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  1. Pimples that don`t go away since 3 months

    Ok, this might be a long shot, especially if you've had someone else look at them, but I found that on the really big super deep pimples, calamine lotion worked the best. I don't know why it works, but I've put calamine lotion on super big deep boys at night and have woken up to with the zit half the size. I don't even get the super big deep zits anymore. I suspect it's because they fear my power (calamine lotion)
  2. Acne (scars), in of help please

    Most post acne mark eventually fade on their own (after a long...long time) but to help them fade faster, you can use a topical vitamin c serum or gel and maybe glycolic acid. Also, use sunscreen on your face before you go out during the day because sun exposure can make post acne marks last a lot longer If it is the type of discoloration mentioned by Tretinoin, then it looks like silicone scar sheets like Scar Away might help. I would wait until your skin calmed down a bit though. And I feel that sun screen could still help. And mixing an uncoated asprin tab with water and putting the paste on a zit can make it less red
  3. Large pores!!!

    There's no such thing as 'fast' when it comes to making your skin better. It takes a really long time to get your skin under control and I'm still learning at 25 :/. What can make those large pores look better quickly is to use a good primer under your makeup. It kinda fills them in and smooths them out. NYX pore filler isn't bad and ELF makes a really cheap pore smoothing primer that has tea tree oil, which can help with acne a little bit.