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  1. Pre Acne

    what did you use to get such beautiful skin?  
  2. Your face is not what you think.  You have nice skin!!!  if they bother you a lot try dermarolling but seriously   your skin looks good  
  3. I went for therapy and it didn't help, I have terrible scars and fat loss from a laser treatment.  I was depressed  so my doctor put me on meds but they didn't work because as soon as I see my face I was back to square one.   then she says, well  what will you do if it never gets fixed??  i', thinking that's what I'm seeing you for, to tell me what to do....  I know my problem and it's my skin.  I stopped sleeping and have been trying everything to help.  I know it's hard to deal with and people with good skin have no idea how much it affects your life.  If it's just acne Hon you'll get it under control.    Scars are hard to deal with because I have so many it changed the shape of my face but I can't stop trying to fix it.    Depression is a big part of not being able to be yourself and do what you want and go where you want without worrying how you look or how people see you.    Support boards like this are good, you can talk to others who feel the same way.  If I saw more people on tv or just around with bad skin it wouldn't be so bad but they don't show people with flaws in mag and tv.  They even air brush models and actors.  So  we ahide out thinking no one is like us.  I wish the media didn't make us all feel we have to be perfect    I would say talk to others like your doing who know how you feel.  We're all here for ya.
  4. I  have holes that just show up too ever since I had an erbium laser treatment and other lasers to help. It's been going on 9 yrs of this.  Nothing has worked.  I had fat graft and it went away after a couple months so now I got filler.  it looks bumpy at the moment, I also tried some tca 80% and they said it was supposed to form scabs but it never did.  Just red marks I'm dealing with now.  I have tried peels and needling and also saline injections.  I have to wait ti Jan to do more since I'm red and healing from the injections and tca    I too have spent thousands on my skin and after all the treatments it looks a bit better but has holes showing up.  Oh and the doctor who did the fat transfer used an ipl machine on me and gave me more scars and dents.   So sick of this.  So once Jan comes around i'll needle harder and do a tca again in the pits.  I wish something would work for me.  I have dents and skin missing that looks like the machines they used.  Horrible so I wouldn't go for any more lasers    I only get damage from them all.  I tried fraxel, fraxel dual, restore, smoothbeam, perfecta and affirm in the last 9 yrs.  I was thinking of subcision for some and there is a machine called the infini that uses a radio frequency, a friend is trying in Jan along with a subcision so i'll see how she likes it first before trying it out.  Esp since I'm out of money it cost around 900 a treatment and they say you need a few.
  5. Has anyone used Infini RF?

    How to Get Rid of Acne Scars - Dr Jeffrey Rapaport, New Jersey Dr Jeffrey Rapaport  check this out on youtube.    type in How to get rid of acne scars    let me know what you think   it's a long video but shows before and after    a friend of mine went to see him today so i'll let you know what she says once she's home. Acne Scar Removal Update : Adding Infini to New Combination Treatment - Dr Jeffrey Rapaport of Ne... Dr Jeffrey Rapaport        ooops   here's the one I wanted you to check out about the infini     type in Acne scar removal update:  adding infini to New Combination Treatment  Dr Jeffrey Rapaport of New Jersey if you can't find it just look up Dr Rapaport    
  6. do you think it was worth it so far?   I can't find a doctor near me who does it.    I had heard of the infini that I want to hear more about before going for it.   Anyone try that yet or he enerjet?? 
  7. Infini Acne Pit/scar Treatment

    where can I find your review of the co2   I went to your profile and didn't see it.  thanks