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  1. Plan B Acne Plus Cleanup Story

    Hi BearBear0220, Sorry to hear your face is breaking out after plan B! At least in my case, I think part of the hormonal imbalances are/were due to me having undiagnosed Lyme disease and coinfections and the plan B seemed to trigger some kind of ongoing hormonal/inflammatory reaction. I was working for an Integrative Medicine doctor at the time and she is the one who tested my hormones and we found that my DHEA was incredibly high. It eventually went back down. Yes at the time, B12 injections and high dose vitamin D seemed to help the inflammation come back down. However, to this day my skin still breaks out from time to time during my luteal phase. Some months it looks relatively good and then the next week it can look pretty bad. At least in my case, I have a feeling that my acne won't really be under control until I treat the Lyme disease. And if it's still not under control after that, I will go to a dermatologist to help. Liposomal Vitamin C with phosphatidylcholine from LivOn labs makes the biggest difference for me right now. When I take a few packets per day my skin starts to clear and if I forget to take it, I start breaking out again. I'm also using an at-home blue/red light therapy system and getting monthly facials to help. I think it's a great idea to get to your doctor to have your hormone levels checked!  Primary doctors are great because they're usually covered by insurance but if you want someone who is going to spend more time with you, you can check out integrative doctors -- they're just not always covered by insurance so can get pretty expensive. As for diet, yes I tried to do everything possible to reduce anything that is going to cause inflammation or increase androgen production (which requires reducing processed carbohydrates and sugars to reduce the insulin spikes and increasing vegetables and other anti-inflammatory foods). Something similar to the Paleo diet works well to reduce insulin spikes. Remember changing diet can be really challenging at first and it's okay if you slip up from time to time. Small changes really add up over time so just try to be patient and kind with yourself as you're making any changes. Another great option is to see a dermatologist to see if there's anything you can do in the meantime. At the time when my face broke out, I was hesitant to see a dermatologist because my body was acting so strangely to all kinds of medications. And again, I kind of want to treat my Lyme disease and infections before adding any other kinds of medications from dermatologists, but they can do a lot more than medications these days and might be able to treat with things like laser therapy to help prevent and reduce scars. So please don't feel alone or like you don't have too many options! Here's a summary of what we just talked about: See your primary, get a full check up and make sure you don't have any underlying issues or hormonal imbalances that have been exacerbated by plan BTry to incorporate more healthy eating, similar to a Paleo diet, to reduce your insulin spikes and to eat more anti-inflammatory foods There are plenty of vitamins and supplements that people have had success with on this website (check out the reviews). I've had success with B12, vitamin D, and Liposomal Vitamin C with Phosphatidylcholine from LivonLabsSee a dermatologist to see what they recommend. If you are not interested in prescription medication or acne creams, ask them about alternatives like laser therapy.Be kind to yourself! I know how it feels to feel like you caused your acne by taking plan B ... but you chose to take plan B for very good reasons so forgive yourself for the after effects. It's also challenging to try to love yourself through the acne and to make diet changes, but I promise loving yourself and getting on board with your own healing (as if you were supporting a sick friend) can make a world of difference and makes it easier to try and stick to the different treatments. Treat yourself to facials from time to time ... they can be very relaxing and healing. Occasionally, aestheticians will try to "extract" your pimples which can be painful -- if you just want to have an enjoyable experience ask them to skip this part. Wishing you the best of luck! I hope all of the inflammation comes down quickly.