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  1. No one can tell me what scarring this is

    What you are experiencing is very similar to what I have experienced for 3 years or so now. My texture looks incredibly similar to yours - this somewhat crinkled, linear scarred texture across my cheeks. I have also had random pockmarks show up, mainly small ones. A lot of pimples leave little divots now too, no matter how major or small the blemish itself was. I have experienced all of your pain, helplessness, and then some. I've gone to dermapathologists, dermatologists, immune system doctors for 2 years - no one has an answer. The closest answer I have come to is an endocrinologist who found that I am positive for ANA Screen IFA, with a Speckled Rheumatoid Factor for the ANA Pattern. What this means is there is an autoimmune reaction going on in my body, likely an undifferentiated connective tissue disease. I was supposed to follow up with another blood test but didn't go due to work commitments. The annoying thing is that being positive for ANA Screen IFA doesn't tell you anything. It could be a ton of things causing it to be positive. But I feel it may explain why my face has been this way.