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  1. f93d added a post in a topic 1.5 Years Dermaneedling Update - 13 Sessions   

    Needler was from owndoc; device quality I give a 9/10, needle replacement cartridges 3/10. I threw away 60% of them due to quality variation.

    I will 2nd your opinion to not trust these products, however I've found needling to be >> dermarolling and dermastamping for consistency and depth. I never tried the chinese ones, but Owndoc has a case study on some of the Chinese needlers they've tested and your assessment is the same as theirs. 
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  2. f93d added a post in a topic 1.5 Years Dermaneedling Update - 13 Sessions   

    Used a variation of the dermapen, 2 stamps per second with 10 needles - product is no longer for sale. 

    It's marketed for treating all types of scarring and anti-aging. 

    Not a bad conclusion, but I respectfully disagree.

    That's the current plan.

    In terms of overall improvement, it improved. In terms of overall outlook, the scars are still there, and (some) people still purposely look away or stare at my skin out of curiosity. I'm very thankful for friends who couldn't care less, and believe it or not, the people who never notice it.

    Am I happy with it? .. it's alright. If you look at the creased scarring from the before pictures, that's gone.

    I stopped needling initially because I wanted to let collagen build for several months. Next, the acne scarring specialist I met in Los Angeles (who also does needling) mentioned its impact on my skin would be nil.

    Currently I'm using CoolTouch every 2 weeks and will be doing a Mixto/Subcision next month.
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  3. f93d added a topic in Scar / red mark treatments   

    1.5 Years Dermaneedling Update - 13 Sessions
    Before pictures taken in Feb 2014, after pictures Aug 2015.

    13 sessions @ 2.0 mm, standard needling sessions ( 2 days downtime, 7 days moderate/mild redness) spaced ~ 0.8 - 1.5 months apart. Used copper peptides, green cream, or BHA for topicals.


    Hope this helps some decide whether or not needling is a good idea. The last time I needled was in March, and I no longer plan to skin needle again.
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  4. f93d added a post in a topic Dermaroller - Number Of Sessions Question   

    I've had well over 25 sessions by now. My 9 sessions done in 2014 were all 2mm in depth.

    Don't expect those temple ones to improve much more. Those cheek ones should smooth out slightly with another 10 sessions.

    Boxcar scars are the worst. Rolling ones disappear like magic.
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  5. f93d added a post in a topic The Famous "single Needling"   

    Ive single needled before. I liked the results more than the dermaroller, problem is I have 100+ scars.

    To give you an idea, I had 2 large scars that sort of joined together and formed a mega scar, single needled them and they "separated". Weird stuff.

    Now I got the dermajet so I no longer use it. Blasting each scar dozens of times is so much easier and faster now, and I know it goes the full depth.
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  6. f93d added a post in a topic The Oil Cleansing Method. Negative Experiences   

    OCM is the worst thing to do to your skin, based on my experience.

    I'm suffering the consequences. The reviews all said there was a purging period; I believed it.

    Here's the sour reality - there's no such thing. Once these hundreds of comedones show up, it's over. They just stick inside your skin and inflame one by one. They don't go away.

    I rarely, if ever get big cysts and/or blood pockets (blood mixed with other gunk lingering under the skin for months) since pre Accutane.

    OCM brought this nightmare back in just 3 days.

    I've had 200+ comedones since the start of August, and it's still not over. At least one gets inflamed every day (only got inflamed since I started treating it, however. If I did nothing, no inflammation, however I'm stuck with the comedones)

    Paula's 2% BHA became a real good friend, started that 2 - 3 weeks ago and it helped to reduced comedone count by maybe 60%. However at the same time I manually extracted at least 50 of them. I've used 5 20% SA peels over the past month.

    I'm also low depth skin needling + applying the 2% SA. It just wasn't getting in deep enough.

    It blows mainly b/c before OCM I was so close to acne freedom. I was just looking for the finishing touches and was recommended OCM. On a positive note, it looks like Paula's SA is the trick for me.
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  7. f93d added a post in a topic ATTENTION: To those that have used or are using a dermaroller/ dermastamp.   

    I haven't updated in a while.

    Few things I noticed for my skin:

    Rolling scars almost disappear.

    Boxcar scars, the ones I've rolled for probably 20 times over the last 4 years with a 1.5mm roller seemed to have reached a plateau. They flattened out and are shallower.

    Icepicks - don't got these anymore.

    No signs of new scars.

    My new strategy:

    1) Needle until face is swollen
    2) Apply Super Cop x2 + Light therapy
    3) 2nd and third day: suction method + Light therapy
    4) wait 2 weeks
    5) Needle until face is swollen
    6) Apply Lactic Acid 10% + Light therapy
    7) suction method + Light therapy
    8) wait 2 weeks
    9) repeat
    10) July give needling 8 weeks break

    I love jabbing needles into my face.
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  8. f93d added a post in a topic Yes - Dairy Does Cause Acne!   

    Added raw milk a week ago (grass fed cows) to my diet, and I'm probably drinking between 700 - 800 calories / day (started lifting), between raw cream, raw whole milk, and raw kefir (in skim milk).

    No problems here; not a sign of anything worse.

    However I do have problems with milk from hormone-injected cows feeding on Frito Lay's waste product that live in congested disease-infested dirt cells. As an added bonus, they heat the milk to a high temperature to make sure the good stuff is destroyed before selling it. Yum. That's the milk you see on the grocery shelves.
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  9. f93d added a post in a topic ATTENTION: To those that have used or are using a dermaroller/ dermastamp.   

    scar age: 1 - 7 yrs;

    The only ones I really tracked are the 7 year ones on my temples - all boxcar. They all shallowed significantly but increased in diameter (edit: adding a note - the scars changed shape, some definitely shrunk but some appeared to get slightly bigger). Doesn't look good, but the old ones didn't look good either. Pretty much trading one scar for another.

    I did roll on active acne in the past b/c it makes those big ones go away within days. Big mistake -> changes scar shapes.

    New scarring did seem to come out of nowhere, excluding the mistakes of rolling on the active stuff.

    But as I said, makes no difference; I've full facial scarring. It's a little hard to track what causes what and what's improving.

    I'm just glad those rolling ones are going away - they look the worst.
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  10. f93d added a post in a topic ATTENTION: To those that have used or are using a dermaroller/ dermastamp.   

    1.) What size needles were/are you using? 1.5
    2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? rolling; box; ice
    3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment? Super Cop
    4.) What vitamins/supplements, if any, did/do you take? no
    5.) What was/is your time interval between each treatment? 2 - 8 wks
    6.) What percentage (0-100%) would you put on your scar improvement? no clue. Rolling goes away nicely, icepicks got wider but shallower, new scars did form (use @ ur own risk, don't use on active acne), scars changed shape. Overall some shrunk and some got bigger (but shallower).

    Recommended? Don't know, only if you have full face scarring like I do - nothing to lose.

    1.) How did/do you clean your device? one time use
    2.) How often did/do you clean your device? one time use
    3.) How long had/have you been doing treatment? 4 yrs
    4.) How old were your scars when you first started? 19
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