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  1. I have extremely irritable skin. It doesn't show well on pictures because I have tto go in shower or something. Is there any cream that isnt as shiny as Cetraben but just as effective? Here is the product that makes me extremely shiny but is essential else I'll reden up and flake like hell:
  2. Hi guys, I've been a member for a good 6 years now and I am an ex-regime user. I got rid of my acne about 5 years ago, but ever since then I have developed ICD, something I absolutely hate and is worse. In essence, my skin is irritated by anything, and gets red, flaky, irritable to the touch, scaly, extremely oily and more. I've had this condition for 5 years and I've had enough. I've been using Cetrabren to make it more comfortable but my lord does it make you look greasy. You can tell in the pictures how greasy I have to look to feel conformable. So I am here to ask, what is the best treatment for ICD? When its Winter, my facial skin is deadly bad. Does anyone have experience at all with ICD? Thank you, Lixhul