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    I'm around where you're at. I'm at 41 days of 40mg, and unfortunately I;ve been having a breakout this past week, so it's good to hear you're not experiencing an IB.

    How are your skin's oil levels? Did your skin dry out yet? If so, have you noticed any slight increase in oilyness? During the first month, my skin was radiant, no oil, and after exfoliation, my skin would be glowing and smooth. The breakout is not bad (4 deep pimples right now), but I consider it bad enough for my skin type, as I rarely get pimples on my face.
    Do you have any advice on preventing pimples? Was your skin consistently better after the IB during your first course? When I'm on my period, my skin is noticeably more oily, so I'm thinking maybe that's why I'm breaking out badly after the first month of oil-free accutane skin. Or maybe no one is immune to the infamous IB:P
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