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  1. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    I've been to just about any doctor you can tie in to my symptoms (neuros, derms, general doctor, internal doctor, hematologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, herbal doctors, naturopaths). I've spent so much money and time to no real results. Does anyone suggest going to an immunologist? Will they be able to make judgements based off the ELISA test I had done by the lyme literate doctor?
  2. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    Sorry I ended up not getting back with my test results, but the crazy expensive Lyme literate doctor I went to ruled out all tick-born illnesses but from the massive bunch of blood work she had done on me, I basically have a ton of antibodies in my system, have higher than average levels of candida, and have an unknown infection going on detected by ELISA (EBV-VCA and EBV-EBNA). I was prescribe a random medicine to try killing the candida but other than that, I have no idea where to go from here. The doctor says all my twitching and tremors are being caused by these viruses and that these also may have been the cause for my random scarring. I can't go back to this naturopath though because she charges ridiculous amounts for anything and everything. Anyone have any idea where I should turn to next? I really want to find the root cause of these antibodies and get on a well guided path to healing.