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  1. Hi guys, haven't posted on here for a while but just wanted to share what I've tried and what's been working for me recently. A little recap: I took accutane from around October 2014 to March 2015 and received the following side effects as a result (some of which didn't start until I had finished my course): - Slight upper abdominal bloating, regardless of my overall weight (went from around 12.5 stone to 10 stone at one point and was still getting a bit bloated) - Keratosis pilaris (KP) on arms and scalp - Dry hair and scalp - Also acne came back just as bad as before, but slightly different, related to the KP I think since they seem similar. - Dry nostrils and ears. Earlier this year I tried focusing on probiotics and was making my own milk kefir. I can't remember how high exactly the bacteria count was, maybe like 50 billion in a glass full. Anyway, I tried that for a month or two and didn't really get any results apart from my bowel movements were more regular. So I ended up stopping because there didn't seem much point in continuing. I've tried some other things too. Vitamin D, Taurine, B-12, L-Glutamine as some examples. For the past month and a half I've been focusing on vitamin A, since reading that Fchwak had some success doing the same. I've been getting all of my vitamin A from cod liver oil. Each 1000mg capsule contains the following: - DPA: 100mg - EPA: 80mg - Vitamin A: ~2500IU - VItamin D: 200IU For the first month I was taking 12 capsules a day, equivalent to around 35,000IU of vitamin A. Even though I didn't have any side effects, I still thought that was maybe a bit too much so this past half month I cut it down to 9 capsules a day, or around 22,500IU of vitamin A. Improvements I've noticed so far are as follows: - Keratosis pilaris is beginning to clear, texture smoothing out as the keratin is purging, but a lot of hyper-pigmentation still remains on arms and some around hairline. - Skin is starting to produce natural oils much better. As a result my scalp and hair are doing much better and my skin in general is smoother and less dry. - Acne is purging and starting to clear. Also for a long time I've had these small bumps that never came to a head but now they are, which is possibly linked to the KP. - My nose has been producing more mucous, which is helping me breath better. Ears have been producing wax much better than before. Had some dried pieces of earwax fall out, which I'm guessing were stuck in there from it being quite dry. - Abdominal bloating has slightly improved, but I think that's the one issue that I might just be a bit paranoid over tbh (weigh 11 stone now for reference btw). I've still got a ways to go until my skin is clear and all the hyper-pigmentation fades (which I don't even think it will entirely with the KP). But I would say that I've seen some definite improvements since taking cod liver oil. I know there are a lot of sceptics on here when it comes to taking vitamin A to reverse the damage from accutane and I don't really have any evidence to back this all up, but it might be worth considering that the, or rather one of the solutions is maybe be a bit more straightforward than people think. I'm not trying to shit on the time and effort some of you put in to doing research on this, but whenever I come to this thread there's some new elaborate theory about how to reverse the damage and I rarely see anyone talking about any actual improvements they've had when pursuing these treatments. All I'm saying is a lot of you seem very dismissive about taking vitamin A, but it might be worth entertaining the idea.