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  1. Currently going thru EXTREME dryness

    Have you tried jojoba oil? Aquaphor? It's suppose to be pretty dry during the entire duration of taking the medication unfortunately. 
  2. So sorry to hear this. Please do show your Mom some Youtube videos of people that have had great success with Accutane! I think it would be very beneficial for you at this stage of your acne. Sending hugs!
  3. Cystic Acne So Painful I Cant Sleep

    Hey hun! I am so sorry you are going through this, but trust me when I say you are not alone in this battle. I am too, in a very dark place right now and really only find true comfort in this website and talking with others who are experiencing the same things. Now, I too have been dealing with acne, in addition to cystic acne for quite some time (about 12 years since my first zit). I noticed your screen name states you're a vegan, awesome! I am mostly vegan (plant based) with exception of wild fish from time to time...but a few things I want to ask you that I've been discussing with my naturopathic doctor. Are you getting enough fats and protein in your diet? Both are essential for skin health. Also, are you eating high carb meals? If so, you could have a glucose issue. If all these things are in check, then I say it's time to test your hormones; and now is the time to do so (when you are not on birth control yet!) You'll definitely want your FSH, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone and DHEAS checked. And to take it one step further like I did to RULE OUT all hormonal factors, a abdominal and trans-vaginal ultrasound to check your ovaries for PCOS; polycystic ovarian syndrome (a symptom of PCOS is cystic acne). If all that comes back okay, then for me (since antibiotics are no longer working) you can try a combination of birth control and spironolactone (which blocks androgens...which can cause acne in females)...I did this together for 3 years and i was 90% clear. You can find my log under the accutane thread if you want to know more about my journey and why i am choosing accutane for treatment now. It's a tough decision to make, especially as a "naturopathic" advocate. But it's time for me to take the plunge, you'll know in your heart when you are ready to do it. But I will also suggest to exhaust EVERYTHING else until you make that decision. I hope you find peace in knowing that I am in your same darkness, but we are truly never alone. <3
  4. Yeah! Thanks for finding me I hope the upped dosage helps you!
  5. Hey girl! Found you here :)

  6. Acne Ruining My Life

    Have you tried the regimen here on It's a good starting place. What is your diet like? Have you tried cutting down on dairy?
  7. Just became a Veteran Member! Feeling old you guys :) Been on for years and finally joined in 2012. Happy we have each other. <3

  8. Acne Is Ruining My Life

    30% of people experience a relapse of acne after their first round of accutane, this is why your derm suggest a second go at it, which is again, not an uncommon thing. I really think you should reconsider, imagine if you are part of that 30% and if you do it just one more time you could never have acne again. The chances of relapse after the second time is almost none. Think about it. <3
  9. So sorry you're going through this, I really think you and your mom should visit a dermatologist together and discuss accutane. There are of course a lot of side effects associated with the medication, but you must know that millions of people have taken accutane (isotretinoin) and have had complete success and no serious side effects. Typically the harsh side effects come from the wrong dosage; which is based on height and weight. I think you're acne qualifies for accutane. I will be starting it on March 1st. And trust me when I say, I am too worried, scared, and anxious about trying a strong drug, but what I do know is that if I don't I will always wonder what if AND have to deal with the scarring forever. I really think you need to have a sincere conversation with your mom. I am not usually one to advocate medication because I believe in living as close to nature as possible and using natural remedies, but in your case and mine, I think if your acne is so bad that it's scarring and causing you emotional pain, there's something to be said about that. I started a log under the isotretinoin forum if you want to follow along my journey. <3
  10. dry skin on accutane

    I start accutane on March 1st, from all the research I've done, a lot of people say 100% organic jojoba oil on your skin would be very beneficial (non pore clogging) sells a bottle, but you can find jojoba oil just about anywhere, just make sure its a good quality oil. You can add 3-4 drops to your current face cream, or use the oil directly. Hope this helps! <3
  11. Pimples ruining my social life

    These are really not that bad! I know acne is relative and everyone can experience similar psychological feelings no matter the severity of their acne. But trust me when I say this to you, you do not have bad acne and this acne should not be ruining your life what so ever. Are you taking the right steps to combat your blemishes? Mild cleanser, spot treatments, and moisturizer? Are you doing this daily, morning and night? What's your diet like? Are you eating health? Have you gone dairy free?... I had three cortisone injections (shots) to the face today because of cystic acne, so please know that your acne is something I actually would rather have! Sure me saying that wont make you feel better right now, but it puts things into perspective somewhat! These type of blemishes can be easily combated with a regimen of good skin care products and a healthy diet. And don't pick! (But i know how hard that can be!)
  12. I am surprised that your derm hasn't up'd your dosage if you are still breaking out somewhat. Have you discussed this with him/her?
  13. Claravis Journey

    Following alone girl! Thanks again for stopping by my log. Do you get cystic acne too? Or just pustules, whiteheads, blackheads, etc? I'll have to look into the fish oil thing, sounds interesting! Are you going to up your fish intake in general too?
  14. Queenannie, bless your sweet soul and kindness! Thank you for writing back to me. Your words truly mean so much to me. I can't agree more when you said, "a clear understanding that you need to care for YOURSELF first before you can care for another human. You have plenty of time to have a child, and I bet you will be an even better mom and healthier person when you really love yourself inside and out, which is hard to do when your outside is making you miserable." You are absolutely right... I never wanted my baby be in such a toxic environment. My emotions and anxiety are so toxic right now, I can barely even handle it. So adding a baby to that equation would be catastrophic. Sometimes I can't believe this is the life I am living; fearful every morning of waking up and looking myself in the mirror. It's a terrible way to feel and start your day. I hate that we can be so fundamentally healthy yet deal with such disease. My question is why does acne have to be on the face! Ugh. I am so happy you decide to start accutane, and I can't wait to start my journey too! How are you feeling the first week on it? Any side effects? I will be following along and wishing you the absolute best success! In terms of make up, I wear a very minimal brand "Mineral Silk" which is also for sensitive skin and uses only 4 ingredients! Ive been using it for many years now, but I'll def be checking out your brand you mentioned. Thank you again for your kindness and words of wisdom! Lets keep in touch. Cristine
  15. Hey there! My name is Cristine (I go by cna7 here on I am 25 years old (going on 26 next month) and I have been suffering with cystic acne for 12 years. I have moderate, persistent acne that is no longer responding to antibiotics, birth control, spironolactone, OTC products, and all natural remedies. My go-to pharmaceutical concoction was ortho-tri-cyclen birth control and 150mg of spirnolactone for last 3 years; which kept me 90% clear. I went off both back in October 2015 in hopes to start trying for our first baby. Over the last three months, my skin has spiraled out of control. It first started with small cysts around my nose, including regular clogged, inflamed pores. This area has calmed down some, but the cystic acne has taken over my chin. I am scarring now -- and getting up to 4 new cysts every other week (being treated with cortisone shots). Once they start to heal, more start to emerge. It's severely depressing and causing so much anxiety. Since I was trying to conceive during this time, I worried that there might be an actual fertility issue going on, such as PCOS (a symptom of this syndrome is cystic acne)...I've since been checked via ultrasound and bloodwork that all my hormones are good and I have non cystic ovaries (no PCOS)...I also eat extremely well; I am gluten free and plant based, I haven't consumed dairy in 4 years and meat for the last 16 months. I still consume wild caught fish for anti inflammatory purposes a couple times a month, but no more. I use gentle, mild products on my skin and do just about anything to protect, hydrate, and prevent acne; yet more acne My husband and I have decided to stop trying for a baby, and in turn, deal with this cystic acne head on because it's really taking a toll on my self esteem; leading to anxiety and depression (I feel like a terrible wife because of this) but I know I am young, and I know there is still time to make a baby in the future! He's more than supportive and only wants me to feel confident and be happy. I also work from home right now, so I think taking accutane right now is a great time to do so. I'm 22 days from starting accutane...It was a tough decision to make, but I can no longer sit on the sidelines and always wonder "what-if?" Yes, I've read the side effects, and I am well aware of everything that could occur; but I also know a lot of people have had success without any harmful side effects. I wanted to start this log early to share some of the things I am prepping for, what I've purchased, and if anyone has any additional words of wisdom or advice in the month leading up to accutane! What I've purchased so far (from extensive online research): USDA Organic 100% Jojoba Oil Dr. Dan's Lip CortiBalm Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask Microfiber Facial Clothes Aquaphor Ointment Any other suggestions? Tips, advice, etc? Looking fwd to talking with you all! <3 cristine P.S. Is anyone else starting accutane soon or in March 2016?  
  16. Chronic Acne...Solutions?

    Hey there. I am so sorry to hear how hard this has been on you; but trust me when I say you are not alone, I am too in a very dark place the last few months and it's continued to get worse. What kind of acne are you suffering from? Cystic? or just normal inflammatory acne? Either or, all of it is dreadful. Have you considered trying a round of antibiotics? This could help clear you up in time for your graduation photos. Have you had your hormones checked for deficiencies or abnormalities? Sometimes this can be a good indicator of whats going on internally. Using OTC medicine is a good start for mild/moderate acne, but if you suffering from cystic acne (deep zits that dont come to a head), OTC medication will not help and could actually worsen the problem. Start off by using a gentle/mild cleanser like CeraVE or Cetaphil, 100% witch hazel (non alochol) if you like a toner, and a mild oil-free moisturizer. You can spot treat with tea tree oil or benzyol peroxide if you'd like.  I hate to see others going through exactly how I feel about things right now. I feel like a horrible wife to my husband because I am depressed and embarrassed to be seen.  I start accutane March 1st, so i hope this will kiss my cystic acne good bye once and for good! 
  17. How is your skin doing now girl?!
  18. What is your dosage now Vermillion? Have you gone up or stayed at the same dose? 
  19. Accutane, on the fence

    With only two months on Accutane, I would guess that it could possibly make your skin worse since this is when initial break out "purging" happens... between 1-2 months. I wouldn't risk it to be honest. I would recommend Ortho tric cyclen lo birth control and spironolactone for 6 months. Many women clear up with the combination of the two (I did for many years). Best wishes and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Having clear skin was my ultimate goal for our wedding and it happened with those two things. 
  20. Day 140 - Week 20

    Well some birth controls can help acne; specifically Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo, and then others can aggravate it. I would definitely get your hormones checked to rule out common acne-causing issues like PCOS (if you do have PCOS, the drug spironolactone (an andorgen blocker)) and a birth control could potentially help your acne tremendously. Food sensitives are rare, but they are also worth getting checked! In order to get checked for PCOS, you'll have to go in for various blood samples during your menstrual cycle plus have a trans-vaginal ultrasound to identify if there are cysts on your ovaries. I certainly hope this isn't the case, but I got checked for everything before going on accutane (which I'll be starting March 1st). Is there a reason you wont give the accutane a second round? Sometimes 1 round doesn't work for everyone. I personally know a few people that had to do two rounds. 
  21. Isotretinoin journey is expected to begin March 1st, 2016! Counting down the days. 

  22. Accutane Part Deux

    Omg, thank you so much for writing back! You are too kind. Thank you for your input on the dosage... I will prob ask my derm again what his thoughts are based in my weight, but both you and I are 110lbs. So maybe the 20mg twice a day will be good. I did go back on the Ortho BC because I've done just fine on it... plus, post accutane we hope to start trying for a baby so having the IUD only for a 6-7 months isn't worth it for me. But I agree, the less hormonal stuff the better! I will definitely to a log when I start the treatment, and I'll let you know when that happens, we can be logging buddies. <3 Hope the weather is getting better on your side of the country!  
  23. Day 140 - Week 20

    So sorry to hear you are going through this. Have you also been checked for PCOS or other hormonal abnormalities? Food sensitives, etc? I know that certain birth controls can also cause acne. The best ones for acne are Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo and Yaz I believe. I prefer Ortho....What type of products are you using on your skin during your treatment? 
  24. Accutane Part Deux

    I am really happy you are posting again for your second round. I just read your entire first round and was so dissappointed to hear it did not work out the first time. I hope you can stay on accutane longer, so that it make have the chance to work better. I am contemplating starting accutane beginning of March... I am so nervous, just like you were. I have the unique opportunity at this point in my life to try it (I work from home), so I have the availability to slather myself in moisturizers all day & not have to wear make up lol. But I am of course worried about the side effects... I only get cystic acne on my chin, I rarely get zits anywhere else, but from time to time a small one here or there around my mouth or forehead or nose. But the chin acne is just becoming unbearable and I can't even leave my house without having anxiety -- this is why i feel like its now or never to try accutane. If it's effecting me that much emotionally, I need to do something about it. Because nothing seems to help except (I was 90% clear) taking Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo BC and 150mg of spironolactone. However, I recently came off both back in September in hopes to try for our first baby, but now my skin is exploded in cystic acne on a weekly basis and it's put baby making on halt right now (since I'll prob start Accutane soon). My derm wants me to do 20mg, twice a day, but I think I will request 10 mg twice a day for the first month. Only because my acne is so localized. I've had all my hormones checked/androgens checked and everything checks out normal. Have you been checked for PCOS? or any other hormonal issues? I've definitely done a lot of leg work, spent a lot of money trying to cure my acne naturally, and to no avail. It's only get worse. Do you think that if my acne is localized to my chin that if i have an IB it will only happen there?  
  25. Day 140 - Week 20

    Has your derm gave any reason or explanation as to why the acne hasn't cleared up yet? Might I ask also, how many mg are you on?