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  1. Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time. Can you post a pic of your dry thinning and brittle hair? So we can see what you are talking about? Obviously you can't post a pic of your IBS, but seeing your hair would help assess your situation and it's severity, and I think it would be very helpful to people. Thanks!
  2. Chicanery, and others, would you be willing to post pics of your hair loss? Even a before pic for comparison. I think it would be really helpful. We read a lot of these types of posts, but rarely does anyone even post a pic. Again, I think it would be a great help in understanding it and seeing exactly what you're talking about. Thanks!
  3. Some reassurance - hair shedding

    Hows it going w/ you? Do you think you are still shedding? Do you think there is a noticable difference in your hair? An update would be great. Thanks!
  4. How long and what dosage are you on? How long have you been on it? Care to share your experience so far? Any side effects? Hows ur skin looking? I think it would be helpful. Thanks .
  5. Help needed :(

    Hi pjames, Unfortunately, I don't think myself or anyone here is really qualified to tell you what to do next. It's also hard to comment since there isn't a "before" pic. I'd say if you haven't seen real results after a good amount of time, go back to your doctor and ask him what the next step is. Also, from years of seeing dermatologists and suffering from chronic acne, I'd say don't be afraid to try a new doctor. Even research doctors online and find ones with good reviews, etc. Sometimes dermatologists don't give you the attention they should, or run their practice like a conveyor belt, or continue to prescribe things that just aren't working. But I'd talk to your doctor, tell them your concerns, and see what they say. And if you continue to not see results, go to another doctor. And be patient. We tend to panic when it comes to acne, but that NEVER helps. Best of luck!
  6. Start of accutane 1/20/16

    Hey, any update? Are you finished w the course? How has your skin been? Any new side effects (hopefully not!). If youre done w/ the course, have you seen continued improvement? Thanks!
  7. Accutane encouragement for mild acne

    Any update? Thanks!
  8. Accutane log 2016

    Hey Yung Raptor, hows it going? Anything new to report? BTW how long is your course? An update would be awesome! Thanks!!
  9. I'm in a similar boat as you, but I'm 34, and have been on topicals for 18 years, and for periods of time, oral antibiotics. I'm also never clear, but I would say my acne is maybe more mild than yours, although it use to be much worse. U def have more bumps than me, my average is maybe 4-5, possibly less if I'm having a good week. I'll get maybe 1-2 cysts every 3-4 months. I've also developed some sebaceous hyperplasia lesions, which are basically bumps/clogged pores that dont go away, and need to be burned off, but they look like acne. My pores are pretty large and my skin pretty oily too. Overall, my skin frustrates the hell out of me. As I've gotten older, I've noticed that harsh topicals seemed to aggervate my acne, and when I switched to milder strengths/products, I saw an improvement. I use tretinoin gel .01% at night (I actually just switched to .025% this week to see if it's more effective, but have been using .01 for a few years w decent results), and clindamycin gel in the morning. I was using benzoyl peroxide in the morning for years, but I think the harshness of the two was somewhat counter productive. I have been considering Accutane for YEARS. I still am. My old doctor actually recommended it when I was 23 and had much worse acne. But at the time I was too afraid because of all the stuff I read on the internet :/. I kinda wish I had done it, but I try not to dwell on it. I've really soul searched about this. Is it worth the risks? Am I just being vain? I still don't know. I'm taking it slow and seeing how I do with .025% tretinoin, and I want to give it enough time to work, or not work. I looked up derms who take my insurance, and then looked up each one, and tried to find out via their websites or reviews, whether they are open to prescribing accutane for mild chronic adult acne. I found a few in my area, some who seem to really feel positively about it. Perhaps you should talk to your dermatologist, and if they are not keen about it, research new ones. I'd also say that reading peoples horror stories can be somewhat debilitating. It's necessary to know the risks, but people can often exaggerate or speak from a place of authority, when they are not an authority at all. For every horror story there are a lot of positive ones, so I try to read those stories as well. There are a lot of positive stories in the review/rating section for accutane on this website. And there are a lot of medical studies online worth reading, even ones specifically about treating mild chronic acne w accutane. I also try to listen to what doctors say...they really are authorities on this. Here are a couple articles I found helpful, that follow someone w mild but chronic adult acne. The second article is a followup after she finished the course: At the end of the day I think it's a very personal decision, that needs to be made by really weighing the pros and cons, and deciding whats best for you and your life. Good luck!
  10. Has anyone used Clindamycin lotion?

    I'm using clindamycin gel in the morning and tretinoin gel at night. It's ok. I use the gel because i find the lotion makes my face really greasy. The gel does too to an extent, but much less so. I'm in my 30s, so I like it because it's not harsh on my skin. I was using Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning before it, for quite some time, with about the same results, but it made the parts of my skin w/out acne dry and irritated looking. This doesn't dry out the skin, so I think overall my skin looks less irritated. I've only been using it a few months. It hasn't cleared my face completely, but it's kept things at bay. I think my skin looks better simply because it's more gentle than BP. The only way to know if it will give you diarrhea is by trying it. I actually get diarrhea very easily, since I was a kid, and I can't say I've noticed any reaction to the clindmycin.
  11. Can you tell us where you got this information? Is this how your doctor explained it? What exactly has your doctor said? I'm asking because it sounds like a scientific explanation, and unless you have a credible source, like your doctor, how do you know it's accurate?
  12. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks!!
  13. I've tried it all...literally it all. Diet, fasts, purges, Dan, antibiotics, practically every topical in varying strengths. Right now I'm just so fed up w using topicals, trying to find the right combo, that I just stopped them all together...and ofcourse Im breaking out worse, but my skin w/out pimples looks better...less irritated. I've been on topicals for 18 fucking years. An now I've started getting sebacious hyperplasias, which are like clogged bumbs that DONT GO AWAY. I've had them burned off but they just come back. I'm at my wits end. When I had worse acne in my early 20s my doc suggested accutane, but i was too scared. I'm 34 now, so this is not a decision I'm taking lightly. Anyone know a good doc in the NYC area that is knowledgable about accutane for people like me?
  14. Hi All, I have mild-moderate, but chronic adult acne, and very oily skin. I always have at least a few pimples, and the occasional cyst. I've been on pretty much every topical and antibiotic. I think it might be time to try accutane. Can anyone recommend a good doctor in the NYC area? Perhaps if you are/were in a similar boat (adult, mild but consistent acne) and had a good experience with a doctor? I know theres all kinds of issues with low dose vs high dose, for people with mild acne, so a dermatologist sensitive to these issues would be great. Thanks a lot!
  15. Hi All, For those of you who've taken Accutane and have been off it for a while, did it help oily skin? I know it helps with new acne, and while taking it your skin is dry, but once you stop, did you notice oil production return, even if you don't get acne anymore? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  16. Hi All, I've been considering Accutane for a while now, but have been trying a few other things first. I have mild chronic adult acne, and I want to make sure that it really is a last resort for me. I'm not rushing into it. However, if what I'm using right now doesn't work, then I think it might actually be time. But that likely wouldn't be for a month or two, which would mean my treatment would include the winter months. Has anyone used accutane during the winter, and how bad is the dryness? Would you recommend waiting till spring? Or is it not that bad? Thanks for any advice on this!!
  17. Very Sad About Adult, Hormonal/Comedonal Acne

    If Accutane worked, why not try it again? I've never been on it, but have talked w/ my doc about it and he said sometimes you need a second round. Maybe you should talk to your doc about it? What are you using right now? Any topicals? BTW, I've tried every "health" and diet remedy out there...imo it's a lot of nonsense. If you have chronic acne, I really don't think it helps, and it becomes a slippery slop...before you know it, you're restricting so many foods it becomes like a boarder line eating disorder. But that's just my experience, if you try any I'd say don't get too invested in it and use common sense. Most claims about this or that food effecting your acne has no scientific basis.
  18. Desperate help needed with bumps!

    Did you go to the dermatologist? If not, u probably should. It could be, or some could be, sebaceous hyperplasia, which are clogged over active oil glands that dont clear, it's different from acne. I have a few, which my derm has burned off, but they came back for me. Not nearly as many as you have. It could also be milias perhaps? In my experience, acne treatment really does nothing for them, and usually makes them look worse because they can get red and irritated. I'm no expert though, you should definitely see a dermatologist.
  19. Hi All Does anyone else have whats know as sebaceous hyperplasia? They are little bumps that look like acne, but dont go away...almost like a milia. I've had a few for YEARS, which my derm has burned off, squeeze, etc, and they always come back. Lately, i've noticed quite a few new ones. I'm 34 and have persistent mild acne, which I use topicals to control, but they dont do anything for these bumps. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of them? Has anyone had them and used accutane, and did that help? Its just so frustrating to have to deal with acne, and this too. Thanks!!
  20. Accutane encouragement for mild acne

    Hey, any updates? I too have mild acne, but it's been persistent for years and I never have a completely clear face...any insights into your experience would be great! Thanks!
  21. About to start accutane

    Can you give us an update? I'm in my 30s and have persistent mild acne...i'm considering accutane because I'm just tired of dealing with it and tire of using topicals for well over half my life! Have you experienced any side effects? Thanks for the info!!
  22. Hey, can you give us an update? I'm in a similar situation and am currently considering accutane, so any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  23. Accutane log 2016

    Hey, great to read your progress. Any updates? Photos? New side effects to report? Hopefully you've continued clearing up! Thanks!