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  1. JodieeeAnne added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    That's the one, I think it's just suggesting it can be used in hands and feet but it does go in to say its non comodogenic and sensitive enough for baby's skin which is always a plus and before I bought it I read a load of reviews saying they use it as a moisturiser everywhere they can. All I can say is I washed my face when I got in today at about 6/7pm and it was feeling a little irritated and looked a tad red, I put that on and my skin still feels moisturised now, doesn't feel greasy and didn't burn. Everyones different but I guess I saw the whole 'regeneration and healing' claims and thought well thats what skin on accutane need, if it doesn't work in the long run then I'm sure it would be great for any eczema patches or flakes on hands etc

    I'm off to bed now but talk to y'all tomorrow.

    Glad it's going well for you Gina !!
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  2. JodieeeAnne added a post in a topic Happy Birthday To Meee! Time For Accutaneee!   

    Hey Gina,

    I'm feeling knackered too and I'm only on Day 7 also I seemed to have the same issue with both a Cetephil moisturiser I used and another one I had hanging around in my cupboard, now I'm using Eucerin Aquaphor soothing balm. It's actually a balm rather then a cream and so far so good with that one.

    Don't know about over in Seattle but I know good ol Boots gave me a free sample before I bought it so maybe give it a go =) xx
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  3. JodieeeAnne added a post in a topic Has Anyone Else Had Any Experience With Trimethoprim?   

    Sorry guys, Just popped back in here to see what was going on as I've been stalking the Accutane forums much more (started last week)

    Dan - I was on 600mg like you but unfortunately it just wasn't for me, not going to lie though I had started to see an improvement with my skin even within the 7 days hence why I kinda ignored the warning bells. Its nice to see a few other people with some success stories as I really did feel disheartened when I got my allergic reaction.

    But hey now I get the joy of having Trimethoprim written as an allergy on EVERYTHING!! Prescriptions, Hospital wrist bands etc etc lol. Can't believe it took 20 years for me to find out I was allergic to it.

    Anyway, I don't know if theres much else that I can help with as obviously I didn't really take the drug but if you do have anymore questions I could help with then drop me a message !!
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  4. JodieeeAnne added a post in a topic Has Anyone Else Had Any Experience With Trimethoprim?   

    Well, best of luck with it but I've just got to give you a quick heads up as I've been made to stop my meds.

    I've never had an allergic reaction to anything before so obviously this could just be my body but I felt sick and nauseous the whole time I was taking the drug and started to get a fever and headaches, I thought in all honesty that I was just getting sick and carried on like nothing was going on. On day 7 of taking the Trimethoprim I woke up covered head to toe in a drug rash and went to the docs and got put in hospital for 2 days

    Not saying it will happen to you as everyones different + you are on a third of the dosage I was put on so I'm sure you'll be fine but if you start to feel sick maybe talk to your doc sooner rather then later like I did as I probably could of saved myself the hospital stay if I had.

    I'm now waiting to be put on Accutane but have to wait until May !! Boo
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  5. JodieeeAnne added a topic in Prescription acne medications   

    Has Anyone Else Had Any Experience With Trimethoprim?
    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if anyone had been prescribed Trimethoprim (Just Trimethorpim not Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole).
    I was prescribed it about a week ago now and take 300mg twice daily.

    When I went to the pharmicist to pick it up she seemed REALLY unhappy with what I'd been prescribed but wouldn't tell me why which made me research the drug a little more however I can't find much on it being used for acne at all.

    Has anyone done a course or even know someone who's on a course?

    I'm getting a couple of side affects and would like to compare against other peoples logs but there just doesn't seem to be anyone on it. Wah!!

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