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  1. Bad acne scarring

      Dr. Rahimi did my treatments for laser - as far as I know, one of the better ones in California. He also has amazing before and after pictures on realself with near 100% improvement, and others on this forum got 50%+ improvement. I got around 10%. This forum has a lot of hype for some treatments just because one person managed huge improvements. I don't expect anymore improvement. The rolling scars were the easiest to treat and those have improved by 75%+. The boxcar scars won't budge (which is what I mostly have). But yes, like the above posts mentioned, choose a good doctor.
  2. Bad acne scarring

    70-80% improvement is a miracle for scar treatments.  I've had much faster progress with lasers and subcision compared to dermarolling; I've rolled over 25 times since 2010 and have maybe gotten a 15% improvement.  An aggressive laser makes the most sense for your goals. Add in subcision. PRP optional. There are already multiple threads dedicated to it. Just know the risks - I chose to go slow and raise the laser intensity with each treatment. With all my treatments, I'm probably at a 25% improvement (which really is nothing b/c the scars are all still there). Hope your results are better.
  3. Please help with acne scars (Pics)

    I've got similar scarring and am also asian. As for scar types, looks like you have a combination - ice pick, box car, and rolling. From experience, the red marks will go away after a year. You can smooth out those scars with multiple laser sessions, especially those rolling scars. I was told by my dermatologist that due to hyperpigmentation, lasers cannot be done as aggressively on asian skin. Probably start with subcision? I'm going in for another one soon - good results.  Good luck. You'll still need to wait 6 months after Accutane.