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  1. I'm on 'Vitaminstore' Vitamin D and 'Vitaminstore' Zinc. The Zinc is 15mg per capsule which will mean I'll have to take 4 to get a good amount of roughly 60mg? It specifically states on the bottle 'one a day' and on the back 'Do not exceed the recommended daily dose'. The Vitamin D is 12.5 ug per capsule and has the same warnings on the bottle. Should I ignore this and if so, how many should I take of each? I also take Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil capsules, also states '1 a day' (also contains 2.5 ug Vitamin D) so I'm not sure how many capsules to take of that either! Although I want to clear my acne up, I don't want to worry about doing any long term damage to my body.