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  1. Luminareo added a post in a topic Dans Benzoyl Treatment   

    When I first started the Regimen, I remember the feeling you are describing. My eyes were extremely irritated, and would sting and water at very inconvenient times. I started telling people I had allergies. It would last most of the day. For me, it was a much bigger problem than skin dryness or redness.

    It continues to be bothersome. I still blink a lot, and my eyes are easily irritated now due to the BP. I think this issue needs to be addressed much better on the main Regimen instructions. It's not enough to say "avoid eyes and mouth" like every other topical product on earth. When I play sports and sweat, the sweat carries the BP down into my eyes and can be troublesome, so I have started washing my forehead off before exercising. I have also stopped applying BP from the corners of my nose to the bottom of my cheekbone, leaving a very wide berth around my eyes. Thankfully I haven't broken out in those places. I also find that applying products on top of the BP (such as moisturizer) can "carry" the BP closer to the eye, if you apply them past the BP. So, when I moisturize under my eyes, I swipe downwards and always away from my eye. I am very careful in this area.

    So, I guess I don't have many tips for you. :\ It's gotten better for me, though I don't know if I have just become accustomed to it, or if my habitual changes have actually made the difference. I'm sorry you're experiencing this, I remember it being extremely aggravating at its worst.
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  2. Luminareo added a post in a topic Large Order Going To Canada, Pay Duty?   

    Hello! I live in Alberta, and have shipped orders of regimen supplies up here a few times. I find that the most inexpensive shipping option is the $34 flat rate shipping box. I then fill it as full as possible to get the most out of my shipping money. I believe the box holds six of the 16oz bottles at most. The online checkout at will remove the $34 dollar option if you go past that. But it seems I have digressed.

    The first two times I ordered packages, I was charged no fees at all. This most recent time, however, I was charged $16 on duty. I had ordered the exact same products as before, so I was confused as to why I was charged this time. I asked the lady at the post office, and she said that it was hit and miss. Sometimes they smite your package with fees, sometimes they let it pass. My household orders quite a few packages, and many of them come from the States. We have all been confused at how sporadic the duty charges are. It doesn't seem to depend on what we're ordering at all.

    The good news is, it seems to be the case that the duty fees are waived more often than they are applied. These procedures are on a national level, I believe, so it should be the same no matter the province in which you live. Good luck!
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  3. Luminareo added a post in a topic Need Shaving Advice!   

    I personally find that a close shave is the best thing for the regimen. It allows you to put the products (benzoyl peroxide, moisturizer) directly onto your skin. If you have a bit of a beard, or a scruff of hair in the way, it becomes harder for the product to penetrate. It's also good to get rid of as much hair as possible, because it tends to retail dirt and oils that don't do good things for acne. That's why I shave every single morning, even on the days I'm just bumming around the house. It's also why I don't use an electric shaver or beard trimmer. They tend not to shave quite as closely.

    Most guys have weird beard patterns. You learn the way your hair grows as you get older. I would recommend shaving with the pattern of your beard. So, shave to the right on that side of your face. It's quite common for the colour of a person's beard to be slightly different than the colour of your regular hair. It sometimes even changes colour over time. Don't worry about it.

    I've been wondering about a getting a better shave cream for myself. Right now I just use Dan's cleanser, but I don't like it. It doesn't seem to lubricate well enough. Maybe I'll try that Aveeno stuff.
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  4. Luminareo added a post in a topic I Scrubbed Too Hard, And Don't Know What To Do Now!   

    I remember doing something like that, just way stupider. I had no idea how to deal with my acne, and I wanted it to be gone. So in the shower one day I spotted a pumice stone... a piece of rough volcanic rock that people use to remove the calluses on their feet. I remember scrubbing at my acne with it until I made my face bleed. I had huge bloody sores on my face for weeks afterward. I had just started my first part-time job... and everyone kept asking what it was. One guy asked if I had been in a fight.

    Anyway, in the future watch the scrubbing. You're not really supposed to scrub at all. Not only can it cause rawness, but it can definitely irritate your skin and make your acne worse.

    For the time being, don't touch that spot on your face. I would cut out the exfoliation until it's healed a bit. Over-exfoliation can aggravate your acne as well. Just keep it moisturized. This will fight the dryness, tightness, and flakiness. Perhaps put Polysporin on once a day. Remember that it's time, and not products that will heal this one. Just leave it alone for the week, and you should be good by the time school starts.

    Also... have you checked out Dan's regimen? Poke around the site here and you'll find some good advice on fighting your acne. Worked for me.
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  5. Luminareo added a post in a topic Skin Getting Dry Troughout The Day   

    I experienced some of that early on. I especially remember my face being very tight in the mornings. As far as I know, this is what happens when your face is getting used to BP. It went away for me after about a month or so. Now, my face stays moisturized throughout the day and night if I apply just twice a day. I could probably get away with just once, if I had to.

    For now, if it's really bad, follow Max's suggestion. Apply moisturized (JUST moisturizer) again if your face gets dry. But know that your problem will go away as your skin gets used to BP. That was my experience.
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  6. Luminareo added a post in a topic Exfoliation!?   

    The directions from Dan on the website are as follows, "Use the AHA a couple nights per week instead of your moisturizer." Is this consistent with the way you have been using the product? Or do you have an alternative suggestion? Is it ok to use every other day or so?
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  7. Luminareo added a post in a topic Exfoliation!?   

    I've been wondering about this myself. I understand that one of the pillars of "the regimen" is reducing irritation. At the same time, how does the old skin go away without being helped along? If it never gets sloughed off, what effect does that have? Shaving exfoliates, but what about the rest of my face?
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