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  1. Hey guys, kinda on here just to vent. I found the Regimen 3 maybe more years ago and was happy I did. I felt like there was hope to finally getting clear skin! I take it very hard on myself when i breakout and tend to not want to be seen by anyone when i breakout. Anyways acne was affecting my entire life, I quit my job and stopped going to school becuase I was so embarresed of my skin. I started the regimen and had decent results to begin with. I never got "clear" and my face was always dry and flaky, still is up to this day. I have done every thing possible with this regimen but I feel it just doesnt work for me, and I have no hope because I have tried so many other topicals with no success. I have been gentle with my skin, wash it twice per day, lots of BP twice per day, lots of cetaphil and moisterizer twice per day, plus spot treatments nightly. Its alot of work doing this and it would be so worth it if I actually had clear skin but I still dont. Feeling helpless and dont know what to do, I missed 2 classes today because I hated how I looked this morning. I dont want to fall again into depression from this, I just need to try something that will eventually work and get me semi clear, thats all i want, thats all ive ever wanted. please help, sorry this was so long, and sorry about my grammer. Thanks for reading. Sincerely, Frustrated Alan