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  1. g33tar added a post in a topic The Differin Diaries   

    night 5? you've a long long way to go. you would be better off logging only once a week or so and forgetting about it. im on week 5, and things are beginning to clear up fast finally, but it was a pretty rough first few weeks so you'll have to be patient
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  2. g33tar added a post in a topic The Differin Diaries   


    im 4 weeks into differin and 6 weeks of tetracyline.

    Week 3: my breakouts seemed to be slowing. instead of waking with about 15 whiteheads around my mouth, im only waking up with about 4 or 5 and they usually are at the surface and "wash off" easily enough. i guess thats my skin thinning out.

    so far this week (4) im having similar improvements. its seems to come and go in terms of breaking out. ive had a few rough days the last week, but nothing compared to the IB i had in week 2.

    Im happy that my breakouts are slowing, its giving me a bit of hope in getting clear for summer. The scars and redness of the IB madness i went through seem to be starting to fade, but my jawline and chin area are still extremely red and the "old" acne are still quite red. I'm used to that though, ive been dealing with acne for long enough so it doesn't bother me too much.
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  3. g33tar added a post in a topic Lymecycline / Tetralysal 300   

    just started tetralysal about 2 weeks ago with a Differin 0.1% regime from my derm.

    had a pretty bizzare breakout this morning, counted around 25 whiteheads all around my chin (thats the only place i get acne).

    i was pretty disheartened because i was getting some very nice results, and my face was looking its clearest its ever been since i was around 12 (I'm 19).

    has anyone else had a similar breakout?

    im guessing its a one step back, two steps forward approach with the tetralysal? i'll keep at it anyway and hopefully it will clear up again.
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