face.... how you can see is soooo dry and i really don't know what to use in the evening hahha
    one night i use the moisturizer and the next night again and then something for the redness but then the isotrexin gel. but then i have to use a lot of moisturizer again.
    the nodule of my neck is goinggg yuhuuu and the ones of my face cannot be felt like before and i'm so happy because of this
    but the redness makes my life awful hahaha :(
    i don't know if it is from accutane or not but i forget things :\ and i cannot focus at school and i haven't problems like these before
    and i'm so so bipolar haha i'm calm but then someone say something and i'm something like ^&%*^^(%&^%* i'm yelling and i get mad very quickly .
    anyways i hope everything will be ok and i cannot wait to look nice again



    day 199 photo
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  11. sonrisafingida added a comment on a blog entry Day 186 ( Day 6 Month 7 )   

    i don't want to take more antibiotics... i believe that they made worse my acne.
    thankyou for writing me
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  12. sonrisafingida added a comment on a blog entry Day 186 ( Day 6 Month 7 )   

    yeah thankyou...i wish you luck! that dose are you on?
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  13. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 186 ( Day 6 Month 7 )
    DAY 186 ( DAY 6 MONTH 7 )

    heeeey guys! how are you?
    I swallowed 371 pills until now hahahaa so 3710mg.
    my face still do not look good
    2 new nodeules on my neck!!!! GOD! i've never had there... i just hateeeeeeeeeeeee them
    i just wanna finnish this journey and have a clear face and i want it now! please??!
    lately i felt very stressed i don't know why, maybe is the school, and i ate less than usual and "usually" i don't eat verrrrrryy much hahahah. it is not good, is it?
    i don't know why my journey goes so slow... my cousin started a montuh after me and i think he will finish the tratment the next month because his face is just wow! he had only a few red marks but no acne. and the same with another friend.

    what don't i do well?


    Left Cheek and the nodules on my neck

    nose, chin, cheeks

    right cheek
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  14. sonrisafingida added a comment on a blog entry Week 17   

    about being forgetful... you feel that most of times you just cannot remember things? it happen to me too and i thought i was loosing my minds hahahaha
    it is not nice at all
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  15. sonrisafingida added a blog entry in sonrisafingida's Blog   

    Day 150 (Day 30 Month 5)
    Day 150 (Day 30 Month 5)

    Hello guys! How much the site has changed since the last time i've been here.
    Today i'm finishing my fifth month of this journey.
    don't know what to say.
    I'm on 20mg/day so until now i took only 3000mg
    On my left cheek i have a new active friend -.- and still a lot of nodules on both cheeks

    sooo my face still looks horrible and i have some days when i just wanna cry because of my skin. it so unfair

    Today's photos ( it's winter and it is not so much bright light outside and i hate taking pictures of my face with flash so the photos are not so clear like before)

    Right cheek - sun light

    Right cheek

    Left cheek

    Left cheek - sun light




    Happy new year to all of you!
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