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Decent coverage, great for my skin.
on 16/12/2013
I noticed an improvement in my hyper pigmentation and overall skin texture when using this. It's never broken me out or blocked my pores and looks natural, giving just enough coverage to make me feel comfortable. The added SPF is a definite bonus. Just don't try to sleep in it - sleeping in make up is bad for you, no matter what cosmetic companies may say.
on 27/11/2012
I'm a 19 year old female with mild hormonal acne. My main problem areas are my cheeks and next to my eyebrows. I used to get a lot of whiteheads there.<br/>Duac is clearing me up wonderfully but it left my skin dry, flaking off, cracking, bright red, incredibly sensitive and sore and swollen. My normal moisturizer was causing more burning and pain and not stopping the flakes and tightness.<br/>I was scared to try jojoba oil at first due to the negative reviews about experiencing initial breakouts. It's been just under a week now and I've not noticed any breakouts on my forehead, which is now 100% clear.<br/>This product is actually a waxy ester, not an oil. It absorbs into my skin within five seconds of applying it and feels very light.<br/>My skin is now soft, thicker and more supple. BP and jojoba oil really do go well together. When applied to wet hair before blow or air drying it gives your hair a lovely shine and softness.<br/>Obviously not everybody's skin will react to the same product in the same way as we're all individuals, but I've had a marvellous experience with this. Don't be too afraid of trying new things; sometimes it's just what you were missing.<br/>I use 100% pure, cold pressed jojoba oil. I only apply 1-2 drops each morning after watching and each night after applying the Duac. Using too much of anything could potentially make your acne worse as your skin needs to 'breathe' (in a sense).<br/>*washing, not watching. My phone won't let me go back and correct it.
on 27/11/2012
I'm a 19 year old female with hormonal acne that has not cleared with OTC products. My acne was described by the dermatologist as 'very mild'. I consistently had a few small spots on my forehead, clogged pores on my chin and about 7 whiteheads across my cheeks at any given time, which occasional huge and painfully breakouts next to my eyebrows.<br/>I was put on oral antibiotics and Duac nearly two weeks ago now. The OAs aren't working, but...<br/>The Duac works.<br/>At first I was horrified by the side effects. However, I persevered, and they've subsided vastly. Now my forehead and next to my eyebrows are 100% clear. My chin has less clogs too.<br/>My cheeks have cleared up considerably. I now am getting very small clogged pores instead of white heads, and nowhere near as wide spread as before. I have some post acne marks that fade well with lemon juice.<br/>Every morning I woah with a natural, peppermint based soap and moisturize with 1-2 drops of pure jojoba oil. At night time I wash with the same soap, then apply Duac to my dry skin on my forehead, next to my eyebrows, on my upper cheeks and chin. I wait for this to dry and then apply jojoba oil, being careful not to spread the Duac with the jojoba.<br/>A few words of warning: Stay completely away from your eyes, mouth, and where you'd get smile lines. I left too small a gap between the Duac and my eyebags and my eyes swelled up like a cartoon character. Allow the Duac and moisturizer to dry fully before letting your hair or bedding touch your face. Wear at least factor 30 sunscreen during the day whilst using this cream, even if you only apply it at night. I recommend the ROC brand. Stop picking at your skin, it'll make your acne multiply and spread.
on 02/11/2012
I used 100% unrefined organic virgin shea butter. The kind that smells of forest.<br/>I love how it smells and feels and that it's a 100% natural, but I won't be letting it near my face again. I started to get black heads and under the skin bumps when my problem was only whiteheads before. I'm still dealing with the after math now.
on 30/10/2012
I use this whenever I've had a particularly bad breakout that's left some marks.<br/>It works rapidly on me. It's best at getting rid of those lingering red or brown dots but it did help significantly with some scar tissue near my eyebrows (it's gone completely now with lemon juice and time).<br/>Just try not to use it too frequently, only put it on at night and wear sunscreen the day afterwards.<br/>I've been using this method for over a year now and it still works.
on 30/10/2012
I tried this diluted with water. It stung but at the time I thought nothing of it. Later on in the day I noticed little streaks of red on my face. Blood was coming out of my pores in tiny amounts all over my face where the baking soda had been.<br/>Needless to say I discontinued use. It took 3 days for my face to stop bleeding afterwards. I've never seen anything like it before and I wouldn't class my skin as sensitive, although it is perhaps a little dry.<br/>This seems to be an incredibly rare reaction, but please do exercise caution whilst using this product.
on 30/10/2012
I've been taking a 50mg chelated zinc capsule every day for the last two days. Ordinarily I wouldn't leave a review after such a short length of time, but I'm already seeing results.<br/>I was on a BC pill for several years for my PCOS. It helped immensely but gave me paralyzing migraines, which my doctor said put me at risk of a stroke. I've heard conflicting things - that zinc is an ingredient in the pills and that they cause a deficiency.<br/>I think I may have been deficient purely because the chronic yeast infection that I have that never responds to treatment is beginning to clear up. This apparently is a common sign that I needed more zinc.<br/>My mum tried it for balancing her hormones as a young woman. Apparently it didn't make her either better or worse, nor did it make her feel ill. Whilst it has helped with my acne and thrush I also feel ill after taking them with a meal (although the feeling wasn't as bad yesterday as the day before).<br/>Anyway, on to the important bit.<br/>My acne has been mild/moderate lately. I've only had one breakout of about 30 small whiteheads mostly on my cheeks that have been there for about a month.<br/>It's like the zinc has sucked everything out of them so that they're red dots that lie flat across my skin (btw, lemon juice is fantastic at blitzing hyper pigmentation). I had a small initial breakout on my forehead, but the skin heals fast there anyway so it's irrelevant.<br/>I've had a few people who are close to me comment on how much better my skin is looking.<br/>I've been exfoliating twice a week with sugar, splashing warm/hot water on my face twice a day, letting the water from the shower drum over my face and using a calcium betonite clay with apple cider vinegar mask twice a week.<br/>Oh, and it cleared my chest breakout on the first day. They were a line of red spots that I'd had for quite a while that wouldn't go away.<br/>I'll do an updated review with further use. I'
on 20/10/2012
This is a follow up review on drinking green tea.<br/>I now drink plain green tea with pure honey, still from Twinings.<br/>This drink is so insanely good for you. My hormones have regulated a fair bit so that womanly problems aren't horrendous anymore, my muscle mass is growing fast with this and training and I've not caught every single bug that's going around like I normally do.<br/>Used as a topical that's just left on over night this forms like a film over my skin so that it can't breathe and I get more spots.<br/>This didn't get rid of my acne like it looked like it would at the start. I don't particularly care and I'll drink this forever for the other health benefits.<br/>It does seem to have reduced it somewhat though. This stuff really inspires you to get healthier in other ways too, and if nothing else, your self esteem will thank you for it. A healthy life style makes you glow, and somehow your acne seems less important and smaller.
on 20/10/2012
I've tried this with both water and Apple cider vinegar. With water the mixture becomes dense and lumpy. With ACV (a shop brand version bought for £1 near where I live) it bubbles up and smoothes itself out with little effort on your part. Make sure to use none metal materials to store and mix!<br/>I was worried that the ACV would burn my skin and make it bleed like baking soda does, however this was not the case. I couldn't even feel it while the mask was on.<br/>I use wet cotton wool balls to remove this mask as just washing it off will destroy your towels and drains - obviously, it's clay after all.<br/>You'll be green and smell for a while then be bright red for a bit after that too. That's normal.<br/>I use this mask every night. It's extremely drying, bit nothing oil free moisturizer can't fix. I leave it on for as long as it takes to dry - usually an hour or two - then for half an hour after that. The pulsating sensation is strong but not painful or unpleasant.<br/>The blackheads on my nose and sebum plugs on my chin are instantly reduced. You can only see the difference in my whiteheads the next morning - the deep ones form a head, the shallow ones dry up and scab over and overall they look smaller and are less painful.<br/>I've been having some problems with lumpy clogged pores since trying to use shea butter as a moisturizer. Nothing has shifted these except this mask. It's turned a few of them into spots and basically flattened the rest. This means my skin looks and feels much smoother than it did before.<br/>At £7 for a good sized jar I'd recommend you try this. It's not an instant solution but it does provide quick improvement.<br/>I did not have an initial breakout as of such - well, I did, but it came from the pre existing clogged pores, so it was obvious that that was all it was, and it wasn't that obvious to be honest.<br/>Try it and see!
on 23/06/2012
My acne recently got worse and began to leave more serious scarring that was taking longer to go away.<br/>After watching some sponsored reviews on this I became skeptical about how all the good reviews seemed to come from people that were being paid for their opinion. However, after being unable to repurchase my usual cleanser I was very eager to try one with salicylic acid in it, an active ingredient which had worked for me before that Perfectawash contains.<br/>Using the product for the first time was strange. The dispenser doesn't work straight away, you have to wave your hand in front of it several times. I wet my fingers first and got the product on my fingertips. I used the pink wash which smells very strongly of fruit and chemicals, but is not over all unpleasant.<br/>The wash does not lather well for me and tends to stay of a quite thick consistency. It does, however, get runny very easily and some went on my neck and ears. This wasn't a problem at first but I soon developed dry flaking skin on these areas and around my nose.<br/>It's advertised that you'll see a difference in your skin after 12 hours once you start using the product. I have to agree; my already healthy skin looked cleaner, felt less clogged and seemed to have a better tone. My acne scabbed over and began to heal up.<br/>Continuous use of this, both day and night as reccomended, seems to have prevented new spots from forming and to have killed the bacteria in the spots that I had at the start of use. I recently fell ill and had to go to hospital, resulting in not using this for a while, and my acne does not seem to have come back. I will however continue to use this product alongside a powerful moisturizer.<br/>The actual areas affected by acne on my face (cheeks and forehead) have a normal texture now and have not dried out any.<br/>Overall I would reccomend this product to people struggling with persistant white and black heads, as long as they don't mind how