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  1. I have the same exact thing! Non pcos, but slightly elevated DHEAS! Have you been tested for congential adrenal hyperplasia type I or type II? It's a rare condition but one of the symptoms is elevated DHEAS. I was tested for it and was negative, but I wanted to share that with you. I just finished my accutane course 4 weeks ago, and sad to report I got a cystic lesion two days ago, out of no where I highly recommend starting retin-a as soon as possible once you finish your course to continue the process. I just started the retin-a yesterday (was prescribed Atralin). I hope this is just a fluke. My breakouts were 99% of the time on my chin/jawline and this cystic zit is near my nose. Lets hope the retin-a does its thing and clears it up! I was on spironolactone for 3 years and it kept me 90% clear. My ND suggest TestroQuench as a form of natural "spirnolactone" - its completely made up of herbs that are anti androgen. xx.
  2. Hey, welcome to the post accutane club... sad to report I developed a cystic lesion near the side of my nose my derm immediately precribed Atralin (retin-a) to help continue the process. Are you going to start retin-a at all? I am pretty depressed @Diamond98 I don't understand why this is happening. I just hope this is some kind of fluke and my skin adjusting. Praying this goes away. I hope things are going much better for you. I cried for nearly an hour about it the other night!
  3. Hi smiles23! I hope your journey so far on accutane has been a good one! Thank you for your sweet compliment - a photo taken a few years back when I had "normal" skin how I wish I could back to those days. I am officially 4 weeks post accutane and disappointed say that I developed a cystic spot near the side of my nose It's been pretty depressing tbh. My derm immediately prescribed Atralin (retin-a) as a form of maintenance for my skin. Basically accutane as a topical. The accutane journey was rewarding, zero blemishes, and newfound confidence! The worst I experienced were the body/bone/muscle aches, fatigue, some headaches, and confusion. My gut did just fine during treatment. I've been taking Cal-Mag citrate in liquid form for awhile now and that helps me a lot. I am still using Eminence, their stone crop line which was amazing while on accutane. My skin was dry but nothing like some people get! I highly recommend Vaniply ointment as well - the best product for lips! I was able to wear lipstick just fine during treatment if I had that on first, in conjunction with Dr. Dans Cortibalm. Other than this one random cyst... I hope the topical kills it off and its just a fluke! You can get more details on my journey via Instagram if youd like: @cna7_accutane xx.