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  1. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    How severe are your dry eyes/lips?
         Only bad when I wear contacts for my eyes. Besides that unnoticeable.  The lips get chapped in cold weather immediately but otherwise just a little dry most of the time.
    What happened with your stomach & how common is that?
         I ended up forming 2 very small and premature ulcers in my stomach, and it is basically nonexistent in side effects percentages with accutane. Could have been genetical, but who knows, the timing is very fishy with a 19 year old getting 2 ulcers after 3 months of Accutane...
    Have you have any breakouts since you've been off accutane?
        Not breakouts, but I get a few pimples sometimes that will appear on my neck or lower jaw. The best part about post-Accutane me though is that when I do get a pimple, I'm not even tempted to pop it because I know it will be gone and dried out in less than a day (its really nice!).
    Have all your box scars faded away?
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  2. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Hello again everybody.  This is probably going to be the last update I do considering it's now been 3 years since I started Accutane and I don't think any other side effects are going to present themselves at this point. (It should be known, however, that I do get nostalgic so don't be too surprised if I show up in this post at some point...)
    This isn't a usual update with my current side effects or progress, it's pretty much all out there already. Instead, I wanted to thank everybody that took the time to read this post. I spent a lot of time on it because I know how much acne can impact somebody's life and it was unfortunately a very large important part of my life for a long time.
    I created this post because I just wanted to reach out to or help at least one person that is dealing with the same things I was. After looking at this post today, I was shocked to see almost 20,000 views as well as all the comments and responses I'v received from people. I never would have thought that it would have even reached that many people. And I really do love getting the feedback and responses from you guys, it makes this real and I appreciate it.  I hope everybody I've talked to has conquered acne and found peace with themselves in one way or another, you guys were all very nice, appreciative, and supportive and again it all did mean a lot.
    Good luck to everybody on their own journey.
    Goodbye for now.
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  3. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Hey there lynna and light, again sorry for such the late response but I only visit the site infrequently nowadays. I'm glad you guys could answer each other's questions though. 2 1/2 years later, and I am happy to say I'm still acne free, but my update will be to a slightly different tune than my usual accutane praise today. Although I am acne free, it did come at a cost. I continually experience dry lips and eyes, almost every day. And on top of that, my hair is dramatically thinner and drier. I've had increased stomach pains and forming ulcers. If I could go back and do accutane again, I'm not as sure as I used to be that I would. Long term health vs clear skin is something to not take for granted.
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  4. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Hey there, sorry for not responding sooner but its been a while since I've been on here. My blood tests were perfectly normal every time. Just make sure to be careful if they're coming back abnormal.
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  5. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Well... it's hard to imagine that it has been a year since I finished my course of accutane. I can gladly say that acne is a distant thought in my mind, which is amazing considering I only thought about it 24 hours a day before accutane. My complexion is great, and my face's oil balance is perfect.

    Before all of this, my entire life was obsessed with acne. Treating it, curing it, hating it, looking at it, refusing to look at it, thinking about how my life would be different without it. It was on my chest, my back, everywhere. I had no confidence whatsoever and let it run my life for too long. So to everybody out there who is feeling the same emotions right now, I know how you feel, and you're never alone. I said previously that my only regret is not taking accutane sooner, and I stand by that. If you feel bad side effects, obviously stop and be safe first; but I would argue that the risk of getting to that point is worth the benefit because you are giving yourself the best chance at curing the damn thing.

    I'll check in from time to time if anybody has questions or comments. If you read my journey, thank you. It meant a lot to me to put this out there and share my experience, and even more to have people that thanked and shared their own thoughts with me as well. A lot has changed in the past year, but my intention of writing this has remained very still: if I have positively affected at least one person by writing this, then it was all worth it.
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  6. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Yes, I had both indented scars and dark marks. For the indented scarring, that obviously took the longest time to clear, but it did within about 6-months post-Accutane. That's one thing to remember, is that a good amount of healing occurs after the treatment is done. I still have a few indents but they are virtually unnoticable.
    IBs are the worst part of Accutane. It all gets better from here on out!

    1)I did have red marks, and I would say that the accutane most definitely exaggerated them until about month 3 when they started to fade and my skin significantly changed in both texture(more fragile) and color(paler).
    2) My hair loss was only noticeable to me, and I would basically be studying at a desk, run my hand through my hair, and notice that 4-6 strands would fall out, so I'd run my hands through my hair again, and another 5 strands would fall out. That's how I noticed it at first, and later on my hair did feel a little thinner to me. It was only temporary though and my hair is nice and thick now.

    Good luck with your course. Stay strong.

    Thank you for the support bud. I like the humidifier idea.
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  7. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    9 Months Post-Accutane

    Still clear! I get occasional pimples here and there, but they are all surface and usually dry up the same day I notice them. My joints are still mildly affected and my lips still, 9 months later, need chapstick to prevent from drying out. The chapstick is not a total necessity, but its pretty close to being one.

    The only reason for these updates at this point is to give a little hope out there to those who need it. I know I needed it. Besides that there's not really much to update. But to all those out there still on it, have hope and know that it is temporary.

    I will do a 1 year update in a few months and probably close my account soon after, so if anybody has any questions or anything please respond soon.

    And to InSonia, I'm sorry I didn't respond to you sooner but I haven't been on in months. Hopefully your course went well.

    Until next time...
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  8. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    UPDATE: 6 months Post-Accutane

    Hi again everybody. So 6 months post-accutane... still can't believe it's been that long since I ended.

    The only side-effects that remain are:
    - Mildly dry lips
    - Joint aches, especially in my knees and elbows, after long periods of staying in the same position (bending, sitting, etc,).

    My oil production levels have come back to about 50% of what they used to be, in a good way! My skin looks healthy and glowing, I do not have any acne and 90% of my scarring has cleared and still improves every day.

    But the biggest difference has by far been the change that it has impacted in my life. I used to think about my acne ALL the time, it would stay with me all day and when I was never consciously thinking about it, it was still in the back of my mind when I talked to people, when I thought about dating, about how my friends saw me, EVERYTHING. Even when I talked to my family I would notice them looking at my face, and not my eyes. Now, I can honestly say that I do not think about acne anymore, not for one second out of the day. It has cleared my mind and I think about other things now, like life in general, what productive things I should start, whether to ask this girl to dinner, you get the picture. This has been a miraculous transformation for me and I did not expect these results based on how terrible my acne was, as well as the deep scarring I had. Now it looks as though I've never had acne, and it feels good.

    After having acne for so long, I truly appreciate having clear skin and carry that appreciation with me every day. Acne definitely taught me humility and the mental hardships that people deal with because of it, and if anything, acne left me with that positive perspective. Although I will say gaining your confidence back is not a matter of acne disappearing; after so many years of suppressed self-esteem it takes willpower and fortitude to put yourself out there again and live. But you can do it.

    Given the lingering side effects and results, I am still a strong advocate of Accutane and everything it is about. It changed my life.

    Thanks for listening.
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  9. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Hey courtney, I'm glad this helped! Accutane is by no means easy, but if you take it one day at a time and focus on other things you will find yourself done with it before you know it. It's a great drug and I hope that you get as much out of it as I did. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or just updates on how you're doing, I love to hear other people's stories.
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  10. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    UPDATE: 50 days post-accutane...

    Well I went back to my dermatologist and I shouldn't be needing any microdermabrasion or any scar treatments, as there are virtually no scars! Still can't believe it worked this well, it is truly only getting better even 2 months after I took my last pill. Any scars I had left just kept fading, and my oil levels have returned to normal at this point; but still not a single pimple since I've finished my course. My skin looks radiant and healthy and clear! Still pinching myself, I can't believe this is real. I hope this lasts and it's not just a temporary thing.

    All side effects have gradually faded, including:

    -Hair loss
    -Dry skin
    -Dry nose
    -Moderate joint pain (especially knees and elbows)
    -Constant fatigue
    -Dry eyes
    -Nose bleeds
    -Muscle loss
    -Weight loss

    Although I do still have slightly dry lips, but hopefully that will be gone soon.

    Till next time.
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  11. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Based on my own and other friends' experiences, unfortunately no, the redness does not really go away until a few weeks after you are finished with the course. I do understand about the bright red marks, I had them as well and although they cleared slightly during the course, the real improvement happened once I was off for a while. Patience is probably the best remedy for now, but it will more than pay off.
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  12. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Haha you sound exactly like how I felt about this exact time in the course. The red marks will slowly fade; I'm sorry but I didn't try anything to expedite the healing process, I still have a few slight marks but I would say a fair timeline for 95% of the marks to clear from now would be about 2-6 months based on experience and advice from my dermatologist. Obviously it can vary a lot. But that's great to hear that it's finally working for you! If your course goes anything like mine, you'll probably start waking up to dramatically better skin virtually every morning. It's a truly amazing feeling.

    And to shadylee, I love to hear that. The whole reason I created this post is for people like you, and I'm very glad that it helped. If you have any questions feel free to message me.
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  13. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    I would have small setbacks all the way up to about the end of month 3. But even when I did break out it would be only 1 or 2 small surface pimples. Just make sure not to pick them because the accutane will make them dry up within a day or two, and if you pick on acne while on accutane you're really just asking for scars. Its a long process, but stay positive and take care of yourself and I'm sure you will be satisfied by the end. Take every day as it comes.

    And to beautiful disasters, I'm sorry you haven't seen massive improvement yet. Accutane is a weird drug and works at different times for different people, stay positive! Make sure to update me on your process I want to hear how it goes in month 4.
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  14. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    I would say I had mostly indented and a small amount of boxcar scars. The boxcars are of course going to take longer just because they tend to be deeper but have patience because most of the boxcar scars started to fade about a week or two AFTER I finished the treatment. And they're still fading almost a month later now too. Don't get discouraged scars tend to heal after accutane for up to a year later.
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  15. AccutaneInMyBrain added a post in a topic Complete Accutane Journey & Tips   

    Hey beautifuldisasters, don't worry about not seeing results very soon. It was toward the middle to end of the 3rd month that I started seeing drastic jumps in improvement, and the 4th month was really where all the clearing and scar reduction started. Either way some people see the best improvement after they stop taking it so don't get discouraged!
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