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  1. Ammy added a comment on a gallery image Off of The Regimen   

    I am only using the facial cleanser and the moisturizer for now.
    The BP did nothing help change my skin much.
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  2. Ammy added a post in a topic Acne Is Gone After Three Months   

    Wow you look great ! bt wait a min ! your acne wasn't bad at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u just had mild acnes hun
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  3. Ammy added a post in a topic 5ive's Personal Regimen Log - Mild Acne on Dan Kerr's Regime (DKR)   

    I agree with you, i think ur derm is a foolish , he probably just wanna make money from you, thats what derm do.
    Like when i had my first acne, there were only 3 acnes on my face that time and i went to this derm and he gave me anti-biotic at first, when i told him its not really working, he asked me if i wanna try that time i dont even know what accutane was, because i never had pimple before so i have limited knowledge about it, but my mom knew, she asked him about the side effects and when he told me, i was lilke..Wat the heck, i only have 3 acnes on my face why would i take that.
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