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  1. someone please tell what scarring this is (pictures)

    You don't have any scars. Just a bit of red marks (hyper pigmentation). Read up maybe about Apple cider vinegar and a moisturiser. Sure you can find lots of things on her for naturally helping red marks.

    A guy called Lamar on here had a thread on here. Here is what he messaged me a year ago : When you say spontaneous scars, do you mean like in AMVC? as in scarring WITHOUT any acne causing it? if so make sure you aren't taking loads of omega 3 (usually fish oils or flaxseed are the culprit!)Dr Chu is good yes and tbh I don't think there is anyone better for acne scarring as far as I'm aware!I had a thread on acne.org called 'ok guys' or something along those lines, details what I did for my scarring and lots of people have done the same since with good results, all the info you need is within that thread so check it out!Good luck man and stay consistent with things you can slowly chip away at them!
  3. Fatal Accutane treatment and scars (PHOTOS)

    Brings back memories of my own experience of accutane. Not sure if you practise the following but I would recommend : - eat as clean a diet as possible. Avoid sugary foods, fried, junk etc. Maybe even dairy if you react. Lots of fruits (blueberries) and veg (Avacado). Lots of water. - sleep - try get at least 8 hours a day. - exercise - about 15 minutes a day. - keep a good state of mind, believe in yourself. Don't ever stop dreaming of how you would like your skin to look. Try not to look in the mirror so much.