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  1. Liam Foster added a topic in Back/Body/Neck acne   

    Nose Acne; Won't Go! - What's The Cause
    Ok, so this is my first post in a long while but I thought it was needed. Iv'e had severe acne since I was 18 and it's basically destroyed a good chunk of my life. Dan Kern's Regime was the only thing that's actually made a difference and changed my life. Now when I did have severe acne I always had it on my cheeks and forehead; my nose was the only part of my face which was always clear and I had no problems with.

    Now since my cheeks and forehead have cleared up and I hardly get any acne there now, my nose has literally exploded. The amount of acne I get there is beyond rationalising and I honestly have no idea why it's there and why it won't go. Sometimes it's not even spots itself however huge, inflamed red marks that you can see from a mile off.

    The thing that's annoying me and depressing me the most is the fact that they won't go! No matter what I do, eat healthier, use the regime, use powerful spot cream; nothing will make them go. I honestly look awful because they are such a focal point of my face.

    If anyone has any advice or ideas on why i continue to get them and why they won't budge - please get in touch! Thankyou
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  2. Liam Foster added a comment on a blog entry My Regimen Journey - Nearly 3 Months In   

    Haha, my attitude is always negative! But yeah fingers crossed it will go well!
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  3. Liam Foster added a blog entry in Liam Foster's Blog   

    My Regimen Journey - Nearly 3 Months In
    Hey people. It's been quite a while since i last wrote a blog post so i thought i would update you all on how i have been getting on. In the November of 2013 I finally decided to purchase Dan Kern's regimen that i had been pondering over for a hell of a long time. I was reading all the thousand's of reviews that spoke so highly of it and thought I might as well give it a try.

    So I am about 2 and half months in now, nearly hitting the 3 month mark; and my the regimen has helped clear my skin pretty well; however not all of it. I love having a regime that i can follow easily and which helps my skin feel clean and fresh and it gives me peace of mind that the regimen is friendly to the skin. My acne scars/pigmentation is still very bad however the regimen has helped clear my cheeks of acne very well and currently i only have 1 active spot on my right cheek. However the main concern is still my forehead which just seems immune to every single medication possible in the world, IT JUST WILL NOT HEAL!!! About 2 weeks ago my forehead was relatively clear and all i had to deal with was the terrible redness, scars and pigmentation; but just like always that hope was quickly eradicated as a few days later i got acne again, and right now my forehead is full of painful, inflamed red spots that i have no idea of to why they have formed.

    The regimen is slowly helping however i honestly do not think it will be the thing to totally help get rid of my acne. I still get new spots every week or so, especially on my forehead. I honestly have no idea on what to do, or how to stop my body/face producing them. I am on the verge of starting a course of accutane for the very first time which im nervous about, but when you're at rock bottom, you just need a miracle.

    I am also currently saving up (even though i havent got a job due to my severe acne/depression) for the 'York Test' food intolerance test. It is the most highly regarded and precise food intolerance test out there and checks your blood for over 100 foods! I desperately need help to know what is causing my body to still produce acne on a regular basis; and not just little spots, i am talking big painful red spots! I know that gluten, wheat and dairy cause me to break out and i havent consumed any of that for a very long time now, so i know it must be something else that is causing it. Whether that be food related or what, i just dont know.

    I will continue on the regimen for as long as i can afford to keep buying it, but it's looking bleak at the minute as my face will just not heal. It seems like nothing will ever work.
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  4. Liam Foster added a blog entry in Liam Foster's Blog   

    Regimen And Accutane; Can They Work Together?
    Hello again. So i have my dermatologist appointment tomorrow and given the state of my face currently, he will no doubt want to put me on accutane, which will be my wish also because i really am at the end of my tether. However i have already ordered Dan Kerns' products and am just waiting for the Moisturiser to be delivered so i can finally get started on the regimen. Therefore this got me thinking; can taking accutane and being on the regimen affect the regimen in a way in which it wont be effective? In my personal opinion i don't think it would as Accutane works acne internally whereas the regimen obviously focuses on the external source.

    I have heard so many success stories with the regimen i thought why not try it out, since i have literally tried everything else. The only thing i am worried about is when iv'e stopped taking accutane, there is a high chance that my acne will come back. however with me probably still doing the regimen, will that keep the acne away?

    Decisions decisions. I am definitely going to do the regimen however accutane is very much likely to happen tomorrow!
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  5. Liam Foster added a blog entry in Liam Foster's Blog   

    What Can Cause More Acne?!
    So i am honestly lost for words. This morning i woke up, went to look in the mirror and saw about 5 new big inflamed spots, 1 with a head on, and it's set me wayyyy back. I have been eating healthy now for the past 2 months. I haven't had no dairy, no gluten and no wheat, 3 factors of which i thought was causing my acne in the first place, i used to eat foods with these 3 ingredients in and i used to get spots the following day therefore i saw this as a change, and it wasn't easy let me tell you. However when you have literally taken every bit of shit out of your routine, you clean your face with a good face wash, you eat healthy, you try to look after your skin with necessary rejuvenating creams etc and you get MORE spots than what you did when you were eating shit, what on earth do you do then?! I was to know people's opinions on what might be causing my acne. We can count diet out because i am honestly so confused with that atm. I have lost so much weight because of cancelling out so many foods. It cant be my face wash because iv'e been using that for a very long time now and my face has only now started to explode with painful new acne. What other things can cause acne? I know for a fact that there is something inside of me that is very wrong, and has been for a while but i don't know what it is!!! Something perhaps with my digestion or something, i just don't know. I am going to see my dermatologist next month and going to plead with him to put me on accutane and run some tests on me because this is really affecting my severe depression greatly. I have my university graduation next march, and if i have to miss out on that because of how bad my face is, it will honestly destroy me.
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  6. Liam Foster added a comment on a blog entry Desperately Need People's Advice!   

    All i drink is water. Haven't had fizzy drinks since forever. And iv'e been looking for 2 years now, it's hard not to despair
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  7. Liam Foster added a blog entry in Liam Foster's Blog   

    Desperately Need People's Advice!
    So, i am really really really confused at the moment. Acne just doesn't make any sense whatsoever!! My body is a wreck. Let me cut straight to the point: I have been gluten, Dairy and wheat free now for while now, and therefore hardly no shit is entering my body. However, i am now getting acne literally all over my face!!! So even when iv'e cut out all of these 'trigger' foods which was very difficult, i am now getting more acne than ever before. It's so odd, like my face has just exploded with spots all over my face. And not just little ones, im talking about the big ones that hurt when you touch them, inflamed type acne.

    I am just so baffled and clueless on what i should do. I am trying to eat healthy and eliminate any form of crap, and now im getting new acne every day!! I need your guys help on what i should do! I was thinking of maybe going to a nutritionist and explaining my situation to them, perhaps get a food intolerance test. I am honestly out of ideas.

    When you try everything you can possibly think of to be rid of your nightmare, and still nothing works, what do you do? There must be something that i am missing, something that is wrong with my body, but i just can't think of anything, depression is on the rapid decline, and it really is scaring me at how bad it is atm.
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  8. Liam Foster added a comment on a blog entry How My Acne Has Mentally Destroyed Me.   

    Yeah the same with me! I feel for you because i know how painful it can be physically. Hope you're better now
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  9. Liam Foster added a blog entry in Liam Foster's Blog   

    How My Acne Has Mentally Destroyed Me.
    This will be my final blog post for a long while, my final canvas in which to convey every last detail of my struggle with people whom may or may not understand. Acne has brought me to my knees and has destroyed me in a way i think i will never be able to overcome as long as i still walk this Earth. What many people don't realise with this disease, as i like to call it, is that along with the physical scrutiny that Acne puts you under; it destroys your inner most self, you become weakened by it all. I have had severe acne for 2 years now, and the acne that once was, now subsides deep in my skin, creating very noticeable red scars, all over my face. I have been in a formidable struggle with depression ever since this occurred. I am now half the person i once was before any of this ever began. I have given up so much because of my constant daily struggle; job opportunities, close friendships, close family bonds, my social life but most importantly, i have given up myself. For people who have struggled with severe acne for as long as i have will understand how hard it is to wake up every day, look in the mirror and be completely overcome with embarrassment and that feeling of anguish knowing that you don't look any different, your face is still messed up, and you know the most painful part? There is literally nothing you can do anymore, you have no fight left in you. I have tried everything there is apart from Accutane, but i don't want to talk about drugs and medication right now because we all know they are just false hopes, as once they do their work and you stop taking them, you get overcome by it all once again, this time 100x worse than before. No, this isn't about how many things i have tried, or how many pills and drugs i have taken to try ever so desperately to rid me from this pain, this is about my mental state, and how acne has destroyed my life, basically. I stay awake till 5am, 6am sometimes, at times just staring into complete darkness, a feeling of not wanting to wake up in the morning at the fact that my life will still be the same, i will still look the same and that's just the way things will remain. And for the people reading this right now, please don't comment with fake optimism; telling me that things will always get better, that things will change because it won't make a slight bit of difference to me whatsoever. If you feel the same way as i do, then please by all means, comment your struggles, and we can struggle together! I don't want no philosophical bullshit put my way either, so please refrain from doing so. This is just my life at the current moment, in one whole paragraph. Maybe once day i can come back onto this site and tell you about how my life has changed and how i can finally live like a normal person, instead of a nocturnal recluse who is slowly wasting away. Thanks for taking your time to read this, and god forbid for this to ever happen to anyone else. Acne will break you, and when things are uncontrollable, you become your most vulnerable, and that's when it tears you apart the most.

    Liam Foster.
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  10. Liam Foster added a comment on a blog entry Why Am I Still Getting Acne?   

    What is the caveman regimen?
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  11. Liam Foster added a blog entry in Liam Foster's Blog   

    Why Am I Still Getting Acne?
    So for many people who have followed my journey these past 2 years on this page, know that i have had severe acne for about 3 years now. And to no avail, whatever i have tried, hasnt worked. That was until i tried trimethropin which is just a bit milder than accutane, and with less side effects, and man did it clear up my painful acne! Im still left with horrible red scars all over my face which still upsets me. However; as of just recently iv'e been having a lot of flare ups, from out of nowhere, as per usual. Iv'e been eating ok, havent eaten gluten in ages, dont have too much dairy, so why the sudden flare ups out of nowhere? There is defo something wrong with me on the inside. Like Trimethropin took most of the acne away, but what is causing the other acne to form? There must be something causing it, something inside my body isnt right, and i just cant put my finger on it!! Its so annoying, and depressing; just when you think youre on the road to recovery, you just keep getting shot back down. Been like this for 3 whole years now!!! Is there any end in sight!? Please!
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  12. Liam Foster added a comment on a blog entry Things Getting Gradually Better (But Still Not 100%)   

    JinGeeloo; that moisturiser looks very good! However, it seems everywhere iv'e looked online only seels it in the USA, and i reside in the UK. Finding it very difficult to find it over here Atm, i have aveeno clear complexion moisturiser.
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  13. Liam Foster added a comment on a blog entry Painful Acne   

    Well i admire your spirit! You deserve nothing more to heal! I hope it happens very soon for you
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  14. Liam Foster added a comment on a blog entry Things Getting Gradually Better (But Still Not 100%)   

    Hey! Yeah i did use to moisturise a hell of a lot, however after realising that i had quite oily skin, i stopped doing it :/ Not sure if i should do it again. And the face wash i have already has an exfoliater in it, which is handy
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  15. Liam Foster added a blog entry in Liam Foster's Blog   

    Things Getting Gradually Better (But Still Not 100%)
    Hello again, people. So iv'e been on Trimethropin (or however you spell it) for a good 4 months now, and it's done wonders. The active pimples i had have slowly diminished which im really pleased about. However they are still lingering problems that are still making me a recluse and stooping me recovering fully. Firstly, my acne scars are unbelievable! Just red everywhere, red marks, blotches, the lines on my forehead are just bright red, making my face just seem like a complete mess. However, you could run your fingers over my skin and it's as smooth as anything. My derm wasn't that helpful when i told hi about this, explaining they would just clear up over time, however when i asked him about retinol-a, he just ignored me, basically. The last thing is these pesky little spots that have decided to set up camp all over my nose. No idea where they have come from as the rest of my face has been ok. Now, i'm not sure if it's because i have a bad habit at picking at my nose (as everyone does, lol) but it's very noticeable atm, and it looks horrible. So if anyone would be a star and tell me if your nose is different when it comes to acne, and if anyone has any good suggestions of healing acne marks/scars quicker, to clear up the redness and get me back to my clear normal complexion, that iv'e dreamed of having for 3 years, now. Thankyou
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