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  1. My parents never supported me either. They never took me to the dermatologist for my acne because they thought that acne is just something that every teenager has (which is BULLSHIT!!!) and that I should just stop making such a fuss about it. When I wanted to go to the dermatologist anyway my mother threatened me by saying: "If the dermatologist gives you a treatment that our health insurance won't pay for, you'll have to pay for it!" That scared me so much that I gave up on the idea. Also, in the beginning of my teenage years my mother bought my skincare products for me and apparently she thought that I need products for sensitive skin which contained additional grease!!! After I got upset because of it and told her that I will choose my own products from now on, she refused to pay for them any longer because I was being "silly" and wouldn't listen to her. So I had to scrape all my pocket money together to afford the proper products for my skin and hardly had money for anything else. Later, I started working as a cashier in a store. All through my teenage years I walked around with my hair hanging in front of my face because I was so ashamed of my skin. Of course I was the laughingstock of my entire school and my entire home town.
  2. The first time I attempted to go on accutane again my hair started falling out. It was probably too soon after the last regular course (less than a year). In January I started taking it again and this time everything seems fine. Maybe everyone who is taking it long-term indefinitely should regularly post updates, so that we can all learn from each other.