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  1. Histamine Intolerance and Acne?

    Thanks Clareabella!
  2. Hi Everyone, I've had acne on and off since I was 14 and then in 2013 after a round of Ciprofloxacin and Plan B emergency contraceptive it exploded to new levels (full story here). Sometimes it would get a little better during that time and sometimes it would get worse. Food seemed to play a role, my cycle played a role, some supplements helped (like B12 and vitamin C) and so forth. Finally, in 2015 I started seeing a Lyme doctor and she recommended a modified ketogenic diet which is loaded with high histamine like fermented foods, kefir, nuts, avocados, etc and my acne got really bad again. But it was a helpful indicator that histamine was playing a role in my acne! Anyway, I went on a low histamine diet and my skin is now more clear than it has been my entire life. I tend to think histamine intolerance is secondary to other issues: mast cell activation syndromes, chronic infections (like lyme and co-infections), gut dysbiosis with too many histamine producing bacteria, not enough histamine reducing bacteria, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth causing low production of histamine degrading enzyme (DAO), electrolyte imbalances, genetic abnormalities in histamine reducing enzymes and more. Still trying to figure out my underlying cause of the histamine intolerance but I imagine it has something to do with the fact that I've had Lyme for so long and also I think the antibiotic Cipro made everything worse. Just wondering how many of you out there have had success reducing your acne by modulating histamine levels?? I don't think everyone's acne is caused by histamine but I bet there's a certain subset of the acne population -- especially anyone who has ever had itchy acne or those who suspect diet is playing a role but can't pin down the exact cause. I've attached a picture of my skin last year on a high histamine diet versus this year on a low histamine diet.