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  1. TCA Cross Never frosted

    I tried to do a tca 80% cross the other day, it never frosted. Will it still form a scab?? Should I try it again?? I hate to put more on but so far everyone said they frosted and a scab formed but mine didn't.
  2. TCA cross and Subcision update

    I can tell we're all on board with this one. I too am constantly an on boards reading up on how to fix scars. That's the only thing i do on here anymore for the last9 yrs since Igot scars from lasers, the Erbium and the IPL. I looked up the one Ommm had of thegirl on realself with tca cross. I trieddoing it too with80%tca butmine never scabbed. It did get a bit red but never scabbed up.I'd say it helped a bit but I need to do it more. I also needle. I was wondering if anyone heard of theRecosma? it's only available in Europe right now so I wrote the company and theysaid it should be in the US by the end of the year. It's cheap too. Around 400 each time compared to other laser treatmentsLook it up it sound really promising for scars, stretch marks and tattoos. Let me know ifanyone ever tried it and please keep us posted if you try the tca cross, i'll do tcaagain inMay and needle in between.I also heard saline injections were good so I bought some30g needles and saline on line, tried it a couple times but again have to do more. I just hate always having to heal, it takes me a long time to heal so I wait till most of the red goes away before doing something else
  3. Treatment Options For My Scars?

    where do you live? I'm hoping for a laser called the Recosma but it's only available in Europe right now, it's supposed to come to the states by the end of the year but I head that before about recell and it's still not here. Your pictures aren't available on line so I can't see what your talking about but if they are indented see if the Recosma is available where you live.
  4. Started epiduo

    How are you now? Your skin improved a lot so I was wondering what you were doing for the scars now? If you went in Dec since you had to wait. Please let us know. I had heard of a new laser called Recosma that's only available in Europe right now but I got in touch with the company and they said it should be in the US by the year. I had a lot of other laser treatments that haven't helped me so I'm hoping for this new one to get here. subcision is the only other method along with needling & tca cross I would try but hoping the recosma will get here soon.