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  1. arqa22 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Acne Is Directly Related To Orgasm Frequency. . .
    At least in male acne sufferers, which means ejaculation. Not sure if its relevant to women and if\how it affects them. Hello everybody, im 20 years old male, acne sufferer for 7 years. But for the last 5 months I have been 100% clear. I didn't change my diet, didn't change my hygiene habits, didn't take any new products for the skin (I don't use any now) and didn't change anything except ONE thing-my ejaculation frequency. What did I try before to cure acne? Diet:gluten free, dairy free(I still don't consume dairy products for health reasons), nuts free, soy free, low fat diet, low carb diet (absolute crap, don't ever try going low carb unless interested in looking like anorexic). Products: benzyl peroxide works, but it damages the skin and it just cures the SYMPTOM (pimple) and not the CAUSE (oily skin). How (over) ejaculation affects acne? Ejaculation increases the conversation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), excess DHT level cause in genetically predisposed individuals to overproduce sebum through the hair hair follicles in different locations on the body, mainly on the face and chest\back. It all comes down to HOW MUCH you ejaculate, and it varies from person to person, to how sensitive you are to DHT and how long you have been excessively ejaculating until now. Now, you might be surprised to know how much is "excessive", but if you have acne you are in the "excessive" area. For me, 60-70 "clean"(no ejaculation) days is when the magic happens. After being 2 weeks clean, my skin is noticeably much less oily, after a month, im 90% acne free, after 2 month, im absolutely clear. If you have been excessively ejaculating for years (which is probably the case), your DHT level is constantly being jumped up and up, and thus causing more oily skin>acne. How much is excessive? it all depends ON YOU(your body). How much your body is sensitive to DHT, and how long you have been excessively ejaculating over the past. If you ejaculated every week for the past 3 years, your DHT levels will be higher than if you ejaculated 5 times per year in the last 3 years, the effect of excessive ejaculation BUILDS UP in the long run. And the same thing is true for abstaining, the first time you abstain for 2 month, you might only be clear after 2 month, then you ejaculate once, and the second time you abstain, you will be clear earlier (say, a month and half), and so on. For most people, they start seeing better results much earlier than 2 month like me, most see a noticeable improvement in 2-3 weeks, after a full clean month, you should expect to see major improvement in your acne, how long will you go? it depends on how much you want clear skin. Tip from experience, wet dreams might occur to you as a result of abstinence, they give you EXACTLY the same effect as ejaculating through masturbation or sex, doesn't matter, its the EJACULATION that kicks your DHT levels up(thus causing oily skin>blocked skin pores>acne). In order to avoid wet dreams, you have to do 2 things: 1)don't drink 4 hours before going to bed. 2)pee before going to sleep. Full bladder presses on the prostate, causing your dick to get rock hard and this might result in wet dream.
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  2. arqa22 added a post in a topic My Personal Foods Diet. (After Extensive Research On What Helps And Hurts Acne.)   

    this wont make a diffrence in acne lol

    unless you have some rare food intolarance, here is the list:
    1.dairy [more common]
    5.citrus\critic acid

    eliminate all those 7 foods for 1 week, if u still notice a new pimple a week later. diet is NOT your problem. what you left with is oily skin[caused by excerssive sensitivity to DHT] thus clogged pores>acne.
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  3. arqa22 added a post in a topic Fed Up   

    good post
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  4. arqa22 added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Lets Say I Have The Money...
    lets say i have the money and idea to cure acne, how and where do i find scientists that can study and develop the cure?
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  5. arqa22 added a post in a topic Study Links Girls Who Are Overweight/obese Higher Risk Of Acne.   

    thats right cuz fat people produce more estrogen [fat cells produce estrogen] and estrogen is the "opposite" hormone to DHT. DHT cause oily skin>acne.
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  6. arqa22 added a post in a topic Study Links Girls Who Are Overweight/obese Higher Risk Of Acne.   

    since when interviewing 3000 random girls makes a "study"?
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  7. arqa22 added a post in a topic Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become   

    if nuts break me out and im allergic to avocado, where should i get my fat from?
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  8. arqa22 added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    i suggest you try saw palmetto
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  9. arqa22 added a post in a topic Examples Of How Bad Our 'health' Care System Has Become   

    "choose low sugar apple varieties"? you clearly dont understand what your talking about.

    lets say you need to eat X calories, only for the example, X=2000

    normal apple is like 40 calories and has 10 gram of carbs.

    so lets say you eat "low sugar apple" [like granny smith] and it has 5 gram of carbs. so thats healthier according to you right? cuz its "low sugar" [less calories]
    but you lack to understand that it doesnt matter if you eat this low sugar type apple or high sugar type apple. cuz you need to get to your 2000 calories a day anyway, so it doesnt matter if you eat 1 apple with 10 gram carbs or 2 apples with 5 gram carbs. you end up with the same amount of calories\sugar.

    and im not expert on all this "sugar-insulin-male hormone" proccess but i know for a fact that fat cells produce estrogen, wich means that the body produces less DHT, that means less oily skin, less hormonal acne.

    and i can tell from personal experience that when i ate "clean" and healthy diet i was on a really low fat % and my face was wayyyyyy oilier and had more pimples than now when i got back to eating sugar\junk food and put some fat and my skin is much less oily and need less washing to remain dry.
    the more estrogen in the body, the less DHT.
    DHT cause oily skin.
    fat increases estrogen in the body.

    like in your signature you write that saw palmetto helps you. it keeps me clear and less oily too! cuz saw palmetto block DHT and therefore increases estrogen.
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  10. arqa22 added a post in a topic Androgen/testosterone Blocking Supplements?   

    saw palmetto
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  11. arqa22 added a post in a topic Miracle Cure   

    you have dry skin?
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  12. arqa22 added a post in a topic Miracle Cure   

    you need to find a way to stop the sebaceous glands from overproducing oil without having side effects like accutane and without the need to take the med for long time

    that would be a real miracle
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  13. arqa22 added a post in a topic Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !   

    told you all already just wash your face with soap.

    masturbation=rise in DHT=increase in oil production of skin=good condition to p.acne bacteria to grow=acne.

    how to fix:masturbation=rise in DHT>wash with soap 3-4 times a day[2 times may be enough]=dry skin=clear skin.

    by the way, water also dry out skin but less then soap.

    good day
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  14. arqa22 added a post in a topic Going To Be On A Plane, Can't Wash Face For Atleast 20 Hours?   

    wash your face in the plane
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  15. arqa22 added a post in a topic It's Time To Love Me.   

    where the hell did you get that from? its total bulsh1t

    oily skin is caused by HORMOES, not external factors
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