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  1. Sharing my solution

  2. Sharing my solution

    It's the sandalwood oil that is the culprit. I can't even smell turmeric in it. However, to my dismay my nose was just as oily as usual after an hour and I still had the horrible taste in my mouth. I can't do anything to control my greasy skin. I really don't know what to do. There is no way I can use this stuff every day, the smell is way too strong. sadface
  3. Sharing my solution

    I just got some Vicco turmeric cream and I have to say the smell of this stuff is absolutely nauseating! I can TASTE it, and it's like I ate a stick of incense. Not sure how well I'm going to handle this stuff. Although I am really desperate to control my oily skin so I'll try just about anything at this point. However, considering I put this on my nose I just don't know if I can deal with having the taste of incense in my throat every day. How do you handle this stuff? Also, does it really work? This is driving me crazy right now.
  4. Sharing my solution

    For sure! My face gets very oily and I've been looking forever for something to control it
  5. Sharing my solution

    Thanks for sharing, I might have to try some of this stuff.
  6. Considering a second round of Accutane

    Thanks for your input. I am not sure I am ready for Accutane... I am thinking a serious diet change may be in order. I don't eat poorly and I've never thought that my diet affected my acne. But maybe if I eat healthier it will help.
  7. Considering a second round of Accutane

    Well, it sort of comes and goes in waves but I always have at least a few pimples on my face. I was counting at least 10 pimples on my face every day. When I went to the doctor I was breaking out with cysts all over my forehead. My first round of Accutane was 6 months I think? Something like that. I don't remember. I don't think I had an "initial breakout". I thankfully didn't experience any side effects besides sunlight sensitivity and maybe slightly achy joints once in a while. The effects lasted for about half a year afterwards, or however long I was taking Accutane. Maybe it lasted longer, it was several years ago and I don't clearly remember. Right now I have pimples and oily skin. My skin seems to have gotten excessively oily in the past few years, which is strange because I don't think it was very oily when I first contracted adult acne. i never had many pimples when I was younger so I think this is retribution. My face is so oily that it literally pools on my nose and I can see it seeping out of every single pore. It shows within an hour if I wash my face, so I basically have to wipe my face off every hour or else I will be increasingly greasy all day. Nothing I do can stop this. Literally nothing works.
  8. Considering a second round of Accutane

    You alright?
  9. Hey everyone, I haven't posted much lately and I just wanted to maybe get some insight on my situation. I talked to my dermatologist about going on Accutane again even though my skin just returned to its oily, acne prone state. Accutane worked great for me while I was on it and for a while afterwards. My skin is super oily all the time and literally nothing I do helps to get rid of my acne. I am a 31y/o male and have had adult acne since I was 24. I am at my wit's end. I am sick of being greasy and riddled with pimples all the time. Should I even bother? I know my skin will just be back where it was afterwards, although the doctor told me it transforms your oil glands and for most people it works the second time, rarely ever going a third unless you have real problems. Accutane worked really well to clear up my oily skin and acne and I didn't have much if any side effects, although being extremely sensitive to sunlight was annoying. A little backstory to provide some context: I don't have most of my large intestine and colon and I've also had some of my small intestine removed. I was born backwards and became very sick as a baby and they had to remove much of my large intestine. Fast forward to last year and I was in a bad car crash that lacerated my intestine and I had to have even more removed, TWICE because of complications with infections. So I've been on the mend for over a year now and I am not sure if this will be a problem for Accutane. I talked to my derm about it and basically I just have to get my blood tested before I get the green light. So that's where I am. Not sure if anything will help anything. I just want to look nice for once in my life and not have to mop my face off every hour. Nothing has worked for me and I feel that I am somewhat of a special case, so I'm not sure if it's even worth bothering. I feel doomed to a life with a disgusting face.