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  1. I definitely think weaning off is the way to go! My skin is far less dry, and I am starting to feel better overall. Less aches and pains (still there, but decreasing)... I am doing 20mg every day until Christmas, then 20mg, every other day. I have 34 pills left, so I am trying to space it out until January 14th (so that my skin remains clear while I am in Hawaii Jan 2-14) then I'll be done.... hopefully we wont have to do a second course and we can move on from this life... beginning 2017 on the right foot with clear skin Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
  2. Hope you all are doing well, I am weaning off slowly as prescribed by my derm - every other day 40mg and then next month every other day 20mg... Done January 14th!
  3. Month 8 --> 9 Weaning slowly off accutane as prescribed by my derm, 40mg every other day and 20mg next month every other day!
  4. Hey! I just logged back on to see how you were doing, friend! Seems all is well despite some hair loss? I hope that stops but I am certain it'll come back once you are done with accutane. So you will be off your pills in February then? I am doing two more months! I am weaning off the medication though, as prescribed by my derm. I am down to 40mg every other day, then next month, 20mg every other day. I'll be done January 14th!
  5. Your skin looks so good! I am happy for your progress, there are definitely things you can start using post accutane to heal the hyper pigmentation. I've been using the stone crop serum from eminence organics and it's worked very well. its pricey, but safe for acne prone and sensitive skin! Wishing you all the best. Keep updating us. I will be doing an 8th month at 40mg to wean down. I'll be done in early Nov!
  6. getting off of BCP after accutane..

    Hey girl! Not sure if you are still active here but would love to know how getting off accutane and BC worked for you?! I am in the same boat right now.
  7. Dr. Dans Cortibalm and Vaniply Ointment over it! It works like a charm! Both can be found online at Amazon
  8. Month 7 - 80mg Side effects: Back aches Fatigue Dry skin (obviously ) Dry lips (see above) Brain fog About 4 small clogged pores in the last 4 weeks, so not too bad. I will do 80mg during this 7th month and cut down to 40mg for my last and final month. I will be done Nov 14th!
  9. Thanks for the advice! I try to spend the last 30 min of my day just hanging out and talking with my husband as we lay in bed. Luckily the insomnia has since gone away since we last spoke. Was a 3 week long stint. Hope you are doing well and the school year is going great so far!