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  1. londoncat8 added a comment on a blog entry Just Posted Pics   

    what you have should not be treated by accutane but rather medication or whatever else for mental issues associated with 'acne'. There is no cure for something that does not exist. You, your consciousness creates what you have in your life and if that space inside is not happy, no matter how beautiful you will be there will no happiness to be found. People get cancer, that is a problem, what you have on your face is not a problem. You see it that way and it is tragic but one day you will be able to put things into perspective hopefully not through a worse experience than the one you have now. We all change and transform and our values will follow. If you have time on your hands to vent about your non existent acne problem then you really do have time on your hands. We are only as good as the last thing we have done for another human being. Control your ego. What you written above is a good vent at me but it comes from an ego and not from the spark that you are. I am no friend of yours and not trying to be. I am just a witness here. When the only person you think when you write your blogs is yourself then the next step of evolution is to try something else.
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  2. londoncat8 added a comment on a blog entry Just Posted Pics   

    If I had skin like this I would not worry about accutane or any treatment for it at all. For my face was covered with acne which was bleeding, having puss inside and some of it would be the size of 5p coin. Children would point fingers at my face on the streets. So when I see yours face and the posts you make they do not necessarily connect for me.
    I know that when I look at other people's pictures on this website I would not be writing that I do not know how to deal with life and I am utterly depressed because if a person who has worse acne than me reads it- it would be devastating to them, how are they supposed to feel…? I do not know… It is tragic that a skin which looks rather lovely, and nothing of the sort it can be for some people on this website, makes you feel the way it does. I would say it is psychological far more than physical. What hope is left to others when desperate please of your posts are next to almost perfect skin. What is the standard you are trying to achieve? Some people dream of having skin like you do. You are blessed with your skin and until you realise that, you will have no peace.
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  3. londoncat8 added a comment on a blog entry Post Accutane Update And Regimen Results   

    i guess your problem is not just acne on your face…. prioritise man what is important and what is not.
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  4. londoncat8 added a blog entry in londoncat8's Blog   

    Post Accutane Update And Regimen Results
    Well, I decided to do a post about my progress post accutane. I have had my treatment almost 3 years ago. While on it, I had the most wonderful skin, even though i've had pigmentation all over my face. After I finished my course, exactly in 1 month, my preaccutane skin returned, it was depressing and bad. To top it off my hair was falling like I've had a chemo therapy….. At that point I tried everything there was to try on my skin….so what's next. I decided to give dan's regimen a go; i was a bit sceptical because I have used BP before and it never worked. Within 6 months of using regimen my skin transformed, although oily as before, my skin is clear. Fast forward 2 years, my pigmentation faded to such an extent that I do not need to use make up. I have very white, pale skin and i never thought my pigmentation will ever fade away but it did (took 3 years). I do not use BP in the amounts dan suggests because I need not much now to keep my skin clear. I do not get acne at all and it is very liberating. I have scarring which is visible but I am used to it and it does not bother me at all. I feel my scars no longer a problem because overall skin looks even in tone. I used AHA, not religiously, but it might have helped. I never thought it possible to not use make up and walk outside barefaced. I used to have such bad acne people would verbally abuse me on streets and children's parents would advise me to hide at home with 'that' face. I believe my cat sometimes did not recognise me when I would get covered with all sorts of acne all over my face for months….it was looking at me distressed and surprised,lol I've had acne since 12 y.o. and I am 36 now…… it was a very long journey to recovery but it was worth it:) I survived depression, self-harm and human abuse for years and somehow it all changed. Maybe accutane did a good job, maybe dan's regimen was the miracle formula for me or it might be I've just grown out of acne….but somehow I have a beautiful skin now. I do not put anything non-organic on my face except BP. I am vegetarian (eat fish). I have type 1 diabetes and it is very well controlled. I do not smoke but I do drink a glass of wine occasionally. I hope and wish all people who suffer acne or other skin condition find a cure which suits them. Never stop dreaming and making steps towards your dreams because of acne. Be creative in solving your problems:) Do not despair or give up. I wish you all well and I hope you find answers and cures to what ails you.
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  5. londoncat8 added a comment on a blog entry Week 11 (Day 79)   

    never give up, i wish and hope it gets better for you very soon:)
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  6. londoncat8 added a post in a topic 8 Months After Accutane And I Still Have Scars   

    well then, you have to leave it be for now and treat scars with laser or some other alternative late,r because, in my opinion and from my personal experience, scars do not get significantly better unless you laser treat them or just accept them as they are.
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  7. londoncat8 added a post in a topic Accutane No Effects?   

    My face started to clear only on the 4th month. Patience would be the key word here:)
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  8. londoncat8 added a post in a topic 8 Months After Accutane And I Still Have Scars   

    scars usually become more visible during the tane treatment and after…. but with time they might get better, although not in my case:) If by marks you mean pigmentation, it will definitely get lighter or disappear within 2-3 years on its own or faster if you do treatments (laser etc…) I agree with the above post-accutane does not treat scars but it sounded from your post that you expected it to. In any case, dryness should have subsided by now but if it did not then that has to be addressed with dermatologist. My oil returned 1 months after accutane was stopped. But oil returned together with acne as before:) good luck to you!
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  9. londoncat8 added a post in a topic 70 Days Left On Accutane...worried I Wont Be Clearedi   

    It can clear in 70 days…the problem might be that acne returns after it clears and once you stopped taking the tane. Do not worry about it now, complete the course first:) good luck!
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  10. londoncat8 added a post in a topic What To Expect On Accutane.   

    what to expect on accutane….?….. more important question might be what to expect after you finish the course….sometimes it does not help...
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  11. londoncat8 added a post in a topic Bp Treatment Unavailable At Amazon   

    Order from same prices as on
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  12. londoncat8 added a comment on a blog entry Week 8 (Day 58)   

    start some random activity:) yoga…? charity volunteering? If you can not help yourself, help someone else…. It is difficult, life in general is difficult when we make it about ourselves:) But, when we make it about helping someone else, life transforms, you get all you need from everywhere:) Even in our darkest moment there is light to be found and that is called magic or god within us. Light for all:)
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  13. londoncat8 added a post in a topic Acne Has Controlled My Life Over The Past Two Years. Please Help   

    If our faces are only there for the purpose of attracting a partner (in your case- a girl) you will have a long journey to learn that it is not…. We get in life challenges of different types- illnesses, money lack, body issues, bad habits, addictions etc… and the reason we have them is to find a way to overcome them and get better in the process. We get better when we change attitudes, life styles, scale of values etc…. your world should not evolve around your acne issues and you can change it. What did you try for treatments by the way? Have you tried BP? Another reply here says your pictures are not as bad as you say so maybe psychiatrist is the person you need to see.
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  14. londoncat8 added a post in a topic Oily Hair   

    Try allergenics gentle medicated shampoo. It has no SLS, parabens and other bad stuff. I have seborrheic dermatitis and that is what i use. In fact any shampoo that does not have SLS and parabens would be good for you. Not washing your hair every day is not a good advice, in my opinion. There are many organic brands that sell shampoos and conditioners with good ingredients. Conditioners might not be necessary for oily hair but washing it every day should be.

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  15. londoncat8 added a post in a topic After Accutane Breakout   

    The cause could be that accutane does not help everyone. After completing accutane treatment I had all my acne return to previous state after one month. On top I had half of my hair fall off:) I hope your case is different and your acne does not return to what it was before. The only thing that keeps me clear now is dan's regimen and I wish I tried it before doing accutane treatment. All the best to you!
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