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  1. Gladiatoro, yes I had several CT scans on my abdomen to look at the Liver and Pancreas. Normal results here.
  2. I've been following this thread for years. Time to pay it forward. I was an extreme accutane case (story at the end of this, but you've heard it before). After my bad reaction, I actually met with the inventor of accutane in 2010. He's a dermatologist who lives near my hometown, in Dublin, Ohio. I went in for a routine dermatology appointment as a "new patient" and surprised him. I was terse. I got under his skin enough that he explained that he hadtried to publicize information about accutane after he sold it to La Roche. They sued him over the articles of research he was beginning to put out in the newspaper about how accutane works. He kept silent on the details, but pointed me toa hospital where I met a neuroimmunoendocrinologist who agreed to take me on. I've worked with this doctor for 4 years, and I feel 95% better. Maybe your body is not the same as my body. Maybe accutane affected us all in different ways. Here's how it affected me: 1. Severe IBS. Got an endoscopy to rule out IBD, Crohn's, and Ulcerative Colitis. 2..Adrenal Failure. I took salivary-cortisol testsand was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency (addison's disease). 3. Blood tests. I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia and extremely high triglycerides. 4. More tests drew a connection to yeast overgrowth, low Vitamin D, land ow testosterone. 5. PTSD. I was diagnosed by a counselor not because of any traumatic event, but because of my symptoms. 6. Extreme fatigue. I got my Kreb's cycle made and learned that my ATP production (protein synthesis) was very low. 7. Erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone. Here's what I did about it: 1. Prescriptions.I took cortif for about three years as a replacement for my extreme case of adrenal insufficiency. Ialso took a Nystatin (anti fungal for yeast), and low-dose naltraxone for about 1 year. 2. Diet change.I've eaten a strict diet similar to the anti-candida diet for about 5 years now. I don't eat fruit (or sugar) except for avocado, tomato, and dark chocolate above 70%. I've worked in brown rice, corn chips (before bed for low , and potato chips to avoid ketosis. 3. Supplements. I weaned off all prescriptions above andadded in Taurine (blood sugar Source Natural Calm Thoughts (anxiety/energy from adrenal issues), Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin D together, and creatine (orotine) before workouts (3x weekly, no long distance cardio). 4. Vitamin C. For two weeks, I maxed out my system with vitamin C. I figured out my maximum tolerance and maintained it. This drastically improved my energy. 5. Red wine. I drink 1-2 glasses of red wine (boxed) every night. This has drastically reduced my inflammation. 6. Sexual health. I stopped all sex for an entire month. I put up filters on my internet using Open DNS. About 3 times each year I stop all sex for two weeks. These short periods of rest and life change of media control have drastically improved my low-t issues. 7. Sleep. I go to bed at 9p when I need to, sometimes sleeping 10-12 hours on weekends. 8. Biofeedback, accupuncture, and meditation. All of these have been important for daily stress (inflammation) reduction. Story: I took accutane for two weeks. After my last dose, I fell asleep for about 3 days and woke up weird. I remember getting really bad headaches. I also had terrible constipation. I couldn't use the bathroom for about 2 months and ended up in the hospital several times. The stomach is connected to your mood, your brain, your biochemistry. I ended up with terrible anxiety, heart palpitations, hyper vigilance, depression, insomnia, and suicidal ideations. My blood sugar was all over the place, my tryglycerides were through the roof, and I had panic attacks daily.Former athlete, musician, honors student in high school turned couch-ridden, college drop out. Sound familiar? When I was on the couch for 9 months, I swore I would pursue my dreams if I ever got healthy again.Today, I'm there. I've graduated college and gone on a different path and I have the energy and mental capability to succeed again. I'm determined to make my story a happy ending.