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  1. Hi all! I started using spironolactone about three months ago for my moderate acne after trying nearly every antibiotic (doxycyline + clindamycin <- worked for about 6-9 months before it stopped working ) and topical cream (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid,etc.) in existence. I'm an 18 y/o female, and I find that I get large breakouts before or during my period. When I visited my dermatologist he suggested I try spiro with clindamycin lotion in the morning and retin-a (.1%) at night. I had been diligently taking 50 mg of spiro and using clindamycin and retin-a (I worked up to using this regularly) daily and have seen minimal progress. I recently bumped up to 150 mg spiro and I'm getting close to 4 months on it. I'm now wondering if my acne is hormonal at all. My acne tends to concentrate on my cheeks and I almost never get pimples on my chin. After 4 months of spiro, the area around my nose and my forehead still get EXTREMELY oily while my chin and mouth area remain smooth and dry. Is it possible that spiro won't work because my acne is not hormonal? Any advice would be appreciated!