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  1. Hey lovelies! I am officially post accutane - dealing with some clogged pores on my forehead and cheeks (which is unusal for me) and my skin was so flawless on accutane. i am worried! but hopeful this is just a transition phase. How are you all doing?
  2. Hey there, sorry this is such a late response - i am offically post accutane as of Feb 07th, I slowly weaned off by taking the medication every three days in the last month. My acne was pretty severe last year (just on my chin), accutane cleared me up immediately and kept me clear aside from a few clogged pores throughout treatment. Since last week however I've been getting clogged pores on my forehead and cheeks (which is unusal for me) I am hoping this is just a quick transition phase from being off the medication. Ive started using some salicylic acid again to help mildly exfoliate my skin since a small amount of accutane is still in my system.
  3. How are you!? I am officially post accutane now, and doing okay - the past week ive gotten quite a few clogged pores im very sad about it since my skin was nearly flawless for so long. Ive started using some salicyilic acid again and it seems to be helping a little bit.
  4. I definitely think weaning off is the way to go! My skin is far less dry, and I am starting to feel better overall. Less aches and pains (still there, but decreasing)... I am doing 20mg every day until Christmas, then 20mg, every other day. I have 34 pills left, so I am trying to space it out until January 14th (so that my skin remains clear while I am in Hawaii Jan 2-14) then I'll be done.... hopefully we wont have to do a second course and we can move on from this life... beginning 2017 on the right foot with clear skin Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!