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  1. Got Mixto near 3 months ago, next Mixto next week. No complications, but really bad hyperpigmentation for 2 months, that's it. It's probably the only thing that got me results in 1 sitting. Lasers aren't the way to go for deep ice picks - use it for shallow scars, texture issues you want to blend in. Edit: you may likely see the icepick scars widen and shallow after treatment. This is my experience at least, not necessarily a good thing.
  2. Hey, I've done research for ablative fractional CO2 lasers to find that most people experience something along these lines: 1. They get an fractional ablative CO2 laser - Re:pair/TotalFX for white skin, Mixto laser for ethnic skin 2. 7 - 10 days: acne scars show 20% - 50% improvement (they're initially very excited - positive reviews - just to find out it's due to swelling) 3. Week 2 - Week 4: the swelling subsides, acne scars have 0% improvement, maybe worse 4. Week 4 - 6 months: the acne scars start to fill in, results are mixed I experienced the exact same thing with Mixto, and I'm rather confused as to why my scars keep reshaping. I'm 2.5 months out and see scars filling in, however month 0.5 - month 2 I had no improvement - I even sometimes claimed my skin got worse (one of my scars increased in size by 25% due to the laser, just to later fill in 50%). I have hundreds of facial scars, but the ones I tracked a number of them have improved. Is there any scientific documentation explaining the scar healing process for these types of lasers - why there is usually no initial improvement, why collagen builds, or not builds? Since my entire face was lasered, wouldn't healthy skin also be producing collagen, therefore lifting up healthy skin as well? Why would only scar tissue be producing collagen 2 + months out when my skin is fully healed? Why some scars respond better? Thanks.
  3. I've had 10+ electric dermaneedling sessions at 1.5mm - 2mm and 10+ dermaroller sessions over many years and saw minor improvement - improvement not noticeable to others but noticeable to me. I have scars like yours but 5x more of them. Dermaneedling is just one of those things you need to test and see if it works for you. It's not invasive and complications are minimal. Downtime is just a day if you don't mind looking like you're sunburnt. Deeper scars tend to get wider but shallower as you needle. This can be a bad thing for overall look. Anyway, I don't think you'll notice a big difference. This forum hypes dermaneedling, but "pics or it didn't happen". Most who claim good results don't have before/after.
  4. Erbium laser treatment doesn't help

    Fraxel repair full strength would probably be the next step. Already many threads for it on this forum. Some of those scars look pretty deep (Possible fat loss?). Doubt laser will do a whole lot for it. i lifted my deep scars as much as possible before trying ablative lasers for texture. After the swelling goes down and the skin goes back to normal, the collagen rebuilding process should begin, which takes many months. However it looks ineffective for you. There really aren't many options. Stronger laser, subcision, fillers.
  5. You've heard correctly. Dermapen carries little risk and healing time is around 3 days. Then wait a month or two before any additional treatments. You may want to try that first, then move on to an ablative laser. I do believe needling will help slightly but laser is the way to go. For your hyperpigmentation concerns, you can always start w/ weaker settings and ramp up. Costs more money, it's what I did, and it's worth it imo.
  6. I just got my first Mixto 10 days ago, fully peeled by the 5th day, completely back to normal by day 6. I do not have any more microswelling or redness and my skin isn't tight. I believe this was on a weaker setting. I've done 20+ 1.5mm - 2.0mm derma needling sessions, subcision, non ablative lasers over many years and have gotten at most 15% improvement. I did these due to recommendations on this forum. The non ablative lasers did absolutely nothing. Mixto session 1 gave me ~20%. The doctor pinpoint targeted a few small deep scars that left a 'blade cut-like wound' for a week, and those filled in the most. I am currently happy I did the procedure. i have full facial scarring (100+ scars) of all types. Mixto did absolutely nothing for icepicks (which makes sense as I don't believe it goes deep enough). Please don't discount lasers, however don't expect too much either. If you have many scars, the scars are reasonably shallow an ablative laser, Fraxel:repair or Mixto is a way to go. I did Mixto due to ethnic skin so I can't use high settings anyway. Mixto fixes a heck lot more than texture issues. The fat loss horror stories appear to be mainly from using Thermage (same company of Fraxel). Also notice most bad cases are in people who are older - young skin heals better.
  7. Acne Scars!!::((

    Doesn't look like scars, looks like post acne redness which can last for months. A gentle peel maybe? AHA? You want to increase the skin turnover rate. A quick search should get you tons of results on this forum. If you want to know if these are really scars: 1. put on a tiny layer of makeup to remove the redness 2. go into a completely dark room with a mirror (bathroom) 3. buy an iphone 4. turn on the flashlight feature and shine it from below your face 5. if you see indents, those are permanent scars 6. if you don't it's just red.
  8. If the lasers didn't work for you, needling probably won't either. The mixto laser hits around 1mm - 2mm depth; the number of penetrations significantly exceeds what needling (even a electric needler) will do. I did needling first (20 + sessions at 1.5 mm - 2mm depth) with some improvement over many years (it did shallow up the deep scars, but your scars look relatively flat). Also needling doesn't help icepicks nor texture much. If you still have rolling scars, give it a shot. Your scars are supposed to get wider and shallower after treatment. There was a good article on the healing process somewhere on acne.org.. but it often fills in that way.
  9. Trying to put on weight / snacking

    Hi mrFringe, I had the same problem and wanted to share what worked for me. I went from 135 to a current 195 (6'3) - it was impossible for me to bulk at the gym as everything I ate gave me breakouts. I still get acne if I don't eat right. Raw nuts and seeds will be your best friends. However some nuts/seeds break me out (i.e. brazil nuts, sunflower seeds), and other nuts and seeds are fine (pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews). You'll need to do an incremental test to figure out which ones work. Other foods I use for bulking: - Almonds and cashews (I take in 1200 calories a day no issues) - Raw coconut, no preservatives (I purchase from Thailand in bulk) - Canned tuna in water or salt , no preservatives for protein. - Bananas after eating fat; spread throughout the day to prevent blood sugar spikes - Avocados - Oats (can be eaten raw - soak them) If these foods don't work for you, look into something you can eat with high fat content. Beware of the following foods and incremental test, as these foods break me out (and many others here) for weeks if I eat them - eggs, soy, dairy, gluten. Good luck.