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  1. It has been 3 years and 3 months since I took my last Accutane dose. My skin is doing great. I have the occasional zit every few months, but the majority of the time I have completely clear skin. I'm 28 now and got married last year. My husband couldn't believe that I had ever struggled with acne, as he met me post Accutane. As a bride, it was incredible to not worry about what my skin would be doing on my wedding day; and to choose a wedding dress without needing to hide acne on my chest, back, and shoulders. I can't know if I would still suffer from acne at age 28 if I had not taken Accutane, but I suspect that my skin is much better than it would have been. Accutane was the right choice for me. I'm so glad that I went on it when I did.