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  1. Silicone micro droplets

    I was told silicone droplets would be good for my scars too I only have a couple that I'm tired of needling and using tca cross and not seeing a difference but some of the reviews on realself about silicone scare me. There's a guy on you tube that did needling, tca and saline but finally got the silicone and he seems to love it. Just afraid of what it can do in years to come. I had heard of the Recosma machine coming to the US that gives great results for scars, they say it should be approved in Dec or next year but who knows if it will , they said that about recell to and yet that's not here yet either. Let us know if you get it done. I might in 2 scars that are deep, not my whole face or eyes.
  2. TCA Cross Never frosted

    I tried to do a tca 80% cross the other day, it never frosted. Will it still form a scab?? Should I try it again?? I hate to put more on but so far everyone said they frosted and a scab formed but mine didn't.