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  1. I definitely think weaning off is the way to go! My skin is far less dry, and I am starting to feel better overall. Less aches and pains (still there, but decreasing)... I am doing 20mg every day until Christmas, then 20mg, every other day. I have 34 pills left, so I am trying to space it out until January 14th (so that my skin remains clear while I am in Hawaii Jan 2-14) then I'll be done.... hopefully we wont have to do a second course and we can move on from this life... beginning 2017 on the right foot with clear skin Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
  2. Hope you all are doing well, I am weaning off slowly as prescribed by my derm - every other day 40mg and then next month every other day 20mg... Done January 14th!
  3. Month 8 --> 9 Weaning slowly off accutane as prescribed by my derm, 40mg every other day and 20mg next month every other day!
  4. Hey! I just logged back on to see how you were doing, friend! Seems all is well despite some hair loss? I hope that stops but I am certain it'll come back once you are done with accutane. So you will be off your pills in February then? I am doing two more months! I am weaning off the medication though, as prescribed by my derm. I am down to 40mg every other day, then next month, 20mg every other day. I'll be done January 14th!