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  1. Plan B Acne Plus Cleanup Story (possibly Cipro reaction too)

    Thanks Antonellad!! Luckily every time I've been tested I have not shown any signs of insulin resistance since changing my diet in 2009. Mangesium glycinate has helped me a lot over the years!
  2. Plan B Acne Plus Cleanup Story (possibly Cipro reaction too)

    I'm just adding this as an addendum here to this story. It's 2016 now and my skin is more clear than it has been in years! I found out that histamine in the diet was playing a significant role in maintaining my acne ... so I've been following a low histamine diet with great success (woo hoo!!!). In other news, I've been thinking back to what triggered such a bad bout of acne to begin with. It's hard because there are many confounding variables: I had pre-existing untreated Lyme disease, I had pre-existing food intolerances and digestive issues. Then in September 2013, I did two things: I took Plan B emergency contraceptive and I took a round of Ciprofloxacin for a U.T.I. I was so sure it was the Plan B that caused the reaction because I had taken it before and it definitely aggravated my acne (but not THAT bad). I also had taken Cipro before and I never noticed whether it aggravated my acne or not; if so, the effects were not immediate. THEN! I recently came across information about how devastating the effects of fluoroquinolone antibiotics (like Cipro) can be. So I wonder if this breakout was so bad because it was fueled by both an increase in androgens from plan B and an adverse reaction to Cipro. After that month in 2013, my health hasn't been the same and 2.5 years later I'm finally starting to feel more normal again woo hoo!! After reading about fluoroquinolone toxicity, my symptoms fit the bill and some other people experienced acne too. The Cipro also seemed to trigger or aggravate some kind of histamine intolerance in me which was making the acne worse and making me react to even seemingly healthy things like fermented foods and nuts. Just wanted to update this though to point out that it may not have been plan B alone but the combination of taking plan B and Cipro so close together. I've attached a picture -- I have makeup on and a filter but I swear my skin is clear underneath everything.