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  1. pr1nc355 added a post in a topic What Helps Your Extremely Oily Skin? Sensible Answers Only.   

    I'm thinking of trying the beta carotene, what dose should I start with? Thank you. X

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  2. pr1nc355 added a post in a topic Summary Of The Solutions Proven To Work For Oily Skin   

    I suffer from very oily skin, my face gets oily 30mins after washing!

    The only thing that has worked for me is Accutane. I can't be on it for the rest of my life. Hence I'm on this topic, I wish everyone luck in finding a solution for oily skin. X
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  3. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry 3 Months After Accutane   

    Hi londoncat8, thanks for the recommendation. I'm more concerned about the oil rather than the spots as I can control them. How did you find the accutane treatment?

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  4. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry 3 Months After Accutane   

    Hey Gill,

    I totally know what you mean about blotting. I've spent a lot of money on them. I found that evelope paper works better, lol, I found this out when I ran out of blotting paper and I just grabbed whatever was close to hand. Evelopes are amazing at soaking up all that oil.

    I'll have to look into the androgens and other hormones, the only reason I'm on the Marina coil is that I had the copper one first and my Dr wanted me to try the Marina, I had my doubts but it doesn't seem to have impacted my migraines and headaches in a negative way.

    I take quite a few vitamins and supplements at the moment. lol

    I take the following daily:

    1000mg of vitamin c
    30mg zinc
    800iu vitamin e
    3200iu vitamin d
    14mg iron
    vitamin b complex
    400mg garlic

    I eat yogurt with live cultures, one cup twice a day.

    I'm also thinking of doing the natural yogurt masks, I have read on here, earthclinic and makeupally that yogurt masks can be good for oily skin as with as helping spots come to a head. Yogurt masks can be mixed with various things, like a few drops of lemon juice, turmeric powder, honey, brown sugar etc.

    But I wanted to give the vitamin D a good try before I do that.

    I had normal skin whilst on accutane and it was amazing, I stopped wearing as much foundation and makeup as I previously did. I'm keeping that up still, before I used to wear makeup daily now I only wear it for special occaissions.

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  5. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry 3 Months After Accutane   

    Hey Gill,

    Thanks for the advice. I'm on the Marina coil, it releases hormones at a lower level. I suffer from migraine's and I found that taking the pill made it worse. So the low hormone level coil is working for me.

    I know what you mean about finding the thing that works just for you. So many things work for other people and I get frustrated when it doesn't work on me but I guess thats life and we are all different.

    I hate the oily skin, I've had it since purberty. It's such a pain, I would quite happily be on roaccutane for the rest of my life but that's not realistic either. lol, I'm glad you've found something that works for you.

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  6. pr1nc355 added a blog entry in pr1nc355's Blog   

    3 Months After Accutane
    I am now finished with Roaccutane, I had my last capsules on March 17th 2013. I was on 40mg a day, 20 mg in the morning and 20mg at night. My treatment lasted for six months. I was trying to be as realistic as I could be, I knew that popping a pill for a few months would not change my skin type, which is very oily in the long term. I loved not worrying about the oil on my face and the touching and spreading the spots.

    I'm quite disappointed as within three weeks of finishing the treatment I becme oily again. From going from no oil to oily again I can literally feel the oil sit on my skin and feel it spread. You guys know what oily means, it doesn't take long for the spots to show up. I now have pustules and papstules on my forehead, around my hair line and chin. I have noticed a couple of papstules on my chest as well. So as you can guess I'm not a happy bunny.

    In the u.k. there is no follow up visit to the dermatolgist (post treatment) I saw the derm every two months. I had my last visit with the derm on the 6th of March. I did ask the derm about follow up treatment if the spots came back and was told I would have to wait 1 year to really see the full out come of the treatment. And then ask the GP for another referral.

    I wash my face in the morning with oily combination skin face wash, I add a drop tea tree essential oil and leave it on my face for five minutes while I do other stuff, I then go back and wash my face a second time with just face wash. I am clutching at straws to see what works for me. I get lazy sometimes and forget to wash my face at night.

    I guess I don't really know what to do next... Do I go back to the GP and most likely they will give me antibiotics which is bad as I have been on them on and off for too long and I get thrush on my tongue (it goes white). I want what is best for my health and I know from years of treatment that I don't want to go down that road again. But at the same time I have noticed that I am getting anxious about the oil on my face and I can see the spread of spots. I hate going back to worrying all the time about the oil on my skin, I wasted an amazing amount of space in my mind and my time with worrying about something other people will think is stupid and such a small thing to worry about. So i decided to do research into more natural cures. The downside to natural cures are that you have to do them consistantly over a long period of time. I get lazy sometimes and I now put reminders in my phone so I know when I need to take something. Better organisational skills, lol.

    I read someones forum entry (SebumSucks) where they used vitamin D3 to control their oil. They used 1000iu a day and were able to control the oil on their face. I decided to look into this, I found so much information such as vitamin D is actually a hormone and not a vitamin and that you shouldn't take vitamin A with vitamin D. I did a lot of research on websites one was very good earthclinic, I found that you can take v D in high doseages. But please be aware I am not a health professional these are things I am trying, to eliminate very oily skin these are not clinical trials based in a lab. I am just trying to find what works for me, as we are all different and react in different ways.

    I am now trying it too. I have been playing around with doses, I am taking the tablet form at 400iu. At first I tried v D3 at 400iu twice a day for a week. (I got impatient) When no change occured I upped it to 400iu four, two times a day for another week, two in the morning and two at night for another week. When again no change, I again changed the doseage to six a day, two in the morning, two in the afternoon and two at night again I tried this for a week and again no change. So I am now taking eight a day spaced out at two at a time. I have noticed a slight change and will keep at this doseage for two weeks. I am hoping to reduce this to six a day as I don't really feel comfortable with this treatment. But I guess I have had enough of the oil and spot cycle. So I am trying this new treatment.

    Any feedback would be good if anyone is on a similar journey to mine. )
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  7. pr1nc355 added a post in a topic What Helps Your Extremely Oily Skin? Sensible Answers Only.   

    I too suffer with extremely oily skin, currently in my 5th month of Roaccutane and am wrried about what will happen when I get off it.

    The one thing I know is that I cannot change my DNA, therefore I will have oily skin for the rest of my life, popping pills will only give a short term solution. My oil production is like jellyfish, when they feel threatened they produce more jellyfish. I have tried a ridiculous amount of products, natural and home remedies all to no avail.

    I have found paper to be the best blotter, sucks up all the oil and keeps it at bay for a good while. Tissue and blotting paper is a waste of time for me.

    The thing to remember is that we are all different and will not have exactly the same reaction to things as everyone else. So we have to keep trying different things and hopefully will stumble across something that will help.
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  8. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry My Roaccutane Journey... Day 50   

    Being honest, I have no idea. Generally I eat curry, cooked from scratch. With lots of oil and rice, I eat a lot of junk type foods, crisps, chocolate, biscuits etc...

    It'll all catch up with me at some point. My derm did say that 50 was my upper limit, so I will have to start thinking about eating healthier... My water in take has been really bad, so I need to work on that too...
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  9. pr1nc355 added a blog entry in pr1nc355's Blog   

    My Roaccutane Journey... Day 50
    So my appointment went well!!

    When I walked in there was a trainee derm in there waiting for me with my derm, from my first appointment I had two other derms walk in and check out my gross face, which made me feel very uncomfortable. They didn't ask me if I was comfortable with people popping in during my appointment so I thought this time I will bring it up. As soon as I was introduced to the trainee derm I expressed my feelings and she left. Which made me feel comfortable.

    I discussed all of my concerns with the derm:

    eye pus
    light sensitivity
    internal pain

    She said that the above was all normal, then she checked through my bloods and said everything was good my cholesterol level was 48 before roaccutane and the second bloods were 50. The liver results were good, so no more blood tests. Yay!! Still have to have the pregnancy tests though.

    As my skin hasn't progressed to where she expected I'll be on Roaccutane for six months instead of four at 40mg once a day. I don't mind as I'm feeling good about skin, its amazing how much time I wasted feeling shit about the oil and spots. I do have cysts and more of them than I would like but hey ho, my skin is healing all the gross under the skin spots have gone.

    I'm having a laporoscopy in two weeks so I'm worried about healing time, but I was told to just keep the stitches clean and dry.

    I've walked away from my appointment happy, my derm addressed all of my concerns.

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  10. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry My Roaccutane Journey... Day 49   

    @CarpeDiem - Thank you, my appointment went amazingly well. I'm sooo happy.

    @nbkyrww - I told my derm everything. lol. It was good to get it all out to her. She said I would continue with Roaccutane for another four months, as I'm not where she wanted me to be for a four month cycle. Still at 40mg.
    She said my bloods were good, my cholesterol was 48 before and 50 at the begining of the month and my liver levels were good so no more blood tests.
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  11. pr1nc355 added a blog entry in pr1nc355's Blog   

    My Roaccutane Journey... Day 49
    My current side effects...

    Dry Lips
    Stys in both eyes
    Pus in both eyes
    big, deep painful cysts
    general all over dry skin
    light sensitivity

    Cons so far...

    I'm not liking the dry peelng lips, headaches. I noticed I've been getting pissed off very easily and dropping lots of F bombs. I've been super horny and also super not horny, if that makes sense lol. I'm usually in the middle. . I've had a lot more migraines than I'm used to. . I've been feeling some internal pain, might be my liver or kidneys. I'm still getting big cysts, which I didn't get so much before raccutane.

    Pros so far...

    I have dry skin and no BIG FAT PORES!!! YAY. As you can tell, I'm loving it. lol. All the horrid under the skin spots that were all over my face have gone!! . My skin all over my face feels very soft and smooth. Like I've had a chemical peel, but without having to deal with the seeping skin.

    How I feel at the moment...

    I have my derm appointment tomorrow, which I'm conflicted about. On the one hand I'm looking forward to it, on the other hand not so much...

    I'm scared that my derm will take me off the Roaccutane, this is just based on my gut feeling. The internal pain and the two blood tests I've had are factors, but as I haven't seen the blood results and I don't know the cause of the internal pain. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

    I feel that the roaccutane is slowing down and my body has adjusted to it. Maybe the derm will increase my dosage, again I don't know and will have to wait.

    I've been naughty and haven't been drinking enough water, which may be why I'm getting internal pain. I'm going to up my water in-take.

    I'm seeing my derm two weeks earlier than the stated two months as I have a laporoscopy scheduled for the 7 of novemeber, so I'm not available for the derm. I am concerned about the healing time of the procedure due to the roaccutane, will discuss it with the derm.

    I'm going to discuss all the above with my derm tomorrow. Lets hope I come home a happy bunny.
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  12. pr1nc355 added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    Your skin looks amazing!! Well done for sticking with it, dispite hell you went through!! You inspire me to keep going, Thank you for all the posts. <3
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  13. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry My Roaccutane Journey... Day 38   

    Sorry for the late reply. I hope you don't too, how much are you on?
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  14. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry Month 6 Accutane Day 185   

    Sorry for the very late reply. The oilis called Bio Oil, its pink in a clear circular container with a white lid, its marketed for healing scars, strecth marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, dehydrated skin....

    It has something called PurCellin Oil...

    As to if it works, I hope so. lol
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  15. pr1nc355 added a comment on a blog entry Month 6 Accutane Day 185   

    Why don't you add bio oil to your moisturiser, might help minimise scars. Thats what I do, down side is you won't see the results until after you stop your meds...
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