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  1. I know that accutane works differently for everyone -- and the skin flaring is definitely the medication working. Maggie - I don't think because your skin is not flaring that it doesn't mean the medication isn't working. Everyone is different and that is so awesome you haven't had a spot in a long time! Count your blessings girl! Some people don't have an IB, but a breakout later, once the body reaches a certain level of isotretinoin -- it all just depends on how our body receives it and when. But if you didnt have an IB you are far less likely to breakout later. I have pores that get slightly elevated but not a bump per say. Just noticeable to me. Nothing is purging, just disappears within a few days. It is interesting that derms all across the world prescribe this drug differently. I don't have any black heads -- never had a problem with those except for the occasional one. I am sorry Sofia that your skin is still breaking out could it maybe be the products you are using on your skin?
  2. I am going to start Month 4 on June 6th and I'll be increasing to 80mg per day ... So not excited for more dry skin and achy joints! I will be on it for 6-7 months, depending on whether or not I want to do the 7th month. Which I may do, just to kick it for good! My skin is doing well, but its just flaring a bit every other day... But I know that means the accutane is doing it's job. Just have to breath, relax, and know it'll all work out in the end! <3
  3. I am on Day 79 now. Things are going okay -- I am mostly clear but the last three days I've been getting these teeny tiny little white heads on my chin, only three of them -- just seems interesting... But it could be because I just got off my period and/or I ate a bit of chocolate over the weekend.... which for some reason seems to still affect me even though I've been tested for all kinds of food and cocoa is not a problem... It's even the dairy free, dark kind... but I've noticed it just causes skin inflammation for me... so I'll stay away once again. I have two hyperpigmentation spots that are pretty dry and pink but they aren't that bad... I am just trying to stay positive because I truly am very proud of my progress. I will be going up to 80mg next month which I am kinda nervous about because my back pain has been pretty bad on 60mg. But I know it'll be worth it. My arms and legs are dry and my chin. I am so glad to hear you are doing well Maggie! I weigh 51.5k (113 lbs) and I am 5'5" and I'll be up to 80mg starting June 6th. I really think it depends on your derms comfortably level. The problem is the higher you go the more risk of side effects based on your weight. But the higher you go the chance of no relapse is higher. Sofia, I know picking is the worst part. It's so hard to control our hands and minds from doing so. When do you get your next prescription?
  4. I'm so glad your presentation went well and that my words helped you push through! I'm sorry to hear your skin is continuing to breakout but like you said, it is all apart of the process and if you think of it this way, one new breakout could be your last! Stay positive...! What are you using on your skin as a cleanser and moisturizer?
  5. You're so welcome! Thank you for kind words I hope that, as you said, in the months to come as we end our course of treatment, I hope we can look back on these moments and feel inspired to continue helping our peers and others going through hardship (whether that's acne or anything else) I think that by having a condition like acne - we become stronger and have greater compassion towards others. I hope you have a great presentation today...! It's Friday, the weekend is near, breathe deep and remember what makes you, you!...It can be hard to break that toxic cycle of insecurity but ever step counts. Progress, not perfection. Let me know how it goes today!
  6. Hey! I didn't know you had your own thread going here. Hope you are doing well (besides the acne).... I am sorry to hear your skin is just giving you non stop trouble. The one thing I can say is that these breakouts could be your last (forever!) if all goes in favor of the statistics, which are high! Have you by chance had your testosterone checked? I've read various articles where even in males too of testosterone can cause acne. Just a thought. I know how you feel being there in high school and dealing with acne -- the one thing I can say to you is this, high school is not forever. Imagine how awesome it'll be when your off to college or in your new career with clear skin... it'll have been so much more worth it to have dealt with acne in high school.... I can promise you that. Adult acne is by far more challenging and another ballgame when it comes to facing other adults in your professional career. I know this doesn't help your current situation for tomorrows presentation, but I hope it gives you inspiration to truly kick ass in tomorrow BECAUSE you ARE so much MORE than just your skin. Stay strong. <3
  7. Month 3 officially begins tomorrow. Side effects: "Achy bones" (not muscle soreness) - back, lower legs, and heels... Nothing has helped combat this except heating pads. Dry skin but my moisturize is working phenomenally to combat this (Eminence Stone Crop) Dry lips, but again my ointment is working so well they haven't had the chance to ever dry up or peel (Vaniply ointment) Occasionally mild headaches (3 or 4 in the last month) most likely due to dehydration Dry hair (been using Muddy Body hair masque and Acure Scalp Treatment which are really helping) Dandruff has subsided Dry legs and arms -- been using VaniCream for this Acne: I got my first zit two weeks ago since the start of accutane -- but nothing cystic since the start -- this was a normal white head. And since I've gotten two more. Other than this, a few clogged pores on my chin and cheek. I've had some facial flushing around my chin but nothing makeup can't cover! Speaking of which, makeup literally stays on my skin so well right now. No need to ever re touch! So that's a perk! All in all things are going well and I am happy with my skins progress!
  8. How is everyone doing this week? I have my derm apt to start Month 3 on Friday morning! I got another small zit over the weekend and I was a bad girl and picked at it. Left a big scab, has since healed by using the Aveeno Hydrocortisone cream, but I was so mad I did that. Sigh. I wonder if he'll bump me up since I've gotten two zits in the last two weeks and had none prior!... Shall be interesting.
  9. I also got pretty toasty when I was visiting California last month! Definitely get yourself a big hat and you'll be looking fabulous this Summer with CLEAR skin Just checking in with everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. If any of you are on Instagram feel free to follow my progress and photos there... my screen name is cna7_accutane I did get ONE whitehead last week (which I was on my lady time of the month)I forgot to mention, it since popped on its own. I hadfew clogged pores that were on the surface of the skin and hard, easily extracted with no tearing of the skin. But picking is such a NO NO on this medication I made the mistake early on in treatment and ripped anentire layer of skin off by barely even pushing on a clogged pore. Big mistake. So heed more warning ladies... Your skin will become very thinand fragile soon! If it hasn't already. Happy weekend to you beautiful ladies and gents.
  10. Mizar5 -- I would get a second opinion, my derm does cortisone injections while on accutane and I had one done the first week I started!
  11. Hey ladies! Things are going well over here for the most part! Day 50 is today!I did wake up to my FIRST whitehead since starting accutane. Crazy. Probably because of my period (just ending it) ... but the accutane pushed it to the top of my skin so it was easily extracted. Red marks are still fading well. I do get red after working out or being outside even for a short time. More flushed than like an actual red. Makeup covers that tho! Lips are still moist with the Vaniply ointment and skin is dry but my Eminence products are working wonders and barely show signs of dryness once its on. Still dealing with heel pain, but not as bad. Glad everyone is doing okay for the most part! And welcome to all the new ladies and gents here! @Jesacc Definitely seek medical attention. You could be having a allergic reaction. Hope you are okay. My greatest fear right now is getting off birth control post accutane! I hope I dont break out again and then have to do round II with no birth control and hubby would be so mad about that LMAO
  12. One week on 60mg and haven't noticed any changes! One clogged pore today literally like, fell out of my skin. So WEIRD. I can tell my lips want to get dry but I am not allowing it to happen!
  13. Doing well so far on 60mg a day. I have noticed a bit more of an emotional/aggression behavior that last few days since the increase...Not sure if it's related but I am pretty certain it is, if I am noticing the change. LOL. Otherwise, my skin actually got a little more oily this week -- pushing out all that sebum I am assuming! Still some dry patches though on the face and on the backsides of my arms. Been having heel/foot pain and it has gotten worse since the increasebut.... it's worth it No new breakouts, one small pore popped on its own. Feeling good with my skins progress thus-far! @Sofia! You know I'll be toasting! I still drink 1-3 glasses of wine a week. My derm said as long as I am not drinking and getting drunk and staying hydrated liver enzymes should not increase from this. I also take a liver support supplement anyways to combat the accutane, so I like to think it helps with my love of wine too. LOL
  14. @Maggie -- luckily I never did get an IB...! So I am crossing my fingers that I won't with the dose increase. My derm said to not even worry about an IB when your dose get's increased. It rarely happens, and when people do get a flare, it's not an IB -- it's just a breakout. An IB is a breakout is described as being far worse than "your normal...." At least that is how he described it to me... He said 99% of people only get an IB when they start accutane, not when they increase the dosage through out treatment.... But who knows, I've read a lot of different things online. Hoping and praying things only continue to get better! I've read Rose-hip oil is great for hyperpigmentation as well. But since the stone crop is working so well for me, I am going to continue with it for now. @Sofia -- my derm did say the side effects could become more intense, but usually its the ones you've already been dealing with, so for me, the body aches, dry skin, and dry scalp. My worst week was week 2 so far in terms of acne, but last week (week 4) was bad too with the eczema spots I got from being in the sun, even with SPF! So be careful ladies and gents They are almost healed now.
  15. So far my red marks have been healing! But this could also be because of the products I am using; Eminence Stone Crop line (which helps deal with hyperpigmentation too). What dosage are you on? ----------------- Accutane update // Month 2 begins today! I had my 1 month follow up today with my derm, and was bumped up to 60mg a day (so two, 30mg pills per day)...! Skin has been getting drier, but my lips are not dry because I apply the Vaniply ointment religiously. However, if they dont have anything on them they burn like crazy (like right after a shower). No cystic acne since March 14th... extremely thankful for that! Just some pustules and papules that come and go (I still dot the tinniest amount of BP/clindamycn on these spots).... my derm said it was okay as long as its a tiny, tiny dot.Side effects:Body aches (back, legs, heels) // comes and goesDry hair/scalpDry, flaky facial skin in spotsDry handsEye dryness (occasionally) / I wear contacts too
  16. Welcome to all the new folks on this forum! Sorry I've been MIA -- been traveling. I had my 1 month follow up today with my derm, and was bumped up to 60mg a day (so two, 30mg pills per day)...! Skin has been getting drier, but my lips are not dry because I apply the Vaniply ointment religiously. However, if they dont have anything on them they burn like crazy (like right after a shower). No cystic acne since March 14th... extremely thankful for that! Just some pustules and papules that come and go (I still dot the tinniest amount of BP/clindamycn on these spots).... my derm said it was okay as long as its a tiny, tiny dot. Side effects: Body aches (back, legs, heels) // comes and goes Dry hair/scalp Dry, flaky facial skin in spots Dry hands Eye dryness (occasionally) / I wear contacts too Hope you all are doing well. I'll be checking in again more often <3
  17. Happy Birthday to you too Maggie! You will be celebrating your "Golden Birthday!" 27 on the 27th I don't have any plans either; most likely just dinner with my husband! Then the following day we leave for Palm Springs (California)... My parents have a home down there and we'll be staying for a week... It's kinda unfortunate though because I won't be able to suntan like I normally love to do! I'll have to be careful not to burn! Hope I can get away with a little tan... Lol. I'm glad you aren't experiencing any side effects YET... I say yet because I was also not experiencing anything really up until Day 16, which is when the body aches started setting in. My back is so achy I can't sleep on my left side and when I sneeze it hurts! Currently using a heating pad on it right now. I don't want to take any anti inflammatory or pain reliever because I don't want to put too much pressure on my liver (since accutane is processed there) and I want my levels to be good so I can start month 2 soon...! I also had maybe 3 drinks this week (shame on me!) and I really got to cut down on it. I love wine so it's hard to give it up...! And especially will be hard when I'm in the California heat next week. My derm advised against drinking but said 1-3 drinks a week shouldn't affect your liver as long as your 1. Not getting drunk and 2. Staying very hydrated, all the time. Anywho, enough of my rambling! lol
  18. Kimmy, so happy to hear parts of your face are drying out -- I am in the same boat as you... and my upper lip on the underside area is starting to dry out too.... NOOOOOOO Lol. Ointment, ointment, ointment! How many days are you on accutane now? Hi Maggie! Thanks for stopping by I think accutane is everything we all have been needing but we've been too afraid to try it!... I am happy we are all in this together! 20mg is considered a very, very low dose and I would be shocked if you got a huge IB... I wouldn't stress too much about it since it is such a low dose. Accutane doesn't work like other prescription medications, its about slowly building up a level of isotretinioin in the body; meaning that the therapeutic effects of it won't start until you reach a certain level (and that level is different for everyone), but usually thats when your 2-3 months in... Isotretinoin was first used as a chemotherapy, and the are prescribing it that same way today for acne. So once your body gets enough of the medication, you can have an IB because it's "pushing" whatever is left in your pores out. The antibiotic should help with keeping bacteria levels down on your skin. I took doxy up until a few days before accutane to help with this too. But my gut would be destroyed if I were on both accutane and amox right now (but I have a weak gut to begin with!) I too got that pulling sensation on my lips, just keep hydrating, internally and externally, 24/7! This will all be worth it in 6 months time. I know it...! Hi Taylor! WelcomeYou'll be starting accutane on my birthday! (March 23rd)You have to go over a few paperwork things with your derm and sign a waiver (at least I had to)... After the pee test and blood test come back okay, your derm will enter you in iPledge as passing the physical tests (and they will fill your rx with your pharmacy), but then you have to go online and answer your questions in iPledge, & once you do that your pharmacy will get notified that you completed the online questions. Btw, make sure you pharmacy carries accutane! iPledge has a search area to show you were in your area you can get it and bring your ipledge card with you to the pharmacy. Hope this helps! I took my physical tests Feb 29 and got the pills March 1st, but since you already took the tests I would assume March 23rd you'd get to start!
  19. Kimmy, do you think you got the entire cyst out when you popped it? The core could still be in there .... Thoughts?
  20. Brianna, so happy to hear yourupdates and that the weather is also getting better for you in Wisconsin! The weather is finally making it's shift to Spring here in the Pacific Northwest; I live just outside Seattle! Finally some sunshine and low 60's (but usually in the 50's this time of year). I have an accutane instagram account; I seriously recommend you guys get on there, so many wonderful people sharing their journey -- you don't even have to post pics if you don't want to. I just figured if I can help anyone at all, it's worth it! I don't have severe acne -- I have moderate, but persistent cystic acne, but I figure with all my knowledge (12+ years) of studying the skin (as a hobby I suppose lol) and also figuring out what products are good/bad for acne, I want to help anyone I can! My accutane instagram is@cna7_accutane if you want to follow! Kimmy, how is your cyst doing today? I hope it's calming down by now! Nebraska....! You must have some seriously cold winters like Brianna. Is Nebraska a big meat state? Everyone freaks out here when there's a Nebraska steak on the menu! LOL. Abby, I am currently using theStone Crop Collectionfrom Eminence Organics; I used these in the past when my skin was clear but once I started breaking out again I switched back to their acne line - but now that I am on accutane I wanted to use stuff that was super gentle on my skin and something that I plan on using post accutane as well. I got this collection tube to try out the products on a smaller scale to make sure my skin would respond okay to them while on accutane...these come in full sizes too, which I plan to buy here shortly. Its a good way to test out the products before investing money into them . Everyone's skin responds differently but I think many accutane users could benefit from how natural and hydrating this line is. I posted a pic yesterday on my IG showing my results using this stuff for 1 month; my hyper pigmentation is far less! I think you'll like the Vaniply, its great and can be used on lips and skin!** my favorite product been using this has my moisturizer, morning and night** totally safe masque to use while on accutane All this said, two disclaimers: stone crop is a plant and it doesnt smell very beautiful (but not terrible either) also the wash, the gel, and the masque are interesting textures, but if they work, I don't really mind! LOL. Second, Eminence products are expensive but they last SO long. You're suppose to use a small amount of product and mix with a couple drops of water because a little goes a long way. Very concentrated products. You can buy everything from the Hope this helps! Day 17 Update: Very achy body, everything hurts. My skin is starting to dry out -- which is more noticeable when I am wearing my mineral makeup. But I'll take that over acne any day! Skin is smoother. Hoping every day gets better. I am going to Palm Springs next week and worried about the dry heat! Lots of moisturizing will be needed and sadly no tanning
  21. Hope things are looking better this morning!
  22. Thanks for the tip on the Homeoplasmine Leciagirl! I only wear the bite beauty masque at night time; right before bed because I too, can't handle the sticky, thick lip products LOL! But it really does stay on all night long. I have used it once under lipstick (a small amount) and it set beautifully. But if I find I don't like it later on during my treatment I'll definitely give Homeoplasmine a try! Thanks again hun! Hey Bree welcome to our lil page we got going here! I think I commented on a diff. page you posted on. I do think 60mg is quite a large dose to start off on. Have you mentioned your concerns to your derm? Are you taking 2 30mg pills a day or 1 60mg?
  23. It is safe to use BP or Clindamycin after a cortisone shot, in addition to aloe vera and honey. However, I've actually found that putting nothing at all on it does much better for some reason!
  24. This is a higher dosage to start, how severe is your acne? There is the potential your side effects will be stronger since you are flooding your body with more isotretinoin.
  25. Day 15! Times flying by. Side effects: Back ache/body aches Very dry scalp/dandruff issue (almost like I burnt my entire scalp and its peeling away; not pretty!) I have since ordered some new shampoo to address this issue. Some mild pink flushing to the skin Oilier than normal (subsided 12 days in) Chest pains (mild) Headache (once) 1 New cyst (healed) 1 New zit (75% healed) A couple new clogged pores No dry lips (been using Vaniply ointment and Bite Beauty Masque) Skin is still not drier than "my normal" (using Eminence Stone Crop line) All in all, things are well!