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  1. Thank you, yeah I think it's what's best so far. Im just completely lost. It's the worst its ever been and it keeps on getting worse. I have started to use this tinted moisturiser for men and mens foundation thought and I do think that they are having a really bad impact, but my acne is so bad right now that i simply cant stop using, i NEED to cover them up. I think I shouldnt apply both the moisturiser AND the foundation perhaps on top
  2. It's horrible, mate. Like I keep imagining how good my life would be without it - all the thing I could do. There's just nothing that seems to be working. It's just worse and worse each day. How can anyone live like this? Im 24, i shouldnt have to suffer from it this bad when everyone else goes on with their life as they wish. Accutane is probably my only option. And even after it might work my acne will still come back - it always does.
  3. So I haven't posted on here for a good while. Im 24 now and when I was 19 I started to develop severe acne that progressed from mild. Iv'e pretty much lost all that I can think of in my life and then some because of it all - jobs, friends, relationships, family - my future. I did get my skin to a manageable point about 2 years ago on Dan Kern's regime and have been using his products the past 2 years however they slowly started to lose their effect and my skin just tolerated it more and more. These past 2 months my skin is the worst it's ever been. Deep, red, painful cysts, whiteheads, papules, you name it. It disgusts me to even look at myself. And you know the hardest thing? I don't even know why it keeps getting worse and worse. Im getting clusters of acne on top of current acne, my skin is so red it's embarrassing. My diet is probably the healthiest it's even been, organic everything, no sugar, grains, dairy, gluten, anything. I take powerful supplements, all the ones that get recommended however nothing seems to budge it, or even make a slight difference - especially just lately. Now I have to admit I just recently started to use a tinted moisturiser and a mens foundation that I think could be causing me to have more severe breakouts but the cache 22 is that I cant leave the house if I havent applied it to hide my shame. My skin regime is pretty crap too since Im too scared to even try new stuff. The only thing i use is dans cleanser and moisturiser, i dont like BP anymore since it dries out my skin too much and plus my acne has become somewhat immune to it. Ive got no future, friends, family bonds, ive got nothing. It's rid me of everything. Acne needs to be taken way more seriously than it is, it's a killer. It breaks you down and tortures you. There must be a reason why every person I know, who I see in the street doesn't have severe acne like me - what's wrong with me internally to be doing this? Heavy metals? Im a loner, a recluse. I want to travel and get away but im stuck, because of how severe my acne is. I just don't know what to do anymore - i have tried everything apart from accutane. I am severely depressed and Im not ashamed to admit it.