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  1. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Are you the guy from Spain, Maldition? So how's your life? Where do you live, in which part of Spain, in which city? I've never been to Spain, but I heard it's a beautiful country, I will go there soon, I hope. Are you doing something or studying or what? When you were born, 1986?
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  2. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Why no one mentions this research?
    The research has been conducted by the People's Liberation Army General Hospital in Beijing, China, and the paper was published in 2013 in a well-known international peer-reviewed magazine.
    The best part is that the paper explicitly claims that during the experiment they managed to successfully restore both epidermis and dermis and all skin appendages in mice - hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands in a full thickness skin wound that was 10 mm in diameter, so it is an amazing breakthrough! I mean everybody knows that those complex 'structures' do not normally grow out of the scar tissue.
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  3. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Well, take for example hepatitis C virus, which is now curable for the first time in history thanks to a new drug developed by Gilead Sciences and approved by the FDA in 2013/2014. And it is especially good news for Egypt where the prevalence of that virus is the highest in the world (10% or 20% of Egypt's total population):


    This article claims the drug has a 100% cure rate, it results in a complete eradication of the virus from the body after 3 or more months of treatment, and virtually has no side effect! Simple as that.

    So you see, only a few years ago you could argue that there won't ever be a cure for hepatitis C, that a cure for hepatitis C is something that is 'too good to be true', ‘far distant future’ and so on, but now the dream has finally become a reality, hepatitis C is a curable disease!

    BTW, hepatitis C was first discovered in 1989, so it took scientists 24 years to develop a cure for it, the same is probably true for skin scarring, it would take 20-30 years for scientists to find a cure for it after the first research has begun, and the first serious scarless wound healing research has begun in the mid-1990s, it cannot happen overnight.
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  4. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Lapis, please do not scare small kids! Willdono, do not listen to Lapis, you should know that we now have regenerative medicine and tissue engineering as one of the 'hottest' areas of science, stem cell research, artificial organs, iPS cells (awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2012), 3D bioprinting, and so called 'soft' molecular nanotechnology, although none of that is commercially available, it is not used in hospitals by dermatologists, and it is true that all that is still imperfect, and will be improved and researched for a long time to come, but all that are emerging technologies that will sooner or later lead to a cure for scars and will be available to everyone.

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  5. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Lapis, as far as I know she is associated with the company Avita Medical from Australia which has developed ReCell, because of that she would like to retain a monopoly on the market for treatment of burns and scars over the next 50 years - naturally, she doesn't like competition ... or maybe she believes that burns on large areas of skin will not be curable over the next 50 years? If she thinks that, then maybe it is possible that she is right (to cure large 3rd degree burns you need Star Trek-level technology: very advanced 3D bioprinting, molecular nanotechnology or something similar, although I personally believe that the human skin will be routinely 'manufactured' in laboratories in less than 30 years from now), but small and narrow burns and scars are more easy to treat and will surely be curable in 5 to 20 years from now.
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  6. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Nice, but it is just basic research.
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  7. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Nonsense! 40 years from now we will have artificial lab-grown organs (all exepct the brain), the 'human body shop' and life extension therapies so we can live 150 years, people will not die from cancer, heart disease and organ failures, and generally speaking new technologies such as 3D printing, targeted drug deliveries, brain computer interface, tissue engineering and stem cells will reach the stage of almost total perfection, I believe that genomic medicine probably won't reach the stage of total perfection in 40 years, however it will be much more advanced than it is now. And scars will be an ancient history.
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  8. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    I agree that we can draw a parrallel between understanding the mechanism of scarless healing and gravity, scientists have no idea where gravity comes from, it is the most mysterious of the four fundamental forces in physics, it is assumed that there are subatomic particles that are called 'gravitons' which are carriers of gravitational force, but this is only a theoretical assumption (one day in the far distant future maybe we will detect gravitons like we have detected Higgs bosons by using an accelerator that is zillions of times more powerful than LHC) and yet even though we know absolutely nothing about gravity we still have Newton's laws of motion, Einstein's theory of relativity, so we have no clue what causes gravity, but we know very well all the effects of gravity.
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  9. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Rez77, look at this chart: http://www.sinostemcells.com/articles/china-stem-cells-rise/ And read this paper: http://ijl.sagepub.com/content/11/4/264.abstract Then read these three news: http://med.stanford.edu/ism/2013/april/wernig.html http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2013-04/mgh-mgt040913.php http://www.nature.com/news/tissue-engineering-how-to-build-a-heart-1.13327
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  10. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    He doesn't say anything about those three issues, he is fosused on the most serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease, liver cirrhosis, organ failures, spinal cord injuries and the like, for example he says that the liver is a relatively simple organ and that he expects that in 5 years or so there will be the first artificial liver transpanted into a human, he jokingly comments that is good news for all alcoholics And Stephen Badylak and the regrowtn fingertip with his ECM are mentioned in the book, Anthony Atala and the Wake Forest University are also mentioned, an artificial bladder and windpipe, 3D bioprinters with the precise placement of every cell are mentioned, he says that Nobel Prize laureate Walter Gilbert told him that in a few decades every organ exept the brain will be grown in the laboratory from your own cells, so there will be so called 'human body shop' for patients with organ failures, so that is why I believe that the promise of regenerative medicine goes far beyond scarless skin healing, I mean if we will be able to grow new organs in the lab (some even from scratch) then we will be able to perfectly regenerate existing organs (skin and possibly all other organs - heart, spinal cord, perhaps brain and liver and so on).
    And then there is the part of the book devoted to gene therapy, he says that diseases caused by mutations in a single gene will be the first to be cured, he mentions SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency) and schizophrenia, the genetic mechanism of SCID is fully understood, but the genetic mechanism of schizophrenia is not understood very well because many genes are invovled in schizophrenia and that could be a problem (I would say it is just like the genetic mechanism of wound healing).
    And it is true that FDA is a major obstacle, this hydrogel for SCI could be approved in mid-2019, five years later that it is originally expected:

    Here is a story about artificial windpipe, it works perfectly:
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  11. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Well the main tendency of the media is to present bad news much worse than they actually are and vice versa - the good news much better than they actually are, it is called sensationalism, so forget about the media reports, that is why the media buzz shouldn't be taken too seriously into consideration (I have found that some stupid journalist predicted in 1997 that 'in 5 to 10 years there will be scarless healing drugs on the market' or something like that), but it is quite another story if you read Michio Kaku or reports of firms such as Gartner (their hype cycle) or McKinsey.
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  12. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    I changed my mind about Ray Kurzweil, he is something between pseudoscientist and scientist, the problem is that mainstream scientists don't accept his vision of the future, he has an endless list of critics, in his book 'The Age of Spiritual Machines' that he wrote in the 1990s and published in 1999 he predicted that by 2009 we will have new 'bioengineered treatments that will reduce the toll from cancer heart disease and a variety of other health problems' (this probably includes a cure for scars), this is clearly a failed prediction (though I think that his' Law of Accelerating Returns' is relevant for the number of publications in peer reviewed magazines related to tissue engineering, it is doubling every 5 years, tissue engineering is definitely one of the fastest growing areas of science if scientific output is measured by the number of publications in peer reviewed magazines), it is all still in the experimental stage (just like his predictions about driverless cars by the year 2009), and his key predictions that we will reverse engineer the human brain by 2029 and that we will have nanobots by 2030s are unlikely to materialize, not to mention his nonsense ideas about 'technological singularity' and 'mind uploading', it is more like the late 21st century or 22nd century technology and it is silly to talk about such things if we still have no cure for scars or baldness, Michio Kaku is far more realistic than Ray Kurzweil, he has no endless list of critics like Kurzweil, in his book 'Physics of the Future' he actually summarizes what 300 leading mainstream scientists in all areas of science have to say about the future of medicine, energy, computers, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology,...
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  13. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    This girl has mild to moderate acne scars, you can read comments on her videos, everybody tells her she is beautiful both from the inside and outside: http://www.youtube.com/user/DanielleOsti And she's a girl, for girls it is more important how they look from the outside than for guys, and of course she cannot wear a long beard to hide her acne scars.
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  14. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    Maldition I'm sorry to see that you suffer so much, you said you're taking some anti-depressants or something, so how old are you and what kind of scars do you have? If you have mild to moderate acne scars than there is no reason for you to be so sad, you can have a longer beard and the problem is partially solved. And have a little more faith in regenerative medicine! Read this: http://med.stanford.edu/ism/2013/april/wernig.html and this: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2013-04/mgh-mgt040913.php
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  15. Vladislav added a post in a topic Scarless Healing   

    My point is this: there are many possible approaches how we can treat scars and it is good that there are more possible approaches, but some are right and some are wrong, my opinion is that the right approach is regenerative medicine (because there are already two published papers in peer reviewed magazines which claim complete regeneration of full trickiness skin excisions on mice with all appendages - hair follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands) and genomic medicine is the wrong approach due to the complexity of the mechanism of wound healing, simply put genomics/biotechnology is still too primitive and crude and will stay primitive and crude for a long time to come, I don't believe there will be gene therapy that could totally alter the mechanism of wound healing and have the same result as the hydrogel on mice for another 20, 30 or 50 years, if gene therapy could totally and completely alter the mechanism of wound healing and make humans with salamander-like regenerative abilities then we would have medicine like in Star Trek, we could cure all or nearly all genetic diseases.
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