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  1. do you think it was worth it so far?   I can't find a doctor near me who does it.    I had heard of the infini that I want to hear more about before going for it.   Anyone try that yet or he enerjet?? 
  2. Infini Acne Pit/scar Treatment

    where can I find your review of the co2   I went to your profile and didn't see it.  thanks    
  3. Oh my God, Hon your look great!!!   because you see it everyday you don't think your getting the improvement that we see,  I can def see it !!! I swear !!!  When it's bruised it looks worse, I have that too.  But once that goes away it will look great !!  and when the bruises heal it will lift the skin, it's blood under there, just like putting prp in, so it's good.  they say the longer you bruise the better.  Your cheeks look so much smoother than before.  Look at them!!!!!  and you have a beautiful shaped face and you have lips people pay for !!!  Seriously, look at your before pictures and look at you now. My God Hon  there's a big difference.    Yep  there are more than you think going though what you are.  I talk to a lot esp in the last 8 yrs.  But Hon,  you already got improvement.  As soon as your skin heals more I think your going to be very happy.  I'm keeping an eye on you..   and with your hair, lips and shape of our face,  my son would be head over heals for you.  Not kidding. xo
  4. Infini Acne Pit/scar Treatment

    How are you doing since your infini treatment?   A doctor near me has the machine and my friend signed up to have it done in Dec.  I was looking for reviews from people who have had it done and are either happy or not. I need it for scars.   Can you tell me if you think it's worth it, that it helped your scars??  Thanks  
  5. Hon, your scars are nothing to worry about.   Honestly I had to look hard.  and you don't have any pigmentation.   Nothing a little pore filler can't hide.  Your a beautiful girl and I know we all want perfect skin.  Yours Is dam close.
  6. Oh il90    I was hoping you would feel better.  I think you need to give it time.  I know that sick feeling after you do something, I've been though it so many times.  Your a beautiful girl and so sweet telling us your story.  I'm sitting here with a purple bruise from trying to do my own subcision.  We need time and I'm sure yours will look better.  Skin takes a long time to heal after being cut so we both need patients.  I'm dying to hear more about the infini   since it's like needling but I need more to say it's good before trying it out.    Remember you are beautiful girl.  I would love to set you up with one of my sons and it would be nice for them to have someone who understands what I'm going though too. lol   funny you said yours look better in the morning, mine look worse.  As the day goes on they look better then back to looking bad at nite.  I only use a small lamp at nite in my bathroom while I do my face. I hate going to bed thinking it looks so bad.    Hon I sure yours will get better in time.  They all say they do after subcision and that subcision is one of the best things to do so don't worry, your going to get better and better as time goes on. I know it's hard to wait but that's all we can do.  Healing isn't an overnite  thing.  Every day I keep saying, one more day, one more day.. then the day will come when you finally can say you see an improvement. 
  7. I've been needling, I had hear of it years ago, tired it and stopped but now doing it again.  It does help a bit but very slowly.  I know your supposed to wait weeks apart but when I see those scars I do it again with a lower needle.  No doctors that I had gone to years ago but now they all do and charge a lot so I bought the pen, stamp and roller.  Take tons of vites too.  I just used a saline needle to hit up some small ones so today I'm a bit bruised where the needle went, little scabs.  I tried tca cross too and still hoping it helps    I have to give myself time to heal.  But seeing them everyday drives me crazy and make up doesn't hide pitted scars. I tried dermafladge and it does works but if you don't do it exactly right it looks like a blob on your skin.  Not doing fraxel reapair,  I don't see any great results and I had erbium that did worse for me taking so much off your skin.  Long recovery time too for little results.  I would like to try subcision but I can't seem to find any doctors around me who do it so I tried myself with a saline needle.  I'm bruised so I have to heal.  I've been looking for scar repair for so long since the laser damage.  il90  I hope your seeing good results.
  8. Don't do any lasers til you try dermapen or a roller for a while.  Let lasers be your last resort.  They damaged my skin so bad that that's why I'm on these boards.   Left me with a ton of indented scars so try needling first.  Doctors are charging like 300 a session to do it there when you can do it at home.  Then after a while and I mean over a year or two you can get filler for any spots that need more.   Save yourself the pain and expense of a laser.    I'm looking into Infini  with Radio Frequency.  A friend is getting it done in Dec so I want to hear what she thinks before I check it out.  It's around 3000 for 3 treatments.  But til then i'll just needle.   
  9. Hon  your skin is nice.  Just a few blemishes    nothing you can't hide with make up.  Don't do anything to it.   No need to suffer with what you have.  No indented scars at all that I see.    Try some vinegar   I hear that and baking soda works but I'm sure you heard that before but you look good.    . 
  10. I understand where your coming from. I had acne scars and still do after spending thousands and thousands of dollars.  Most of my damage came from an erbium laser treatment.  I went in for some scars and came out with skin missing all over, dents, pock marks, a huge triangle of missing skin around the scars I wanted gone, fat loss, broken blood vessels,  You name it I got it, rolling scars and box car.    When he saw what he did he walked out of the office on me and said if I needed any more work it would cost me.   I was left crying on the table and that was 8 yrs ago.  I went for more lasers because that's what they said would help, fraxel, fraxel restore, fraxel dual, affirm, perfecta, smoothbeam, fillers, fat a lift and now needling and trying some saline and tca cross in the deep pits.  I don't sleep which now is a big problem. One nite I just stopped sleeping after another treatment that didn't work and that was 4 yrs ago so now on meds and they don't even help, anxiety every day every minute.   I stopped going out, don't see friends, I'm even uncomfortable in my own home with the lights on.  Scars have stopped me from so many things.  Esp since I got treatments that made more.  I also quit my job. I worked at a golf course and couldn't take it because one year I just had normal scars then after the laser my face looked deformed like I was in an accident from the fat loss.     Recently I heard of a new RF machine that I'm looking into.  it's called infini.   a friend is getting it done in Dec so i'll see what she thinks of it.  it's 3,000 for 3 treatments.   I don't have that kind of money right now but if it's worth it i'll sell everything I have to try it.  I was also hoping recell would be around by now, it was on boards but I haven't seen it around lately  it's not available in the US yet.    So if you ever need people to talk to just hop on these boards.  Only people who have scars know how you feel.  Friends say just slap some make up on and I would if they weren't indented, just dark spots but their all indented so make up makes them look worse and the texture of my skin changed from the laser.  I have a doctor appointment in Nov    i'll let you know what he says could help.  He's supposed to be one of the best but I'm afraid he won't be able to help.   I noticed a lot more doctors are  needling so I'll keep that up at home.  I can't believe they don't have something that really works for skin.  And that insurance doesn't pay to help you out which I think they should since acne is a disease and scars left behind kill you both physically and emotionally.  Imagine who we all would be today if scars didn't make us feel the way we do.  I would be so much more productive and out going.  Went for different things in life.  I know there are people much worse but I can't help how I feel about myself.    I'll let you know what the doctor says in Nov.   Check out infini too.  Let me know what you think about it.   
  11. I will let you know.   I'm hoping to hear it does something worth the money.  I just put some tca 80 % in a few scars and some saline in a couple others.  Did a 10%tca on the rest of my face.  Also  needled on some to see what might work best.   I'm a mess.   So sick of scars since the erbium destroyed my face making it have scars and fat loss all over. I also had had a mircoderm treatment a while ago that left me with long lines on my jaw so be careful even with the simplest treatments.   Laser is out   texture change and scars.
  12. Has anyone heard or tried the infini RF??   I heard it's good for scars    I wrote to some doctors on realself and they seem to like it, it has needles with RF.  .  I have a friend who's getting it done in Dec so I'm waiting to hear if she thinks it was worth it.  I think she said it cost 3,000.00 not sure for how many treatments.
  13. Right now I'm treating ice pick scars on the side of my nose. Their deep and bigger than a pore & I tried it on a pock mark..   I did use it on a large pore and got good results, I don't see it now but for now I just want the big ones gone. If you can blur the pore with a primer then don't worry about using tca.   You don't want to take a chance of it getting bigger if it's that small.  
  14. I just took a blade and thinned it down a bit,  took pieces off til it was the thinnest I could get it     The first couple days I was scared cause they looked dark, I haven't scabbed either.  Today they look better, a bit smaller.  I hate waiting.  I did the ones on the side of my nose & they were deep.  i'll let you know how they look the next week or so.  I know i'll have to do it again but if they come up a bit each time i'll be happy but you have to wait a few weeks to do it again..  I used the needles that I use for the the saline to break up some scar tissue too, before I injected the saline I moved the needle around under the scar a bit then injected it.  I did that a week ago and I'm still a bit red, I hope looks ok in a week or two.  I hate waiting.  Makes me so nervous. Scars are so dam depressing.  I've been using dermafladge but that's hard to get it right, so I figured I would try the saline since I had heard it helps.  You can find info on it on Sarah Vaughter site and Dr Sires.   Good luck and can't wait to hear how you turn out too.  
  15. I will be following your posts so please keep us updated.  I just did an 80% tca on a few spots too but they didn't scab so far and it's been a few days. I've been putting on Neosporin.  they looked bad the second day but now they seem to look a little smaller, hoping a few times will bring the skin up to a higher level than how deep they were before.  I've been needling too for a while and it does help, I wanted to try the prp and subcision  so I can't wait to hear what you think  but I need some filler for some of my dents. I had laser and it melted my fat.    Wishing you lots of luck and hope you heal quickly   I also started doing saline injections so we'll see how that goes too.  if I see an improvement i'll let you know. I do it myself with 30g needles and saline you can get on the internet 
  16. I just did a 80% tca cross with a toothpick 2 days ago. .  Made it really thin then dipped it into the tca and pushed it down to the bottom of the scar. I didn't want to hit the good skin.  . I saw that video before & there are other doctors that use the needle which I do have because I'm now trying saline injections too but I wouldn't use the needle because you can let too much come out at a time & it can drip unless your lying down.  If your doing it yourself then use a toothpick.  Only a doctor who has you laying down should use a needle but even then I would be afraid of too much going in or hitting the good skin around the scar. Then keep it moist for the next few days,  I've been putting Neosporin on or you can use Vaseline.  It looks worse the next couple days til it starts to heal.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I did it before on one and it did help it a lot so I just decided to try it again.  Good luck    Oh  if you try the saline injections get the 30g needles  you want thin ones.  I get the 30g 5/16 with the saline.
  17. You don't have to worry about your scars with your future husband Hon.  He wouldn't have asked you to get married if he thought you looked like how you feel you do.   I had scars when I got married, then I went for laser resurfacing and got a lot more 8 yrs ago from it. .  I'm married 37 yrs.  He says he doesn't see my scars yet their all over with huge dents from fat loss now, I know how you feel about the wedding since you'll be the center of attention.. .  No one is perfect Hon.  Just be you and have a good time.  People who will be there already know what you look like so no worries.  Congrats on finding a wonderful guy who loves you the way you are.  Trust me, we all get older and get wrinkles, sun damage, too fat, too thin, less hair  etc.   Would you love him any less if he had them?  I don't think so.  So put on your wedding dress with a smile and think of the guy your marrying and don't worry about your skin.  It's not the way you see it, no way is it horrible.  Congrats again!!       
  18. You really don't have a  problem   I would try the tca cross and needling with a stamp since your skin isn't bad at all.  Just try one or two first.  .  I did hear now that they have one called infini.  it's like needling with Radio Frequency that i'll be looking into too. 
  19. Please keep us posted     I just found your posts today and would like to know if you think it's worth it since I need a few done.  Hope your doing well.