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  1. Hi All, I've been considering Accutane for a while now, but have been trying a few other things first. I have mild chronic adult acne, and I want to make sure that it really is a last resort for me. I'm not rushing into it. However, if what I'm using right now doesn't work, then I think it might actually be time. But that likely wouldn't be for a month or two, which would mean my treatment would include the winter months. Has anyone used accutane during the winter, and how bad is the dryness? Would you recommend waiting till spring? Or is it not that bad? Thanks for any advice on this!!
  2. Very Sad About Adult, Hormonal/Comedonal Acne

    If Accutane worked, why not try it again? I've never been on it, but have talked w/ my doc about it and he said sometimes you need a second round. Maybe you should talk to your doc about it? What are you using right now? Any topicals? BTW, I've tried every "health" and diet remedy out there...imo it's a lot of nonsense. If you have chronic acne, I really don't think it helps, and it becomes a slippery slop...before you know it, you're restricting so many foods it becomes like a boarder line eating disorder. But that's just my experience, if you try any I'd say don't get too invested in it and use common sense. Most claims about this or that food effecting your acne has no scientific basis.
  3. Desperate help needed with bumps!

    Did you go to the dermatologist? If not, u probably should. It could be, or some could be, sebaceous hyperplasia, which are clogged over active oil glands that dont clear, it's different from acne. I have a few, which my derm has burned off, but they came back for me. Not nearly as many as you have. It could also be milias perhaps? In my experience, acne treatment really does nothing for them, and usually makes them look worse because they can get red and irritated. I'm no expert though, you should definitely see a dermatologist.
  4. Hi All Does anyone else have whats know as sebaceous hyperplasia? They are little bumps that look like acne, but dont go away...almost like a milia. I've had a few for YEARS, which my derm has burned off, squeeze, etc, and they always come back. Lately, i've noticed quite a few new ones. I'm 34 and have persistent mild acne, which I use topicals to control, but they dont do anything for these bumps. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get rid of them? Has anyone had them and used accutane, and did that help? Its just so frustrating to have to deal with acne, and this too. Thanks!!
  5. Accutane encouragement for mild acne

    Hey, any updates? I too have mild acne, but it's been persistent for years and I never have a completely clear face...any insights into your experience would be great! Thanks!
  6. About to start accutane

    Can you give us an update? I'm in my 30s and have persistent mild acne...i'm considering accutane because I'm just tired of dealing with it and tire of using topicals for well over half my life! Have you experienced any side effects? Thanks for the info!!
  7. Hey, can you give us an update? I'm in a similar situation and am currently considering accutane, so any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Accutane log 2016

    Hey, great to read your progress. Any updates? Photos? New side effects to report? Hopefully you've continued clearing up! Thanks!
  9. Accutane encouragement for mild acne

    Cool. Can you give us updates? I'd love to hear how it's going. BTW whats ur mg/weight? Thanks!
  10. End of Month Two! (PICTURE UPDATE)

    What is PIH? And can you tell us about any side effect you have/are experiencing? Thanks!
  11. Update? I'd in a similar situation and would love to hear how you're doing! Thanks!!
  12. Accutane log 2016

    Cant you use a thin needle and squeeze the whiteheads gently? IDK if you're not suppose to when on accutane, like if your skin would be too sensitive? Maybe you should ask your doc, or even see if he or she can drain or squeeze them in the office to be extra safe?
  13. That sucks man, but cheer up. At least theyre not on your face :/. I've never been on accutane, but have spoken to my doctor about it, and a second course seems to be necessary sometimes. If it worked out well the first time, and the side effects weren't bad, and you've relapsed like this, why not just see how a second course goes?
  14. End of Month Two! (PICTURE UPDATE)

    Awesome! Did you experience any initial break out and if so, how bad was it compared to your average breakouts. Thanks and please keep us updated!!
  15. Are you sure it's from the accutane? Was there any hair loss while actually on accutane? What did youre doctor say? Is there baldness in you're family?
  16. Are you sure it's from the accutane? I don't want to dismiss what anyone says or downplay any risks, but I think people on these boards tend to be alarmists. You should def talk to your doctor before taking any advice from a message board. If you stay on accutane, I'd ask if it's safe to use ED meds while youre finishing?
  17. Accutane log 2016

    Did you get these kinds of breakouts before accutane? How much worse is it than your average "breakout"? You said in your first post that your acne was sometimes worse than in the first pics you posted, with cysts/white heads around ur nose and chin, and then you posted about breaking out on day 2 and are you sure this is an initial breakout? Did your doctor say when you should expect the IB? Thanks for sharing!
  18. Considering a second round of Accutane

    How bad was your acne, and how long ago did you take the first round of accutane? You said you didn't experience bad side effects, does that include an initial breakout? How long did the effects last post-accutane? And do you have pimples now or just oily skin?
  19. Hey, can you give us an update?
  20. Start of accutane 1/20/16

    Maybe you should talk to your doctor about the depression and irrational thoughts? Do you think the accutane caused them, or did you have this before ? Hopefully it's going ok, just keep thinking about the end results!
  21. Guys, if it's not working for her I doubt it has anything to do with the product having an ingredient that makes you break doesn't even make sense, why would anyone make a product like that? Tretinoin has been around a long time, I'm sure it's fine. You guys are being really paranoid. I had a similar problem, and I concluded that it was irritating my skin. So I switched to the weakest mg, .01%. I use a generic brand gel, and my skin seems to tolerate it much better. I only use a small pea sized amount at a time too. It has by no means completely cleared my skin, but it's kept my acne somewhat manageable (I also use benzoyl peroxide in the morning, a small amount).
  22. I had a similar problem using tretinoin. My skin would get irritated, and I suspect that contributed to breakouts. So I switched to the weakest concentration, which is .01%. I use a generic brand gel. My skin seems to tolerate it pretty well, and it's definitely kept my acne somewhat under control for a few years, although I still break out sometimes, and usually have a small spot or two. I use to use it only every three nights, but I've been using it every night for a while now. I also am careful not to put too much, just a pea sized dab. Hope that's of some help.
  23. Start of accutane 1/20/16

    What other side effects are you/did you experience? There seem to be some posts that say they experienced hair loss, and that freaks me out. Also the depression thing. Have you experienced these things, or anything else? Thanks!!
  24. Start of accutane 1/20/16

    Would you say you experienced an "initial breakout"? From your pics it looks like you started w/ a lot of acne, so do you think the accutane made it even worse before it got better? Thanks for sharing and your progress looks great!!!
  25. Accutane log 2016

    You take 40mg per day? How much do you weigh? How long will you be on it?