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    Hey, I just found out that sulfur works best for me too! I found a 10% sulfur ointment from a company called De La Cruz in the supermarket one day and it's been working for me better than the BP products I've used. The only problem with it is that you have to leave it on for 10 mins and then rinse it off; not the best if you have other things to do in the morning since the only thing binding it is polyethylene glycol so it rubs off easily. Though, I'm thinking that a cleaser containing sulfur won't help you as much as something you leave on the skin. I remember Snow_Queen talking about how medication-containing cleansers don't do much because the active ingredient is usually washed off the skin. That's probably what the 10min leave-on time for my ointment is for...

    This is what I usually do:
    Wash with mild liqud cleanser (Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser)
    Apply Sulfur Ointment all over face.
    (ten minutes)
    Then a BHA gel (Neutrogena Stress Relief) and moisturizer (CeraVe).

    xD Though, to be honest, my foremost goal is to just get my acne calmed down enough so I can hide it under makeup. Doing good so far =3 .(And oddly enough, I kinda like the smell of sulfur o.O )
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